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  Salomon Agile Wind Jacket - Men's Gore Wear R7 Gore-Tex Shakedry Hooded Jacket - Men's Black Diamond Free Range Cap - Men's Patagonia Houdini Pant - Men's The North Face Flight Better Than Naked T-Shirt - Men's Dynafit Vert Wind 72 Jacket - Men's Icebreaker Momentum Short - Men's Norrona Fjora Warmflex1 Jacket - Men's Outdoor Research Echo T-Shirt - Men's Patagonia R1 Full-Zip Hooded Fleece Jacket - Men's Picture Organic Oddisee Tech Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's Spyder Glissade Insulated Vest - Men's
  Salomon Agile Wind Jacket - Men's Gore Wear R7 Gore-Tex Shakedry Hooded Jacket - Men's Black Diamond Free Range Cap - Men's Patagonia Houdini Pant - Men's The North Face Flight Better Than Naked T-Shirt - Men's Dynafit Vert Wind 72 Jacket - Men's Icebreaker Momentum Short - Men's Norrona Fjora Warmflex1 Jacket - Men's Outdoor Research Echo T-Shirt - Men's Patagonia R1 Full-Zip Hooded Fleece Jacket - Men's Picture Organic Oddisee Tech Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's Spyder Glissade Insulated Vest - Men's
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Brand Dynafit Picture Organic Spyder Patagonia Gore Wear Norrona Salomon Icebreaker Black Diamond Outdoor Research Patagonia The North Face
Claimed Weight 2.5oz - - 13.9oz 4oz 10.6oz 4.76oz - - 3.1oz 3.8oz -
Fit athletic regular regular slim regular slim active regular - regular slim standard
Length hip - hip hip - hip hip above-knee - - - -
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years - lifetime lifetime 1 year 5 years limited lifetime 1 year lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime
Material Dynashell Ultra Light Miniripstop (nylon) Dry Now (88% recycled polyester, 5% polyester, 7% elastane) Downproof Nylon Triple Ripstop, Spylon DWR Polartec Power Grid (93% recycled polyester, 7% spandex) [membrane/laminate] Gore-Tex (2-layer), [lining] nylon [main body] Power Stretch (81% recycled polyester, 19% elastane), [back panel] Power Grid (96% recycled polyester, 4% elastane) AdvancedSkin Shield 44% Tencel, 43% merino wool, 7% Lycra, 6% nylon 100% polyester Airvent polyester 100% recycled nylon ripstop, DWR coating 100% polyester, FlashDry
Pockets 1 stow - 2 hand zip 2 hand, 1 zippered chest 1 zippered chest (stow away) 1 zippered chest 2 zippered hand 2 hand, 1 internal phone - - 2 hand, 1 rear -
Recommended Use road running, trail running casual, hiking, road running, trail running all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, casual, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding, hiking, road running, trail running skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, casual road running, trail running hiking, trail running, mountain biking casual, hiking, road running, trad climbing hiking, training backpacking, road running, trail running travel, fitness, running, hiking & camping biking, running, hiking casual, hiking, road running, trail running
Reflective strips - - - - yes 360 degree - - logo back logo 360-degree

Salomon Agile Wind Jacket - Men's

Perfectly suited for dewy spring mornings and cool fall afternoons, the Salomon Agile Wind Jacket loves the in-between seasons as much as you do. Its wind-resistant AdvancedSkin Shield fabric blocks cold and blustery winds, but stays breathable so you won't overheat when you're running through wooded trails and open meadows. To boost the breathability, front and back vents are there to welcome in cooling air and keep you from sweating through your layers. The active fit is contoured for comfortable movement without being tight or restrictive, and whether you're running on the front or tail end of winter, you'll be set with reflective accents and a 360º reflective treatment keeping you visible in low-light conditions.

  • An active wind jacket for cool runs in transition seasons
  • Wind-resistant fabric blocks the breeze but stays breathable
  • Front and back air vents allow cool air to circulate
  • 360º reflectivity let them know you're out there in low light
  • Active fit is slim and contoured without constricting
  • Hand pockets hold energy gels, keys, and other items
  • Item #SAL01EK
  • Die salomon agil auf jacke ist ein. Idealer begleiter für deine laufeinheiten bei unbeständigen wetter bedingungen sie eignet sich für alle läufe wo windschutz ohne überflüssiges gewicht zählt denn wenn der wind mal stürmisch entgegenbläst dann schützt sich das. Etwa ans kinn schielt material vor auskühlung aber keine Angst darunter. Leidet nicht die atmungsaktivität die. Ventilation öffnung an schulter und rücken bilden zusammen mit der funktionsweise ein system zur belüftung und zum Feuchtigkeitstransport sicheren. Stauraum für deine laufrouten sie bieten. Die zwei seitlichen reißverschluss taschen die reflektoren bieten die ein zusätzliches plus an sicherheit bei den. Läufen in der dämmerung und dunkelheit durch ihr kleines packmaß und ihre leichtigkeit passt sie in jedem lauf rucksack du suchst für deine läufe noch. Einen minimalistischen windschutz dann schau dir die salomon agile lauf. Jacke mal genauer an prima kombinieren kannst du die jacken natürlich mit den shirts und hosen aus der sammlung und kollektion alles zusammen du kommst du natürlich in deiner runners point filiale und hier bei uns im online-shop unter www runners point punkt com.

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    Gore Wear R7 Gore-Tex Shakedry Hooded Jacket - Men's

    Just because there's water falling from the sky doesn't mean you're out of the woods on that 10-mile run you had planned for the morning. Pull on your Gore Wear Men's R7 Gore-Tex Shakedry Hooded Jacket and dash into the morning drizzle. The Gore-Tex shell repels water and breathes well when you're working up a sweat, and the zippered pocket stashes an energy block or two when you need a little pick-me-up around mile eight. When the rain dies down, stash the whole thing in its own pocket for easy transport.

  • A lightweight rain jacket for training all year long
  • Gore-Tex shell delivers reliable waterproof protection
  • Breathable membrane reduces heat buildup
  • Low-profile construction stows in its own pocket
  • Zippered pocket stashes keys or an an energy gel
  • Item #GWR0035
  • Hello there my name is tom Randall from gear mashers and today we're checking out gore's vortex shake try jacket trail. Running jacket so let's get going. You and me Take it like a melody. All right so I've been training with this jacket now for past few weeks love. The jacket for those who like to layer. Up this is like the perfect jacket vortex of course you don't have to worry about rain and stuff like that getting your soaked what's neat about the jacket I'll sort of go over each individual item here so first off we'll just start. With the sleeves have a little bit of a give to them they have. This other material beyond just the gore-tex material that allows you to sort of open it up so for example i have. My watch here it's a lot easier to get to the watch a lot of the jackets will have a velcro or something pairs that you have to untie velcro these eating just sort of pull up and then you can get to your watch and then starting from the top here we have a zippered pocket. And so the puckett's perfect like i have. A go pro battery sitting in here but i. Will Usually put like a house key or something like that in the top pocket that's perfect for that i wouldn't put a phone in here because this is a running. Jacket and the way they designed it is. To be more of a minimalist jacket so. There's the only pocket you're going to have on the jacket is over here on the left you got a hawk over there and now. Next one of the functions i think's really cool is it has two zippers these. Are the ykk zippers so you can zip from. The bottom going up so if you're getting. Hot or something like that you can do that or of course you can zip it down to. Let air in and if you're really hot and. You don't want to take the jacket off you can sort of put the zippers together and now you got a lot of air flow into the jacket the materials super light they call it shake dry and so essentially what they've done is they have the gore-tex material but a lot of the gore-tex material outfits out there. Have an extra layer on the top and what happens is when that layer gets wet or moist it makes the jacket a little bit. Cooler with this shake dry they eliminate that upper material and so. You're essentially just having the gore-tex and then the shake dry stuff now with the shake dry pretty much you. Just shake the water off your jacket beads on your jacket and you just shaking off and that's sort of neat then. The hood let me take my hat off here so. With the hood they have this little. Little layer of material that fits. Underneath so when you have the hood on. It it's a little bit harder to blow. Off i guess and so that's sort of neat. Feature and it also keeps the rain from. Getting into your face then on the one. The bottoms here they have these bungee. Cords that you can tighten the fitting, and they have it on either side they. Also have a bungee cord on the back of the hood you can tighten up the hood as. Necessary but that's pretty much it with the jacket it also oh obviously if you're running at night or something like that it has some nice reflective material and it. Goes down the side so it's a 360 type. Reflective tape and then on the inside. Of the jacket it's all fully seemed so. They have the seams going along any place that maybe water or other moisture. Could get into the jacket this is all taped up so which is super nice. They don't recommend using this jacket. With a backpack just because it's not really designed for that it's designed for running with minimal gear. You know you could probably use like a water bladder or something like that on the back but not like backpacking its. Not really designed for that but i really like the jacket and i don't know what size is this i think it went with size large which is perfect. Let's see here up no i got an extra large okay so what i found with the gore. Products is you probably want to if. You're on the cusp of going say large. Extra-large definitely go with the extra large i went with the extra large because i want to use this jacket to layer up so typically I'll wear three. Layers so I'll wear like a base layer and then actually have another gore product that i wear that really like. On top of that sort of mid-layer and then the jacket now as far as the. Temperatures that you'd use a jacket in anything above 60 the jackets going to. We probably too hot so i would say the. Jacket is probably perfect for 30 to 55. Degrees maybe depending on what you're. Have underneath but the other great. Thing is it is light the pocket at. The top here acts as a stuff bag as well. So you can stuff the whole jacket into. The pocket if you need it to and again. It is a minimal jacket so there's not. Much else you got for it there's no hand. Pockets or anything like that sometimes. I think when i was out there running it would have been nice to have a hand pocket especially if i started getting a little hot like i would a lot of times run with gloves and so it would be nice. To be able to stuff some gloves in the pocket but other than that really like this jacket it sells for 299. Dollars which can be expensive but you. Figure of shoes these days are running. Good shoes at least or running about 120 to 150 dollars so you know this jackets. Gonna laskey multiple seasons whereas a. Pair of running shoes you know if you're running a lot you'll wear those things out pretty quick so anyway check out. Gear masters com that's a website where i post a lot of this stuff also please. Hit the subscribe button that helps me get products like these and mores been especially nice to me send me out all. Sorts of stuff cycling equipment and now some running gear as well so anyway thank you so much and have a great day.

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    Black Diamond Free Range Cap - Men's

    Lightweight and full of steeze, the Black Diamond Free Range Cap can accompany you to the crag or the trail. There's no irksome button on the top, so you can slip this under your helmet when you need shade on the wall, and the mesh sides let your head breath during long runs.

  • Lightweight performance cap for hikes, climbs, and runs
  • Mesh panels on sides keep your head cool when active
  • Adjustable strap and buckle fits most heads
  • Item #BLD00W8
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    Patagonia Houdini Pant - Men's

    You know those runs where the sky is grey, the wind is whipping, and occasional drizzles threaten to turn into something more? The Patagonia Houdini Pant was made for those runs, and with its ultralight weight and easy packability it can come along on any run where you might want a little reassurance. Weighing a magically-low 3.8ounces, this wind- and water-resistant pant presents an easy solution to those  times when it feels like you're choosing between being too hot or too cold. Its light yet strong recycled nylon ripstop blocks the wind, while a DWR coating ensures that light rain will bead off of your jacket as you zip along the trail. Easy to pull out in a flash when you need it, this pant stuffs into its own rear pocket, fits into even the smallest running pack, and even has a carabiner loop for easy storage on a pack or harness. An extended snap opening at the leg bottoms makes it easy to pull over your running shoes in a hurry, and a reflective rear logo boosts your visibility in low-light conditions.

  • Weather-resistant pant for blustery mountain runs
  • Recycled nylon ripstop blocks the wind at hardly any weight
  • DWR coating offers protection from lighter rain
  • Pant stuffs down into its own rear pocket for easy packing
  • Extended snap leg closure pulls on easily over shoes
  • Stuffsack carabiner loop allows for multi-sport versatility
  • Item #PAT02TL
  • Waterproof and breathable patagonia. Men's alpine Houdini pants deliver. Reliable protection against wet or windy. Conditions wayne just 5.7 ounces for the. Pair and packing down incredibly small. They're ideal for climbers backpackers. Or trail runners let's take a closer. Look at their fit and features the pants. Are constructed of patagonia's proprietary h2no fabric it is a. Waterproof breathable fabrication it's a. 30 d nylon ripstop there's a little bit. Of hybrid construction the seat and back. Of the pants is actually a heavier more. Durable fabric so in an area there were. You're more likely to want need abrasion. Resistance and just a bit more durability you get it in these pants. Both fabrics do receive a dwr or a. Durable water repellent finish which. Further, bumps up the protection that. They deliver in nasty conditions the. Pants have what patagonia would consider a regular fit so there's a roominess in. Here an expectation that you're likely wearing them over top of another pair of. Pants or other layers at the hem you've. Got elastic throughout so some nice. Stretch there's also a drawstring closure to cinch that in tight at the. Cuffs lower on the leg you can see that. There's elasticity there's also a snap closure so there's single position. There or unsnap it you can really draw. Those pants in more tightly a more snug. Fit at the bottom of the pants you do. Also have articulated knees on these. Pants so they move with you can wear. These aerobic li if you were running climbing hiking without any restrictive. Niskanen as far as pocketing is. Concerned you've got a really streamlined design to these pants the only pocket you have is here on the right side a small zippered pocket certainly you can keep some essentials close at hand but the other key role. That serves as if it doubles as a stuff. Sack for the pants makes it real easy to throw them inside a pack again just one of the features. Here that makes the patagonia men's alpine Houdini pants so ideal for. Backpacking for climbing or trailer. You.

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    The North Face Flight Better Than Naked T-Shirt - Men's

    When your way of fight is flight, there aren't a whole lot of decisions to be made come race day. Lay out The North Face Flight Better Than Naked T-Shirt the night before, and be sure that you can put your best foot forward at the starting line. This soft shirt is as much of a champion as you are, from its quick-drying, odor-resistant fabric to its wrapped, chafe-resistant seams. You'll be comfortable for the duration of your race, and

  • Performance top for race day and preparation
  • Wicking and quick-drying fabric for comfort
  • Odor-resistant for sweaty training
  • Wrapped seams eliminate chafing
  • Slight drop-tail hem provides coverage
  • Loop in the back for drying in a locker
  • Item #TNF057Q
  • What's up everybody supertof dat je kijken deze nieuwe review van hun is haar in deze review dit broekje dit shirtje. Van de Noord feest let's go. Ik loop al maanden hard in de kledingsetje van de noordwest en zo ook mijn allereerste ultra trail 56 km in de ardennen en ik ben tot op. Heden nog helemaal niets tegen komen het is echt een fantastisch kledingsetje als er naar shirtje kijken die is lichtgewicht heeft aan de voorzijde een ritsje. En aan de achterzijde en dat is voor jullie de blauwe strook dus een soort van gaas en dat zorgt voor extra ventilatie nou ja in het broekje is hij is gewoon. Een geweldig ik heb nog nooit in zo'n fijn broekje gelopen en sowieso het. Heeft aan de binnenzijde een ik een korte tijd en daarin zijn de. Zowel op de linkere bovenbeen of rechter boven bij opbergvakjes gemaakt voor naar. Bijvoorbeeld en een gel ook aan de. Achterzijde zitten nog opbergmogelijkheden drie welgeteld eentje met rits en aan de weerszijden daarvan nog twee die worden afgesloten met een met een elastiekje en bij broekje zijn alle naden op essentiële delen zoals. Bijvoorbeeld aan de binnenzijde van de van het dijbeen zijn naadloos gemaakt en voorbij de. Kledingstukken geldt dat ze met de fles. Draait technologie zijn gemaakt en wat wil zeggen dat ze snel weer weer drogen en alle logo's op de kleding. Zijn van reflecterend materiaal. Ik ben echt fan van dit van dit kledingsetje en vooral dat broekje dat is echt top ik heb nog nooit in zo'n lekker broekje gelopen broekje is voor 65 euro te koop en het shirt is voor 45 euro te koop. Nou zeker het broekje dat 560 euro ja. Dat gewoon een moeite waard het is het is fantastisch de pasvorm is goed en ook de hoeveelheid. Een opbergruimte die je hebt voor een gel het je overeet is gewoon is gewoon. Fijn zeker als je wat langere en de gaat lopen dus het absoluut een aanrader. Supertof dat je hebt gekeken naar deze review van runnen saai wil je nou geen enkele video meer missen van rennen saai abonneer dan even op het youtube-kanaal je kunt natuurlijk ook altijd wanneer voorzetten terecht op de website dat is renners min streepje Nogmaals renners minst rekje Runner's high ze ook op facebook en op twitter dus laten we connecten en ik hoop jou volgende keer weer te zien.

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    Dynafit Vert Wind 72 Jacket - Men's

    When you're following dusty mountain switchbacks along exposed ridgelines, you can usually follow the simple rule of "The higher you run the windier it gets." That's why you'll be glad you brought along the Dynafit Vert Wind 72 Jacket when you finally reach that blustery summit. Coming in at an insanely low weight of only two and a half ounces, this ultralight running jacket will keep you protected from cool blasts of mountain air while still maintaining a lightweight, barely-there feel. Plus, it's water resistant to shed light rain when overcast days break out into a drizzle. Ventilation zones add a touch of breathability, a snug-fitting hood delivers added coverage from the elements, and a self-storage pocket lets you tuck your jacket away when calmer weather returns.

  • Ultralight running jacket for runs on blustery mountain trails
  • Light yet durable shell blocks the wind on breezy ridgeline runs
  • Water resistant fabric keeps off light rain when the weather turns
  • Jacket stuffs into its own pocket when the wind dies down
  • Snug-fitting hood stays in place while you run for reliable coverage
  • Reflective strips keep you visible when you run the road
  • Ventilation zones help increase airflow when you're working hard
  • Item #DNF00FF
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    Icebreaker Momentum Short - Men's

    It's hard to keep a fast pace when you're breeches are stifling. Icebreaker made the Men's Momentum Short out of Cool-Lite fabric to effectively manage moisture, enhance breathability, and provide the performance necessary for running quickly and comfortably. Made mostly out of ultralight merino wool, Cool-Lite fabric optimizes thermal regulation and natural odor-resistance for natural comfort.

  • Training short keeps comfy on long, fast-paced runs
  • Cool-Lite fabric stretches, wicks moisture, and dries quickly
  • Merino wool offers ultralight thermal regulation and odor-resistance
  • Pocket inside hand pocket sized for smartphones
  • Item #ICE00TN
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    Norrona Fjora Warmflex1 Jacket - Men's

    Whether your go-to game for the weekend is running, hiking, or singletrack, it definitely involves a trail and the Norrona Fjora Warmflex1 Jacket wants to come along. This performance softshell strikes the perfect balance between warmth and breathability, with a wind resistant construction that's full of stretch, and ventilated fabric at the back and underarms to wick away moisture and keep you from overheating. Norrona added plenty of thoughtful touches to the Fjora Warmflex1, including a soft and protective collar, a dropped hem for extra coverage, and reflective detailing to keep you safe when you're up before the sun.

  • Softshell wind jacket for active winter pursuits
  • Hybrid design combines weather protection with breathability
  • Stretch construction ensures unrestricted mobility
  • Thumbholes keep your sleeve secure while you play
  • Single chest pocket offers a secure spot for keys or ID
  • Item #NRA00D8
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    Outdoor Research Echo T-Shirt - Men's

    When backpacking through Central America, you don't want to be stopping every other day to do laundry, but you also don't want to be stinking up your hostel. Pack the Outdoor Research Men's Echo T-Shirt with Polygiene active odor control, and it will help you avoid the unpleasant situations. Polyester AirVent fabric helps to control moisture, and UPF 15 sun protection keeps those rays from harming your skin. This short-sleeve tee also has flat seems to help keep that painful chafing to a minimum.

  • Polyester Airvent quick-drying fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture-wicking
  • UPF 15 sun protection
  • Polygiene odor control
  • Flat-seam construction
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Reflective logo on back neck
  • Item #ODR007P
  • Presenting the outdoor research echo uber tube this is a piece of utility. Clothing that can basically be whatever you need it to be for me i would say. It's most similar to what i use while fly-fishing to keep the bugs off my face but i know people use this for skiing or. Even as buffers for construction helmets you could use it as a headband a neck. Gaiter a hat or really anything you need in a pinch it is made of 100% air-vent. Polyester and offers a upf rating of 15. So it can provide value in a large number of applications one particularly great feature is how quickly it dries so. It's ideal for wiping sweat or even just drying off your hands and you can do so without worrying about it's staying damp it's also small and lightweight weighing in at just about 3 ounces so it's easy to pack and since it has so many functions it's almost always a good addition to your bag for me something. This simple can and has been the difference in keeping my sanity and really buggy places a seriously versatile option for any number of activities and weather types it's the outdoor research echo uber -. Call us with your questions or visit our. Store at bat country edge com subscribe. To stay tuned and follow us for the latest in outdoor gear great deals and. Trail knowledge we're the gear specialists at back country edge awesome. Gear amazing service see you on the. Trail.

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    Patagonia R1 Full-Zip Hooded Fleece Jacket - Men's

    One of Patagonia's most versatile midlayers gets even more versatile with the R1 Full-Zip Hooded Fleece Jacket. Providing the same breathable warmth and easy stretch as the rest of the R1 line, this new full-zip hoodie makes it easier than ever to layer beneath it, and offers even more everyday functionality. Thanks to Polartec Power Grid fleece you'll have comfortable warmth during activity due to its breathable paneled design, while an infusion of spandex ensures that whatever climbing pitches or hiking trails you're trying to navigate will be easy to tackle with full mobility. The full-zip design allows for an easy on and off, promotes customizable ventilation, and makes it easy to quickly adjust the layering system beneath your hoodie. You've also got stretchy cuffs that pull up comfortably when you need to fit your arm in a crack for the next hold. Meanwhile, a zippered chest pocket provides secure storage for smaller gear, and drop-in hand pockets give you a comfortable place to hide your hands on chilly fall days.

  • Stretchy and breathable fleece hoodie with full-zip convenience
  • Polartec Power Grid fleece moves well and allows cooling airflow
  • Fixed hood offers snug coverage under a climbing or bike helmet
  • Stretchy cuffs push up easily for tricky climbing moves
  • Drop-in pockets let you store gear and rest chilly hands
  • Polygiene anti-odor technology keeps it fresh in between washes
  • Item #PAT02SS
  • This is the patagonia men's r1 full zip. Jacket the r1 is very breathable and. Moisture wicking it features two. Zippered pockets and elastic cuffs this. Jacket will keep you comfortable in a. Wide range of temperatures it's a. Welcome addition to any wardrobe.

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    Picture Organic Oddisee Tech Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's

    From bouldering in the gym to hiking in the woods, the Picture Organic Oddisee Tech T-Shirt is designed for lasting comfort through high-output activities. The Dry Now construction ensures rapid sweat evaporation as you get going for dry comfort, while also keeping your range of motion fully open and natural. Bolstering your comfort, the body-mapped design features Dry Now Light Air inserts where you need it most to keep you gliding through your day like a breeze.

  • Tech tee designed for dry, cool comfort while adventuring outside
  • Dry Now technology uses body-mapping for wicking, breathable comfort
  • Regular fit promotes a natural range of motion
  • Item #PTO003F
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    Spyder Glissade Insulated Vest - Men's

    Worn over your baselayer for a trail run or under your shell for a run at the resort, the Spyder Glissade Insulated Vest is ready for an adventure. This vest is equipped with PrimaLoft Black Eco insulation to trap in heat without eliminating breathability. The Downproof Nylon Triple Ripstop fabric stands up to wear and resists abrasions while the Spylon DWR finish encourages moisture to roll off. Strategically placed stretch panels ensure your mobility will not be reduced, and increase airflow so you don't overheat.

  • Insulated vest for cold-weather training or snow sports
  • PrimaLoft Black Eco insulation traps in heat
  • Durable fabric resists abrasions
  • Stretch panels for uninhibited motion
  • Elasticized waistband holds the vest in place
  • Spylon DWR finish resists light precipitation
  • Item #SPD011R
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