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  QAD Ultra Armguard T.R.U. Ball® The Beast Buckle Release T.R.U. Ball® Stinger Buckle Release Vista No-Glove String Fingers BlackOut Single-Jaw Release BlackOut Apostle Release Scorpion Venom Target Arrow Release Fluid Cobra® Trophy Sidewinder Buckle Strap Bow Release Tru-Fire Smoke Foldback Release BCY #24 D-Loop Rope Neet® Products Pull Adjust Armguards HTM Inline Release T.R.U. Ball® Glory Comfort Grip Release Hot Shot Three-Finger Camo Release Carter Two Shot Release with Buckle Strap Firststring Bone Collector™ String Loops by TruGlo® Damascus Doeskin Shooting Glove OMP Two-Strap Arm Guard T.R.U. Ball® Max Hunter Plus Bow Release
  QAD Ultra Armguard T.R.U. Ball® The Beast Buckle Release T.R.U. Ball® Stinger Buckle Release Vista No-Glove String Fingers BlackOut Single-Jaw Release BlackOut Apostle Release Scorpion Venom Target Arrow Release Fluid Cobra® Trophy Sidewinder Buckle Strap Bow Release Tru-Fire Smoke Foldback Release BCY #24 D-Loop Rope Neet® Products Pull Adjust Armguards HTM Inline Release T.R.U. Ball® Glory Comfort Grip Release Hot Shot Three-Finger Camo Release Carter Two Shot Release with Buckle Strap Firststring Bone Collector™ String Loops by TruGlo® Damascus Doeskin Shooting Glove OMP Two-Strap Arm Guard T.R.U. Ball® Max Hunter Plus Bow Release
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QAD Ultra Armguard

  • Pulls clothes tight to forearm for bowstring clearance
  • See-through cell-phone pocket allows full touch-screen interaction
  • Grunt-tube sleeve allows you to operate tube without removing it
  • QAD's Ultra Armguard takes the familiar compression armguard to a whole new level. Not only does it slide over your clothing to keep them out of the bowstring's path it also features two movement-reducing additions. First is a see-through cell-phone pocket that allows full touch-screen interaction. The second is a sleeve that holds a grunt tube so you can operate it without removing the tube from the sleeve. The sleeve can also hold a flashlight to keep your hands free while traveling to and from the stand or following a blood trail. Durable four-way-stretch construction with reinforced stitching and rubber-grip elastic band keeps the armguard in place. 90/10 polyester/spandex. Imported.

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    T.R.U. Ball® The Beast Buckle Release

    T.R.U. Ball® took their favorite, most popular release, the Short-N-Sweet, and added a solid rod connection and a new 3 oz. or 11 oz. trigger choice to create The Beast. This advanced high-speed model has a forward trigger to provide more draw length for short-draw archers. The quick-load open design allows the archer to quickly and positively hook the string or loop without taking your eyes off the game. The Beast has a drop-away solid rod Globo-Swivel connection with draw-length adjustment. Black leather buckle strap.
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    T.R.U. Ball® Stinger Buckle Release

    T.R.U. Ball’s No. 1 selling release. It boasts a rigid rod that precisely places the trigger in your hand, keeping it ready at all times. Anodized-aluminum head is extremely durable for many seasons of use. Buckle strap delivers a custom fit and secure hold. For use left- and right-handed. Made in the USA.

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    Vista No-Glove String Fingers

    Save your fingers from the pains of shooting barehanded with these molded rubber inserts. A great accessory for bowfishing, cold late-season hunts or any time a glove or finger tab would be uncomfortable or inconvenient.

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    BlackOut Single-Jaw Release

  • Roller sear for a crisp trigger pull
  • Forward, knurled trigger for a consistent feel
  • Three-hole length adjustment
  • Leather buckle strap for comfort
  • Unleash your arrow with BlackOut's Single-Jaw Release. Single-jaw design boasts a roller sear that delivers an incredibly crisp trigger pull and a super-smooth shot. Forward, knurled trigger gives a consistent feel while maximizing draw length. Three-hole length adjustment provides the perfect fit. Leather buckle strap enhances comfort. Machined from durable aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum. Imported.


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    This is a cool new product from Cabala's. This is the Cabala's Twilight single jaw release. And the nice thing about. This release is how fast. You can attach it to the string it's just a single jaw so. All you got to do is hook. It rights on to the string and. You can do it really fast in. That moment of truth without really much focus it's really easy just hook. It rights on there and you're ready to shoot. Another thing that. Ilike about it is. When I'm walking in. Ican tuck this inside of my shirt. Because it folds back right. Where it attaches to your wrist. You can fold that in your shirt. That way you're not clanking it on. Anything walking in hanging in a tree stand. Whatever it may be. That you're doing but. If you're in the market for new release check out the Cabala's Twilight single jaw release. You can find more gear reviews right here at Cabala's calm.

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    BlackOut Apostle Release

  • Small head makes string attachment easy
  • Head rotates a full 360° for enhanced accuracy
  • Customizable length and trigger travel
  • Quiet buckle strap won't spook game
  • Our Apostle Release features a small head for quick and easy nock-loop attachment. 360° rotation prevents binding of the string or loop, ensuring more accurate shots. Linear motion bearing provides an ultrasmooth trigger pull. Adjustable trigger travel and lockable length adjustment offer a like-custom fit for smooth shooting. Brushed camo 10-position buckle strap for simple and quiet on and off. Made in USA.

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    Scorpion Venom Target Arrow Release Fluid

  • Allows arrows to slip from targets with ease
  • Advanced polymeric blend
  • Apply to tip only
  • Scorpion Venom Target Arrow Release Fluid is a slick blend of polymerics that allows your arrow to slip free of even the densest targets, making arrow-retrieval easier than ever. Apply it to the arrow tip, and the product will migrate up to the full penetration of the shaft. Won't affect arrow flight path.
    Size: 1 oz.

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    Hey guys Jeff here with crossbow nation. And on today's crossbow nation gear review we're featuring a product from scorpion venom lubricants. And it's their arrow release fluid okay. If you're a crossbow hunter like. You probably enjoy shooting your crossbow. All year long not only can. It is lots of fun but it's also great practice. Now in a perfect world every crossbow hunter would own two types of targets. One a bagged target. That allows for easy removal of your field points in your practice arrows. And a foam target which is great for practicing with your hunting arrows tipped with broad heads but. We don't live in a perfect world. You probably only own a foam target. You guys are 3d shooters you're used to shooting McKenzie's our Delta 3d targets. You know how hard pulling a crossbow arrow can be from those types of foam targets well with the scorpion venom target arrow release fluid it's gonna make your life a lot easier. You have to do is apply a little dab to your field point. And your arrows are gonna pull a lot easier making practicing a lot.

    More fun so let's head out to the range I'm gonna show. This stuff works and you're gonna see. That you're gonna want. This in your quiver. It makes pulling arrows from. These foam targets a lot easier. And it's gonna keep. You out there shooting more arrows longer. And practicing more often. Because it's not going to be pain in the butt anymore to pull your arrows so let's head out to the range. All right guys, so we're outside at the range. And we're getting ready to shoot our crossbow. And the first thing we need to do is apply. Some target arrow release fluid to the field point of our arrow as. You can see there's a little foam applicator on the end of the bottle. You have to do throw your fill point on. And you're ready to go it's just. That little bit of product is gonna make. That much easier to pull. These arrows out of. This foam target you take a look at my phone target it's definitely been out in the weather its kind of dry rodded a little bit. You guys know from experience.

    That those are the hardest ones to pull an air out of, so we're gonna fire. One downrange and then we're gonna go down. And pull and show you just. How easy it is okay I'm gonna walk down here. And show you just how easy it's gonna be to pull. This arrow with a field point. This broad head target. Now for those of that have ever shot a field point into a broad head target. You sometimes know it can be a two-man job sometimes. It takes two hands to hold the target. And two hands to pull the arrow. And oftentimes you could damage your arrow. Or at the very least lose your arrow components like your points in your inserts.

    You pull the arrow they oftentimes stay in the target. And then you damage your target. You can't shoot back into the same place but. Because our arrow is lubed with the scorpion venom arteries target arrow release fluid it's gonna make for one hand removal that's going to be a lot easier. Than a nun lubed arrow. And it's gonna make practicing fun again so as. You can see took hardly. Any effort at all the aerial pulls right out a point still on. This arrow is ready to shoot time after time again. You don't have to remove your arrow after every shot you'll know. You start pulling your arrows. When it's starting to wear off. Because they'll start getting hard again.

    And then you can reapply. And you'll be good but it's probably gonna last. Or 12 shots before even need to reapply again so well as. You can see a little bit of product goes a long way. And guys I'm promising you it's gonna make pulling arrows. That much easier and it's gonna make your practice sessions a lot. More enjoyable you won't be fighting to get arrows out of foam style targets like. This so for more information on the scorpion venom arrow release fluid check out their website at scorpion venom archery comm well that's. It for this edition of the crossbow nation gear review. You guys want to watch. More video reviews on crossbow related products. And crossbows you're going to want to subscribe to the crossbow nation YouTube page. If you're looking for more information on crossbows. And crossbow hunting check out the crossbow nation website at crossbow nation com membership is free so join the crossbow nation today.

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    Cobra® Trophy Sidewinder Buckle Strap Bow Release

  • Designed specifically to work with shorter axle-to-axle bows
  • Precision CNC-machined components
  • Fully adjustable ergonomic trigger
  • Sidewinder Torque Free Adjust webbing connector
  • Accommodates varied anchor positions
  • A bow release for the modern bowhunter, the Cobra Trophy Sidewinder Buckle Strap Bow Release delivers an accurate release shot after shot. Designed specifically to work with today's shorter axle-to-axle bows with string loops, the precision-machined contoured jaws feature an increased radius to accommodate the sharper string angles these bows create. Sidewinder Torque Free Adjust webbing connector offers easy length adjustment with the flexibility to accommodate varied anchor positions. Durable leather buckle strap. Fully adjustable ergonomic trigger. Ambidextrous. Imported.
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    Tru-Fire Smoke Foldback Release

  • Compact size with 3/4" of length adjustment
  • Forward trigger and jaws work off a linear motion bearing
  • Jaws will open when trigger is pressed and closes when you let up
  • Perfect for use with a nock loop or straight off the serving
  • Ambidexterous with a fold-back ring and buckle strap
  • Compact plus 3/4" of length adjustment, Tru-Fire's Smoke Foldback Release delivers accuracy through the perfect fit. The forward trigger and jaws work off a linear motion bearing for an unbelievably smooth motion. Jaws will open when trigger is pressed and closes when you let up on it. It's perfect for use with a nock loop or straight off the serving. For use right -and left-handed and comes with a fold-back ring and buckle strap for hands-free glassing, climbing and rattling.

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    BCY #24 D-Loop Rope

  • Strong and durable braided polyester
  • Eliminates arrow pinch and serving wear
  • Good consistent burn
  • Lasts for thousands of shots
  • A smart choice for pro shops or the home bow bench, BCY #24 D-Loop Rope gives you what you need for a trustworthy D-loop on your high-performance bow. This strong braided-polyester rope provides the durability to last for thousands of shots and provides a good consistent burn for sure application. A must-have to eliminate arrow pinch and serving wear. Imported. 
    Approximate diameter: 2mm (.080'').
    Length: 39''.
    Colors: Black (not shown), Blue, Green, Red, Orange.

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    Neet® Products Pull Adjust Armguards

  • Push-button release
  • Adjust to any arm size
  • Detach quickly by pressing the center release buckle
  • Durable Cordura facing
  • String saver stave eliminates string wear
  • These Neet pull adjust armguards feature a push-button release on the pull-adjust strap system that will adjust to any arm size and detach quickly by pressing the center release buckle. They also feature durable Cordura® facing with string saver stave that eliminates string wear by padding the shot. 7" model for lower arm protection. 11.5" model for full arm protection. Made in USA.
    Sizes: 7", 11.5".
    Camo patterns: Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity®Realtree AP®.
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    HTM Inline Release

  • Back tension or hunting
  • Designed to shrink your groups
  • Trigger is in line with the string
  • The HTM Inline Release can be used for back tension or hunting. Designed to shrink your groups. The trigger is in line with the hook, which is in line with the string, which enables you to pull straight back with no deflection. The hook itself is designed with relief 360°, so when the release goes off there will be no interference with the loop.
    Color: Black.

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    T.R.U. Ball® Glory Comfort Grip Release

  • 440 hardened stainless steel roller sear activation
  • Fine-tune trigger travel using the adjustment screw under the trigger
  • Two screws in the grip permit you to modify the draw length
  • Strategically placed Comfort Grip rubber sleeve and thumb grip
  • T.R.U. Ball's Glory Comfort Grip Release features a number of adjustments that allow you to get the perfect fit, resulting in increased accuracy. 440 hardened stainless steel roller sear activation lets you fine-tune the trigger travel using the adjustment screw under the trigger. Two screws in the grip permit you to modify the draw length to fit your length of pull. Two independent jaws deliver an exceptionally smooth release. Globo-swivel strap-to-head connection reduces string torque and enables you to fold the release into your sleeve when climbing into your treestand. Comfort Grip rubber sleeve and thumb grip are placed strategically to allow for a nonslip grip during all types of hunting and shooting scenarios. Adjustable buckle closure. For use left or right handed. Made in USA.

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    Hi I'm Stephen Haines from artery supplies today. These new releases have just come in from Trubel. Icalled the glory from obviously contribute ones a standard Gloria. Once the glory CG the CTE stands for comfort regret. And ripple and go through. That in a second I'm really excited about his knee release AIDS only literally just come in, so I'm at home it's a fantastic day. And even though all my staff for a work. Ithought I'd spend. Some time and do a video. Iput these new stock up on the web. And basically show my staff I'm just not a home walking on the beach. Because it's such a great day the glory release aid. This is called a hair-trigger. Now it's stainless steel here. And it's got rollers inside. You can see the little balls here you've got a little just there's a allen key to adjust the travel. Now let's just basically. If you stop it's so fine it's going off without. It rights that's gonna make life difficult. If cool so is this video is let's try. This again oh it's not gonna work is.

    It anyway it's a it's its an old tree hair-trigger, so we're good to go. And just the grub screw before. We shoot it's a bit unfortunate in features here. You can adjust the length of the group through. This little screw here. And here and basically the shaft which runs inside has got a lot bunch of different little allen keys so. You can adjust the length. Now when I fit a grip basically. Iwant my finger to be over the trigger. It features a buckle group which is. You know leather it's got a bit of padding in there it's like wet suit material basically overall it's a nice bit of gear. If the trigger actually closed. All the poses like that. It shows you how fine the trigger actually is it's basically so like.

    That it won't set but like. That it physically will so it's basically the weight required to set. This thing off is the weight of the trigger that's here that's so crazy so. Iwanted to try it out so that's why I'm really excited about. It and probably gonna push myself in the face which. We make a great video but just bear. That in mind, so they can't confident version it's basically the same release aid will be it'll be a hair trigger as well actually let's just check. That out how crazy is. That most under $400 thumb release aids. That you pay like they're not the hair right. They are fine but not like. That let's just make 75. Now the package comes with two free D loops. Now let's just oh this one's not going off it's still but do. You see how much pressure I'm replying to. That like it's basically not. Even thing but this feels obviously it's not going off by itself so the other one's a little bit.

    Now I'm gonna try to zoom in. You can see there's a little bit of gap between there. And there so that's. How much adjustment you've got on the travel. You can see between the stainless steel. And the roller bearing on the side. That little ball that's. How much adjustment you've got. Now on the other I'm the. One that keeps triggering I'm gonna hold my thumb up. Ibet see the gap there is. More so disloyal and key inside just there just needs to go in a fraction but it's pretty cool we're good I'm going to try the Crump comfort-grip version so. Now what I've got I'm not doing a sales pitch here. Ipicked up my old bow. Now this is an old evolution. And one of my viewers said. Ican do it some videos.

    Or something you're. All both Stephen they've got. Now this is an old PSE evolution it's the first of the evolution series which went to the compression lens. Now this bow would have to be close to ten maybe. Even more years old the cams are still pretty cool like a cool design. This is a cool bow the machining is good the limb pockets are machined like in the day. This bow were used to sell for about eleven twelve hundred dollars which is about equivalent of what the current bows sell for speed wise. Ithink it's shot about 350 feet per second. And I haven't actually shot. It for about ten years so it's got the original strings on the original PC rest tribbles site, so we're just gonna strap. This release aid on. Now in the instructions to. These two these release heads I'm still shocked. That thing fire just on the weight of the trigger. It says draw back with your finger behind the trigger like so.

    If you draw back like. That and your finger. It goes anywhere near. This button you're going to punch yourself in the mouth so. Ihave a number of customers go look the trigger sets itself off by itself. And with the other one maybe but yeah. They bring this release out in the shop. They go I love this thing fires. All the time I hit myself in the mouth so then. Igo my shooting-range. And I shoot the thing for about 30 shots. And it doesn't do it. And now I God but. It happens for me I want a new. One it's because they draw back with their finger like. That and as I draw them back in their muscles attention.

    They just touch and. They don't even realize they're touching it so. If you draw back with your finger off the trigger. And when I say off the trigger. Imean behind the trigger you're not going to hurt yourself. Now let's craft a grip so. Ithink this will rubber thing the comfort grip sells the come prepared in sales for a hundred twenty-five. Or stray lien dollars it's got little rubber in the middle. And a little rubber thumb grip. These are worth fifteen dollars the num glory is a hundred. And ten dollars and yeah do. Ithink it's worth fifteen dollars. Idon't know fifteen dollars is like. One take away mil you're gonna keep. This release sad forever like. You do use it when you're actually loading it so. Idon't know now what I find interesting on. This is how I used to do D loops. And see how I've strengthened I've I've reinforced to serve in here. Because obviously when. They made this string it wasn't tight enough on the nock. And I used to use two brass knocking points a little.

    These are the first of the a cube heaps which was bigger on. One sides and smaller. Than the other the company was then purchased by a hotshot. They still make the P but it's not. Now and glossy red it's. Now called the hot shot at keeping over. All like this stuff the bows ten years old maybe fifteen years old. And it's still it's still a like up against the new decrees. And all that this is still happened a little boated so let's see. How this bow is now. Igenerally prepare to be up closer to the target. When I'm trying near release ODEs. And I'll enter you in a concrete brick wall so. If this arrow comes back. And hits me it's on too far but. And unfortunately I'm shooting I'm just I'm cheating this bow will set up four pins cuz my arrow was leaving the rest let's see. If I just go and see. If I can find a different arrow. Because I set this up for pin Knox, so they're actually arrows pinching too much as.

    Idrew right back so it's bear with. I and so I can have a shot off. This related okay this is. Whatever you do a video at home in your an archery shop. And all your Archer keys at the shop I've grabbed a different error. And I'll put a different pin knock on. This is my son's arrow it's really short for me. And I put a mckinney pin knock on. Because I prefer the mckinney pin knock. Then the one of my son uses so. And that's the thing with archery everything's unique. And you've got to like the system. You use like my son likes his Knox. Because they were short on the groove. Ilike them being covering the end of the string just. Iwas a bit worried. Iwas gonna have dry fire so let's see. How this shoots now. This isn't siding in.

    This book that release is awesome. Ireally really like. You just you're lined up. And this bows awesome to go. And grab the origin. Now the thing about release sides so. This release aids one hundred. And twenty dollars the other ones 110 a base release Said's gonna be. You know forty-five for your true ball patriot your true sorry true fire patriot your true bulb. And it's probably around sixty. And would I pay $60 for this release oh absolutely. Because what it is its a quality product. Nothing wrong with the stinger at. All but what you've got here you've got a competition level trigger so you've got a hair trigger. And pill guards you know it's a hair trigger. What that means is. When you get ready for. That shot it's gone you're not the cheaper triggers are fine.

    You know they honestly I've got a guy who was state champion shooting the $60 true ball stinger at the time. He shot much better. Then I do did but my point is like yeah I'm seeing my $400 trigger. Or whatever $300 tree Knish at $60 trigger. And shoots fine but. Iwould definitely spend the extra $60 for this better trigger. Because it's just it's like. This bow the bow is 15 years old. And honestly if this bow was still released today let's say. This body they sold for $800. It would kill anything else on the market the cams are good roller bearings. And the cams good machining good pockets it's a good bow. And it's 15 15 odd years old really like the trigger. Now I don't know if. You can see but see here it's. All over my finger I'm covered. It but when I actually pull back the release my finger was about there.

    Iwant my finger a bit. More over it so for me. It might be I increase the tension on the wrist a little bit — stop. It pull so much but overall as a hunting release aid it's quiet. And made no noise high quality product. If you get oh that's too fine just adjust the trigger a little bit which is just. That Llewellyn cares probably 1/4 1/8 of a turn so Trubel Gloria release. Ireally really like. It one of my favorite release sites. It probably the stinger will probably outsell. It the Bandit will outsell. It the $60 ones because people don't want to spend the extra $60 will gain to the sport but honestly give it. Some thought because. If you're gonna be in the sport for 10 years your triggers going to last easy for 10 years.

    Or longer I mean I've still got my original release out. Iam shooting when I was 14. And I'm now 47 so you know like yeah good product Trubel great company family company. They produce quality products. And they produce it. And I probably said before. They produced stuff for target archers. This is definitely a target Archer release but it's built for hunting so its target archery quality. And perfect for hunting stainless steel here stainless steel inside so it's not gonna rust it's not gonna fall apart on. You its good system so I'm saving a hand from artery supplies check. It out go into your local archery shop. And check out the Liouville glory release a.

    That should be kind of in shops about. Now or next couple of weeks thanks.

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    Hot Shot Three-Finger Camo Release

  • Automatic closing jaw
  • Zero noise internal actuating system
  • Designed for bowhunters
  • Designed with the bowhunter in mind the Vapor is available in a three or four finger handle. The Vapor features a fully adjustable thumb barrel, zero noise internal actuating system, automatic closing jaw with no trigger set requirements and a crisp adjustable tension trigger. Made in USA.
    Camo pattern: 
    Realtree AP®.

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    Carter Two Shot Release with Buckle Strap

  • Triple-sear design
  • Larger casing and hasp opening
  • Can be used on string or with a D-loop
  • Carter's Two Shot Release with Buckle Strap is an index-finger release with triple sear which allows the pressure to be spread out over six points, resulting in a smoother shot. Features a beefed up casing and larger hasp opening. Can be used directly on the string, or using a D-loop. Made in USA.

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    Firststring Bone Collector™ String Loops by TruGlo®

    Designed for hard-core bowhunters, these easy-to-install string loops are stiff, yet flexible for convenient release attachment, smooth performance and optimal gripping strength. Three 4-1⁄4" loops. Per 3.
    Color: Fluorescent Green.
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    Damascus Doeskin Shooting Glove

  • Thin doe-skin leather for enhanced string control
  • Adjustable Velcro closure for a perfect fit
  • Perfect for target archers and bowhunters
  • Different from other full-palm design gloves, the Damascus Doeskin Shooting Glove has a thin doe-skin leather that allows the bowhunter to have a better feel of the string. Features an adjustable Velcro® wrist strap to ensure a snug fit. Imported.
    Sizes: M-L.

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    OMP Two-Strap Arm Guard

  • Protects from string slap
  • Made of heavy-duty vinyl for increased longevity
  • Quick-adjust hook-and-loop closures for a secure fit
  • Protect yourself from string slap with OMP's Two-Strap Arm Guard. Durable vinyl construction features two straps with quick-adjust, hook-and-loop closures for a comfortable, custom fit.
    Length: 7".
    Color: Black.

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    T.R.U. Ball® Max Hunter Plus Bow Release

  • Silent and accurate, 3-finger bow release
  • Compact and ergonomic head and jaws
  • Push to open/release to close trigger – fast-loading design
  • 360° rotating head - no string torque
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity screw
  • Optimize your bow's draw length and speed with the T.R.U. Ball Max Hunter Plus Bow Release. A dependably silent and accurate T.R.U. Ball design, the Max Hunter Plus features a compact and ergonomic head and jaws to help maximize your bow's draw length and speed. A completely silent design, this small 1/2" head loads fast with its easy-to-use push to open/release to close trigger. The 360° rotating head moves easily to eliminate accuracy-robbing string torque. Adjustable sensitivity screw to help you find that perfect feel. Built-in lanyard for safety. 3-finger grip. Ambidextrous. Made in USA.
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