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  Nikon® Black FX1000 Riflescope Zeiss Conquest V6 Riflescopes Vortex® Crossfire® II Riflescope Cabela's AR Riflescope Leupold® VX-3i 30mm CDS Riflescope Burris® AR Tactical Prism Scope with FastFire™ 3 Red-Dot Sight Combo Vortex® Crossfire II Riflescopes Nikon MONARCH 3 Riflescope Nikon M-Tactical Riflescopes Bushnell® AR Optics 30mm Riflescopes Nikon P-Tactical Riflescopes SIG Sauer® SIERRA3BDX™ Riflescope and KILO BDX™ Rangefinder Kit Bushnell® Forge™ 30mm Riflescope Athlon Talos BTR SFP Riflescope Bushnell® Nitro Riflescope Leupold® 34mm Mark 6 Riflescope UTG Tactical 30mm Riflescopes Athlon Cronus BTR FFP Riflescope
  Nikon® Black FX1000 Riflescope Zeiss Conquest V6 Riflescopes Vortex® Crossfire® II Riflescope Cabela's AR Riflescope Leupold® VX-3i 30mm CDS Riflescope Burris® AR Tactical Prism Scope with FastFire™ 3 Red-Dot Sight Combo Vortex® Crossfire II Riflescopes Nikon MONARCH 3 Riflescope Nikon M-Tactical Riflescopes Bushnell® AR Optics 30mm Riflescopes Nikon P-Tactical Riflescopes SIG Sauer® SIERRA3BDX™ Riflescope and KILO BDX™ Rangefinder Kit Bushnell® Forge™ 30mm Riflescope Athlon Talos BTR SFP Riflescope Bushnell® Nitro Riflescope Leupold® 34mm Mark 6 Riflescope UTG Tactical 30mm Riflescopes Athlon Cronus BTR FFP Riflescope
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Brand Leupold Nikon - Bushnell Bushnell Nikon Burris Zeiss Leupold Vortex Cabela's Nikon - Nikon SIG - Vortex Bushnell
Eye Relief Low/ High(in.) 3.9-2.1 4 4.5 - 3 3.7 / 3.6 / 3.6 - 3.7 - 3.7 / 3.4 / 3.6 - 3.6 / 3.7 - 3.7 - 3.5 4.4-3.7 / 4.4-3.6 / 4.5-3.7 3.9-4.4 4-3.7 / 3.43 - 2.87" - - 4.0 - 3.5 / 4.0 - 3.6 / 4.0 - 3.5 - - 3.9-4.7 / 3.8 / 3.9-4.4 / 3.7-4.3 4.0 / 3.9
Finish Matte Matte Matte - - - - - Matte / Matte / Matte Matte Black Matte / Black Matte Matte / Matte / Matte Matte - - Matte Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte -
FOV Low/ High @ 100 yds. (ft.) 36.8-6.3 33.6-8.4 108-28 37-9.5 / 23-6 / 16-4 - 23.6 - 7.9 / 35.6 / 33.5 - 11.5 / 23.6 - 7.9 - 22.2-3.6 18.7-7.3 / 19.1-7.4 / 14.3-5.5 25.7 - 8.4 102.25 / 103.15 - 19.9 - 24.8-3.83 18.0 - 4.7 / 27.2 - 6.8 / 18.0 - 4.7 - 110-26 42.0-12.6 / 32-12.9 / 24.7-8.4 / 15.2-5.3 35.6 / 42-7
Length (in.) 11.9 13.1 8.8 13.6 / 13.9 / 14.4 - 14.1 / 8.2 / 12.4 / 14.1 - 14.9" 12.6 / 12.2 / 14.4 14.2 10.08 / 10.87 13.6 / 13.1 / 10.4 14.3 15.2 / 14.8 / 15.2 12.6" / 14.25" 9.2 11.3 / 12.7 / 13.6 / 13.5 14.4 / 13.8
Objective Diameter (mm) 44 42 28 44 / 44 / 50 - 40 / 32 / 40 / 40 - 50mm 40 / 50 / 50 50 24 / 30 42 / 42 / 24 56 50 / 50 / 50 44 / 52 24 32 / 50 / 40 / 44 50 / 50
Power 3-18X 3-12 1 - 4.5X 2.5-10 / 4-16 / 6-24 - 4 - 12 / 3 / 3 - 9 / 4 - 12 - 5-30 4.5-14X / 4.5-14X / 6.5-20X 4-12 1-4X / 1-6 4-16 / 3-12 / 1-4 4.5-29 6x-24x / 4x-16x / 6x-24x 4.5-14 / 6.5-20 1-4 2-7 Rimfire / 3-9 / 4-12 (AO) / 6-18 (AO) 3-18 / 2.5-15
Reticle Horus H59 Bullet Drop Compensator Etched Circle Dot Deploy MOA / Deploy MOA / Multi-X MOA - BDC 600 / BDC Carbine / MK1 - MRAD / BDC 800 - ZMOA-1 WindPlex / WindPlex / Varmint Dead-Hold BDC Cabelas 1-4 .223 / AR .223 BDC 600 / MK1-MRAD / MK1-MOA APRS IR FFP MIL IL FX-MOA / FX-MOA / IL FX-MRAD BDX-R1 DBR / BDX-R1 DBR AHSR14 SFP V-Plex / V-Brite / Dead-Hold BDC / Dead-Hold BDC Deploy MOA / Deploy MOA
Tube Diameter 34mm 1" 30mm 30mm / 30mm / 30mm - 1" / 1" / 1" / 1" - 30mm 30 mm / 30 mm / 30 mm 1 in. 30mm / 30mm 30 mm / 30 mm / 30 mm 34mm 30mm / 30mm / 30mm - 30mm 1" / 1" / 1" / 1" 30mm / 30mm
Weight (oz.) 23.6 18.7 16.8 23.9 / 23.0 / 26.3 - 17.5 / 12.7 / 16.9 / 17.5 - 27.9 15.6 / 17 / 20.4 20.6 17 / 16.23 20.6 / 20.5 / 16.4 35.8 24.5 / 23.3 / 24.5 23.2 / 25.9 18 14.3 / 18.4 / 19.2 / 19.6 29.3 / 26.9

Nikon® Black FX1000 Riflescope

  • Excels at dialed-in, long-range accuracy
  • FX-MOA and FX-MRAD reticles for ranging, holdover and windage corrections
  • Proprietary glass-etched tactical reticles maintain color and contrast
  • High-speed turrets for fast, repeatable distance corrections
  • Return-to-Zero integral zero-stop in the elevation turret
  • Extend your range with confident precision using the competition-ready Nikon Black FX1000 Riflescope. The FX1000's superior optical clarity combines with Nikon's first-focal-plane system integrating proprietary reticles for dialed-in control and on-target long-range accuracy. The FX-MOA and FX-MRAD reticles optimize the sight picture, delivering the tools necessary for ranging, holdover and windage corrections. Illuminated reticle models with side-mounted control offer red illumination with 10 intensity levels. An off switch between each level allows quick, easy brightness adjustments. Proprietary glass-etched tactical reticles maintain color and contrast in all light conditions and come paired with precise, high-speed turrets for fast, repeatable distance corrections (10 MRAD/25 MOA per revolution) and intuitive hold-off points. Nikon's Return-to-Zero integral zero-stop in the elevation turret speeds setup and retains your zero point until you change it. Windage turrets tell the direction and amount of movement with easy indicators. Multiple layers of anti-reflective coating on all air-to-glass surfaces maximize light transmission, brightness and contrast. The 4X zoom ratio offers maximum magnification versatility. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum with Type-III hard anodizing, the 30mm main tube offers a superior strength-to-weight ratio, withstanding the recoil of large calibers. Use the side parallax knob to adjust focus without changing shooting position. Includes sunshade.

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    Nikon been always known for making quality products at an affordable price since they've been making high-quality optical equipment for over a hundred years. Ithink it's safe to say they've got. It figured out This new nikon black FX 1000 first focal plane riflescopes is an outstanding example of quality. And affordability in a long-range rifle scope let's look at. Some features in my opinion optical clarity is hands-down. One of the most important aspects of a rifle scope. And Nikon has utilized. Some of its best glass which yields a crisp clear image throughout the magnification range the other main aspect of a good long-range scope is track ability. What this means is we have a hundred yards zero. And adjust up 20 Moas. It moves our point of impact up 20 inches on. One quarter MOA model. It goes back to zero. And every time we go through. This cycle the black FX 1000 has performed extremely well in. This department with those two factors being taken care of are. You have both the ability to see your target. And make an accurate shot let's show. Some other features of. This great scope it's built on a 30 millimeter tube. And will give you 60 Moas of adjustment in.

    Both elevation and wind age. These are referred to as high speed turrets by Nikon. Each revolution of the turret is 25 Moas instead of what is normally 20. Or less on competitors scopes. It also has an integral zero stop which is extremely simple to adjust. It has four time magnification. And comes in two different models the four to 16 model comes in. Both illuminated and non illuminated but the six to 24 model comes only in an illuminated version your illumination knob is on the left side near your parallax adjustment there are ten different levels of illumination in. Each stop between brightness is an off position so it's easy to turn on.

    All versions of these scopes come in. Either MOA or em ran their FX MOA. And FX mrad reticles are specifically designed for these first focal plane scopes which allows. You to use the various hash marks to measure regardless of what magnification you're on. Each of these scopes have a parallax adjustment as well as a fast focus eyepiece. These two adjustments will allow. You to get a great focus on the target as. What was the crosshairs. And the generous eye box will ensure. You don't get any of those unwanted cuts on your eyebrow the first focal plane scope is. All the rave from precision shooters. All the long-range forums the big benefit of them is. That your reticle measurements are the same throughout the magnification process first focal plane scopes are generally.

    More expensive but these fx1 thousands from Nikon are extremely well priced coming in around 650 to 799 depending on model. They track well they have awesome glass so it's a great way to get into a first focal plane without breaking the bank check out the Nikon black FX 1000 life--all scopes at your local Sportsman's Warehouse.

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    Zeiss Conquest V6 Riflescopes

  • T lens coating provides 92% light transmission
  • Hydrophobic LotuTec coating protects the lens
  • Zeiss FL glass for unmatched resolution
  • Second-focal-plane reticle maintains size through magnification range
  • Powerful magnification with true 6X SuperZoom
  • Engineered to reach beyond expectations, Zeiss' Conquest V6 Riflescopes deliver the versatility you need to conquer close-, mid- and even long-range pursuits. T® lens coating provides an incredible 92% light transmission, so you can easily pick out game bedded down in the twilight, while a hydrophobic LotuTec® coating protects the lens in the field. Zeiss Fluoride (FL) glass offers unmatched resolution. Second-focal-plane reticle maintains the same size throughout the magnification range. Also features powerful magnification with true 6X SuperZoom™. Large, generous and forgiving eye box. Ballistic turrets with 103-MOA elevation and windage adjustments. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum. 30mm main-tube construction. Includes scope, lens protectors, cleaning cloth and quick guide. Backed by Zeiss' five-year No Fault policy and limited lifetime transferrable warranty.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    We're shooting on this Titan rifle in 308 the new Zeiss Conquest V6 with a huge magnification range of 5 to 30 by 50 It has a zoom ratio of 6x. This is the most compact high magnification rifle scope in the industry with only 38 centimeters that's three hundred. And eighty millimeters length. And it's also the most powerful a magnification scope in the V6 line by Zeiss It has a 30 millimeter tube. And the sixty-two minutes of angle of elevation adjustment The reticle in. This particular scope is on the second focal frame so. It will not magnify nor reduce in dimension. We use the magnification ring It has a side parallax adjustment the reticle is not illuminated in. This model and the reticles are available in. This model is the number 6 the ZBR 1 ZMOA 1. And number 43 Ok so. Some impressions: the reticle is pretty clear I'm not too happy about the relief at the maximum magnification but it's to be expected with such a huge magnification in about the rest there is. Nothing more to say it's just a Weiss. That should be qualifying enough the quality is at the top-level. Everything about the scope is just magnificent What. Iwant to say is this particular scope with such high power is a very well versed for long-range shooting long hunting but.

    It can also be dialed down to 5X magnification so. It would be also usable in a middle to long distance hunting just as well Plus. We have here another model 25-15x56 is essentially the same 6X zoom version but with a half the power It's thirty millimeter tube. This particular version has a Z-Rail mounting system. It has also a illuminated reticle. It has a very wide field of view it's black metal an anodized the housing pretty tough the light transmission is 92% so it's really bright. It has optimum image for twilights. And lowlights scenarios Has a number 6 reticles it's pretty fine it's its also in the second image plane. And the reticle is illuminated with the center illuminate dot.

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    Vortex® Crossfire® II Riflescope

  • Fully multicoated lenses increase light transmission
  • Second focal plane reticle
  • Fast-focus eyepiece for fast reticle focusing
  • Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
  • As evidenced by its features that are usually found on more expensive optics, Vortex did not compromise when making the Crossfire II Riflescope. Fully multicoated lenses increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces. Fast-focus eyepiece delivers quick and easy reticle focusing. Capped reset turrets allow re-indexing of the turret to zero after sighting in the rifle scope. Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. Single-piece tube with a 1" dia. is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a hard anodized finish. Backed by the Vortex VIP Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

    Hey I'm Zack leave or text optics here to give. You a look at the highly popular crossfire to rifle scope. This series offers a comprehensive lineup of popular sizes. And configurations including this 3 to 9 by 50 the crossfire to rifle scope takes quality. And value to the extreme with a solid platform that's built to outperform. All other similarly priced rifle scopes quite simply the only thing entry-level about. This scope is price. One of the most impressive things about. These scopes is the long eye relief. And ultra forgiving eye box which helps. You quickly get a sight picture. And acquire your target with. This anti-reflective fully multi-coated lenses your views through the crossfire are bright. And clear strength and durability are unquestioned thanks to the one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum tube. That is also nitrogen purged. And o-ring sealed for a lifetime of waterproof. And fog proof performance the fast focus eyepiece allows. You to dial in sharp focus of the reticle. And the cap turrets are finger adjustable with tactile MOA clicks. And can be reset to zero after setting in need a rifle scope built to exceed your expectations without breaking the budget look to the crossfire -. You won't be disappointed especially.

    You consider your purchase is covered by our unlimited unconditional lifetime VIP warranty check. One out online or at a vortex dealer near you.

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    Cabela's AR Riflescope

  • Etched-glass BDC reticle with precise hold over for .223/.308 ammo
  • Red/green illumination with five intensity levels
  • Guidetech multicoated lenses for optimal clarity
  • 30mm main-tube construction
  • Optimized for AR platforms, our AR Riflescope matches rugged quality with accuracy-boosting performance. Guidetech® broadband fully multicoated lenses deliver excellent light transmission and color fidelity. Etched-glass reticle withstands the punishment of large calibers. Dual red/green illumination with five intensity levels for quick target acquisition. Bullet-drop compensation reticle ensures outstanding downrange accuracy for .223 and .308 ammunition. The 1-4x24 and 1-6x24 scopes have yardages marked in 100-yd increments out to 700 yds. and the 3-12x44 model has yardages marked in 100-yd. increments out to 800 yds. for simple hold-over adjustments. The 3-12x44 model has side-focus parallax adjustment beginning at 15 yds. The 1-4x24 and 1-6x24 scopes have a fixed 100-yd. parallax. 30mm main-tube construction has a matte-black anodized finish. Includes scope mount, lens cloth, neoprene cover and user guide.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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    Leupold® VX-3i 30mm CDS Riflescope

  • Exceptional tine-counting visibility when big game is in deep shadows
  • Twilight Max improves visibility especially during low-light conditions
  • Blackened lens edges and redesigned components reduce glare
  • Precision-machined internal components eliminate stray light
  • 30mm main tube increases 1/4-MOA adjustments
  • Side-focus adjustment makes fine-tuning parallax effortless
  • CDS elevation dial ensures accuracy based on your ammo’s ballistics
  • Leupold's VX-3i CDS 30mm Riflescopes come equipped with the Twilight Max™ light-management system that delivers improved visibility when big game is most active. Blackened lens edges and redesigned internal components further reduce glare. Key internal components are precision machined to reflect and eliminate stray light, improving sight by only transmitting useful light to your eye. All this combines for exceptional contrast that's great for counting tines even when big game is bedded in deep shadows. Abrasion-resistant DiamondCoat 2™ external lens coating provides long-lasting clarity and greater light transmission. Precision twin-spring erector with cryogenically treated adjustments for pinpoint long-distance accuracy. Leupold CDS (Custom Dial System) allows you to quickly dial your elevation to different sight-in ranges with a custom adjustment matched to your specific ballistics information. Laser inscribed elevation dial in 1/4-MOA click increments matches your load, velocity and conditions, so your scope will be in perfect sync with the way your rifle and load shoots. To take full advantage of the CDS System, contact the Leupold custom shop after your purchase and provide the technicians with the ballistics of the load you shoot. Even if you only have your factory ammunition box, the Leupold Custom Shop can create an exquisitely accurate CDS dial that will provide the accuracy needed for precise shots at extended ranges. 30mm main tube increases 1/4-MOA windage and elevation adjustments, while the side-focus adjustment makes fine-tuning parallax effortless. Backed by Leupold's Gold Ring Full Lifetime Guarantee. Made in USA.

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    Burris® AR Tactical Prism Scope with FastFire™ 3 Red-Dot Sight Combo

  • AR Scope delivers extremely fast target acquisition
  • Bullet drop and windage compensation out to 600 yds
  • Five brightness settings to match conditions
  • Red-Dot offers parallax free/unlimited eye relief
  • Manual and auto brightness settings
  • A deal you can't pass up! This Burris AR Tactical Prism Scope comes with FastFire 3 Red-Dot Sight. Together they provide extremely fast target acquisition at close ranges, plus bullet drop and windage compensation out to 600 yds. The illuminated reticle color on the prism scope is selectable from red or green, with five different brightness settings; and the reticle is black when power is off. Illumination is powered by one CR2032 battery (included). A nitrogen-filled main tube prevents internal fogging, and the scope is waterproof. The AR Tactical Prism Scope attaches to Picatinny rails with a detachable bottom mount, which can be removed for attaching the scope to a carry handle. The FREE FastFire 3 Red-Dot sight is parallax free with unlimited eye relief, so you can shoot with head up, both eyes open for maximum situational awareness in close quarters. The red dot reticle has three manual brightness settings and an auto brightness setting. The FastFire 3 Red-Dot Sight can attach to the top of the prism scope, or it can be used by itself. Waterproof/shockproof. Runs on one CR1632 battery (included). Choose from the AR-332 (3x) or the AR-536 (5x) prism scopes. Both prism scopes utilize the Burris Ballistic AR reticle; the reticle on the 536 is optimized for use at 5x magnification, and the 332 reticle is optimized for 3x magnification.
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    Vortex® Crossfire II Riflescopes

  • Fast-focus eyepiece
  • Fully multicoated lenses
  • Waterproof aluminum tube construction
  • Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.  Learn More Button

    Upgrade your hunting rifle to the clearer, tougher, brighter line of Crossfire II riflescopes. Fully multicoated lenses increase light transmission for less haze and extra-vibrant colors. Fast-focus eyepiece for quick and easy reticle focusing. Reset turrets can be re-indexed to zero after sighting in the scope. Capped turrets reduce the risk of damage. Crafted of premium, aircraft-grade aluminum, the waterproof one-piece tube delivers optimum visual performance and strength. O-rings prevent moisture, dust and debris from getting inside the tube. Nitrogen-filled tube inhibits internal fogging. Durable hard-coat-anodized finish reduces glare. Backed by Vortex's VIP unlimited lifetime warranty.

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    Welcome back to 13c today we're going to take a look at the crossfire 2 from vortex we've got. This optic in for testing from our friends at OpticsPlanet. And right now they're extending it off of the 13c subscribers. And get 5 percent off your entire order with code gun reviews there'll be. More information in links in the description down below so go ahead. And check that out as. This is a vortex crossfire -. It is a 1 to 4 power optic 24 millimeter objective I've reviewed. Some Tru 1 powers in the past. One of ultimately the question always comes up why would. Iwant a 1 power optic like. This as opposed to just going with the standard red dot there are a number of reasons why especially. If you're looking at getting into. Something like a 3-gun competition. You want something like a red dot up close but. You also want the ability without having to change optics. Or rifles to be able to reach out to further targets.

    If you're doing some of these competitions. And whatnot they have targets placed out to 3 400 yards. If you're lucky enough to have ranges. That sort of thing in your area so there's definitely. These optics fill a niche. And the crossfire 2 here fills a great. Idon't necessarily want to say entry level optic but it's definitely an entry level price point. Iwouldn't say entry level optic simply. It does come with vortexes a lifetime unconditional warranty on. And design the vortex cantilever mount on here as well the 2-inch offset. That comes with their lifetime unconditional warranty so it's. Something that's nice to see from vortex. And you've seen me review vortex optics in the past maybe not standalone but in different reviews I've done with.

    Ithink scar 17 the DPMS g2 recon stuff like. This optic comes in about nine point eight inches long weighs about 16 ounces horses got your various multi coatings on there. You would expect as well as anti reflective coatings on. Anything that's air to glass contact. This optic unlike some others I've done in the past really been keen on first focal plane. This is a second focal plane reticle which is. More traditional something you'd see normally. These optics price point. You definitely would not see a first focal plane optic reticle. Ishould say so why would. You want one over the other in a 1 to 4 power. You really don't need. That first focal plane. Or front focal plane depending on your preference.

    That means is the second focal plane reticle is. That reticle is fixed. And no matter what you zoom between. One power through 4 power. That reticle will stay the exact same so. This has their V Plex reticle so you're really not going to get a lot of range estimation out of. This guy but then again in a 1 to 4 power. It seemed probably not. Something you're looking for anyway. These does have a center illuminated red dot. You can use this red dot is. More for low-light purposes. It has settings all the way from 1 to 10 10 is bright enough. You can see it in the daylight but. If you're on a very bright sunny day it's going to wash out on. This so that's something to keep in mind excuse.

    Imentioned earlier. Iwas hesitant call. It an entry-level optic based solely upon its price point. Iwas doing that's because. It does have some of the features. You would expect to find in a higher priced optic being waterproof shockproof. And fog proof recording vortex. It also has your sighting your optic. It zeroed you want. You can reset these turrets so. That they'll go back to zero as well so. That way you make modifications to. It later you can dial. It right back to zero. That original you had set it's got the fast focus eyepiece on the back as well as being a single piece 30 millimeter tube of aircraft-grade aluminum. That covers most of our basics at.

    This point let's get back out put a. More rounds downrange so an example. What I was talking about earlier was maybe engaging a larger target close ring and then needing to engage a smaller target further out it's nice to have. That ability to go from. Something that's a true. One power use it similar to. You would a red dot. And then be able to zoom in. And have that little bit. More to be able to get a. More accurate shot at further ranges. Or maybe you're just trying to shoot smaller targets closer in. One power just isn't quite enough be. It at 100 yards or 200 yards like. Most War Tech's optics my initial impression of. This guy is very positive. You get a lot of value for the money in. Most of the vortex line. And unconditional warranties on. Both the optic and the mount that's hard to be. You don't even need a receipt just. You have a problem you call them up send.

    It back they'll fix. You a new one that's that's really hard to be the less. You know you abused. Something like that of course. It looks right at home here on. This mark for recce upper from CMM G. That I've gotten this quick detaches from good American armament rail thanks again guys for your comments. It wasn't for some of your comments. Some of these reviews may not be quite as in-depth as. They are because I'm answering a lot of your questions. That comes from social media like Facebook comm forward slash gun reviews. Iget a lot of feedback from. You guys there as well as Instagram. Or at 13c gun reviews. You give a little bit of guidance in direction as to. Where we're going with. Some of these reviews. Some things you'd like to see. Some reasoning behind. Ihave for some of the reviews.

    Some thoughts. Ihad behind it so please keep. That information coming it's been absolutely invaluable. And thanks to OpticsPlanet again for. That gun reviews code we'll put. More information and links in the description down below to get five percent off your entire order from them thank. You to the channel and to subscriber so thanks again guys. We really appreciate. It stays safe talk soon you.

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    Nikon MONARCH 3 Riflescope

  • Generous eye relief for any rifle setup
  • Ultra ClearCoat Optical System for maximum light transmission
  • Waterproof, shockproof and fogproof
  • Nikon has a complete line of optics  Learn More Button

    Top-tier performance for tens of thousands of rounds – experience true optical excellence. Eye Box technology offers 4X zoom range, 4" of constant eye relief, a huge ocular lens, generous field of view and locking side-focus parallax adjustment for any distance (for models exceeding 10X). A BDC reticle allows hunters to hold on target at incredible distances, yet allow a normal sight picture at shorter ranges. The Ultra ClearCoat® Optical System gives maximum light transmission up to 95% – perfect for early and late hunting. Hand-turn 1/4-MOA reticle adjustments. Enhanced mount ring spacing lets you mount to virtually any rifle, regardless of caliber. Lifetime warranty. 1" main-tube construction.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Nikon M-Tactical Riflescopes

  • Caliber-specific reticles and Spot On ballistics
  • 4X zoom ratio gets you up close to your target
  • Easy-to-use side-focus parallax-adjustment knob
  • Spring-loaded turrets can instantly reset to zero
  • Quick-focus eyepiece delivers fast target acquisition
  • Nikon has a complete line of optics  Learn More Button

    Boasting caliber-specific reticles and Spot On ballistics, Nikon's M-Tactical Riflescopes are what you need to take your precision shooting deeper into the distance. 4X zoom ratio gets you up close and personal with your target. Its rugged 30mm main tube is built of aircraft-grade aluminum with Type III hard anodizing. The easy-to-use side-focus parallax-adjustment knob lets you focus without changing positions. Spring-loaded and clearly marked windage and elevation turrets can instantly and easily reset to zero when making adjustments in the field. Fully multicoated optics on all air-to-glass surfaces enhance light transmission and image contrast. Smooth-turning quick-focus eyepiece delivers easy operation and fast target acquisition. Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof construction.   

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Okay but it's time to mount our scope. Now a lot of you may already be going hey that's a different rail with. Something that rifle. Than there was last time. You would be correct right into an issue. Ishould have foreseen. Idid not but the other rail. We put on here it wasn't Weaver. It was not an extended rail. And apparently they make different styles Doug think. Iwould have known that but anyway the slots would not marry up with. These boats these bolts were too wide. They would not go down in there so. Ihad to get an extended rail so. We had to order one had to wait on. It to get in now going ahead. And I've already bedded. This put the blue loctite on. It cranks it down going through. That procedure is identical so. Ididn't see a reason to repeat. That on camera so it's already been done scope mount on we're going to be using this M 308 dual ring one-piece unit which is really nice actually came with.

    This particular scope but. You can buy this separately. And it's got some mounting rails right here. These mounting rails. If you'll look at them hopefully. That will show up the way. That they're cut the wider part goes actually on the Pirating rail itself the narrower part actually comes up. And marrieds up at the top of the mount itself so the first thing we need to do is get. It on the rail now I've already had. This one here at one time. And set my eye relief so. Iknow which slots they go into but. These you'll have to figure out for your particular application. And the best thing to do is to take. These screws out to almost maximum. And slide that way. You can take one screw at a time hold the rails up. And screw em in but. You can get them wide enough to. It will slide over one side.

    And then down over the other as well okay. Each of these uh speech of these screws will fit in the slots. That are on the bottom of the scope mat so. It holds one little unit so it's pretty simple to get. It a light then you have to do really is just tighten them down. One thing while I'm doing this. Iwant to tell it does have blue loctite. That comes on these screws so that's cool. You don't have to go ahead. One thing I will say is. Ihad to call an icon customer support. And as much as I really like. This particular scope. This is the second time in about three years. That I've called nikon support. Ilike your products but guys nikon's customer support sucks okay. This does not come with. Any tort recommendation. Or torque specifications so there's no way. It doesn't have an end of documentation. What you're supposed to torque. These down to either the Rings. Or the rail itself, so I'll call nikon customer service the dude had absolutely no idea.

    What I was talking about. Icalled him up and said. Iwould like to get the torque recommendations. That Nikon has for this M 308. Now as guys name was Joel. Something along the lines of so. You want to know what rifle. You can put the rail on no. Iwant to know how tight the heightened screws down so. Once already have it on there I'll know the torque specifications as well. You want to know which scopes will work with. That rail mount no I want to know. How tight freakin tighten screws down. You know like some manufacturers will say okay torque. These down to 20 inch pounds. Or to torque these down to 25 inch pounds. Whatever oh we don't get. That specific about our torquing we just tell the customers to torque them down until. They can't tighten any further use. Some common sense just don't over tighten. It but get a good snug fit. We don't get into details okay so Nikon.

    You get a hit on one that's. Something you need to redress so. What we're going to do is we're going to employ. Some common sense so the rails torqued down at 20 foot-pounds that's. What we were recommends. This rail here since it's already got the blue loctite on. It will have we're going to torque. This to 20 foot pounds as well. Most rings that are of. This size I have found. That in the past about 15 to 20 pounds of torque, so we're going to torque. These to 20 foot pounds, so we're going to go basically 20 20. You can experiment with. You wanted to you want to make. It a little bit different. That would be fine but. These screws on the side. Once they're down you know. Ithink 20 foot pounds is going to be fine.

    Where again we're going to use our little um wheeler a fat wrench. Ialready got it out here somewhere there. It already got it dialed up to 20 foot pounds, so we're going to start in the middle. And we're just going on twerking over. Ilike to go do it twice just to make sure. Ithink that'll be just fine. Idid read some online forums about. This a little while ago. Some people are saying 25 pounds. Some people say 30 but like. Isaid in my experience. Ithink 20 is going to be fine. You can mess around. You want to next thing. That we're going to do is going to go ahead. And take the Rings off. One thing about the Rings is with. Most green sets you want to keep the uppers in the same position. You take them off are. You want to keep you want to take them off. Even talk there's my train again.

    You want to keep the upper part of the ring on the same part of the back of the lower. You want to keep it facing the same direction so be careful. This particular ring set the way. This is manufacturing you should not have to lap. These rings and I'm not going to do. We may come back that later. We need to, but we're not going to worry about lapping them a little bit of the shipping over there I'll put your sign not a problem there, but we'll take. And we'll set this scope down. And as I've said I've already had. It on their once, so I've got a pretty good idea about. Where the eye relief is we'll go over the specs on the scope here a little bit later. Now I'm just going to kind of eyeball. This for right it readies to sight in for the first time then. We will we'll talk about. How to level now there's a couple of different ways. You can do that a lot of people will go out on the range. And on the target they'll hang a string up with a nail. Some kind of weight at the bottom so.

    It hangs vertical, and then they'll just basically look through the scope turn. It until the lines line up that's a good way of doing it. You want to do that way make sure your rifles level. You can use levels you want to. Iusually kind of eyeball. It in the ballpark never have had much for trouble with. And we'll take our time I'm going to take. These screws out we will put. Some blue loctite on them as well blue loctite is a must guys for stuff like. You do not want that backing out. It just takes a drop doesn't take very much at. All drop it rights down. And we'll do the next. On the same way that's. That should have we have eyeballed. It to make sure that we're pretty well loving now a couple of features about.

    This particular scope guys. It is a Nikon 3rm 308 very nice scope it's 4 to 16 on the zooms it's got a nice zoom factor the field of view is anywhere between 6. And 25 feet at 100 yards depending again on the zoom factor. It has a parallax adjustment of course elevation. And wind age they are zero Hertz. That means basically. It for 100 yards you can turn the turrets back to zero pop them up in the center back. Now your zero is set there the eye relief on it's about 4 inches. Something along those lines. You know I don't know. How much it weighs probably about. Idon't know 19 20 ounces. Something like that but it's a nice sculpt. It is it's not a cheap scope. This entire set right here which. It does come with this mounting hardware about $550 depending on where you're at term stock.

    Or standard with the eyepiece release. That flip up how the refractor. You can put on the end of. It as well so it's a nice scope it's not too bad on price. We got to get it to range. What she'll do another video so anyway we'll talk to.

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    Bushnell® AR Optics 30mm Riflescopes

  • 30mm AR riflescopes
  • Target turrets
  • Fully multicoated optics
  • Ultratight tolerances
  • Bushnell AR Optics 30mm Riflescopes offer optical precision, rugged reliability and uncompromising performance. Target turrets for pinpoint-precise adjustments, plus caliber-specific reticles to deliver every round with unparalelled accuracy. Cabela's offers this AR Optics Riflescope to equip 223/5.56mm firearms in two configurations: 1-4x24 featuring outstanding close-quarters accuracy, with Drop Zone-223 BDC reticle for midrange precision, and 1-4x24 with first focal plane Illuminated BTR-1 reticle providing outstanding low-light performance and accurate hold overs to 500 yards. Make lightning-quick power changes with the Throw Down PCL lever. The Bushnell AR Optics feature fully multicoated optics for incredible brightness. Forged to ultratight tolerances. The Bushnell Throw Down PCL lever included on Illuminated BTR-1 Scope.

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    What's up YouTube shooting people here's a really quick unboxing of an optic. Ibought for the AR build it's a Bushnell AR optic a part of the AR optics line AR two to three rifle scope here's the information right here on. This is a BDC reticle so it's got drop points on. It multi coated black it's waterproof. That stuff this scope is. This is basically a scope that's going to be used for initial sighting in. And testing of rifles. Iactually have another higher-end scope coming in so. This is a sub $200 scope. You can buy an Amazon. It consistently gets good ratings. And well people tend to like them people a lot of people call them the working man's rifle scope. They're inexpensive. They function pretty well. You know for a low recoil rifle like an ar-15. Ithink for the purpose I'm going to be using it for this testing so. This will be on a rifle. While I'm waiting for the other optic to come in. Or figuring out what optic. Iwant to get this will be on there. And then I'll get this place to. Another rifle etc cetera alright so let's open up. Some got all the kind of standard stuff in. It go ahead and take a look at. It Package is sort of pretty nice the little pro12 for it's a little bit bulky but that's okay. That by bulky you know it's got welds bulky. You know much higher power scopes on deer rifles had. That seem less bulky. This but it's not bad the field of view.

    Iguess is 20 millimeters. Or so what's it say on here 24 millimeters to 1 to 4 X. Idoubt you'll be able to see the radical through there of course not seems to be well-made it's got. One click is point you know looks pretty good vertical adjustment set cetera et cetera. And made in Korea so that's. You save some cash there's a. Some stuff on the bottom here it's a little sticky. Ithink it's for the packaging there it's off. Now so decent rifle scope for the money comes with a. You know one of these lens caps so should be. All set let's see it seems to rotate pretty well it's anti-fog. That stuff it's got the drop radical functions as so. You guys are probably familiar with. That so there you go wow. This is a just a real short video I'm going to go ahead get. It mounted on the AR.

    And I'll talk to you later.

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    Nikon P-Tactical Riflescopes

  • Caliber-specific reticles and Spot On ballistics
  • 3X zoom ratio gives you a close look at your target
  • Spring-loaded turrets can instantly reset to zero
  • Fully multicoated optics enhance light transmission
  • Quick-focus eyepiece delivers fast target acquisition
  • Nikon has a complete line of optics  Learn More Button

    Boasting caliber-specific reticles and Spot On ballistics, Nikon's P-Tactical Riflescopes are what you need to take your precision shooting to the next level. 3X zoom ratio gives you a close look at your target. Their strong, lightweight 1" main tube are built of aircraft-grade aluminum. Spring-loaded and clearly marked windage and elevation turrets can instantly and easily reset to zero when making adjustments in the field. Fully multicoated optics on all air-to-glass surfaces enhance light transmission and image contrast. Smooth-turning quick-focus eyepiece delivers easy operation and fast target acquisition. Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof construction.   

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    hey what's up. Everybody welcome back to the wooden channel so today. Iwant to do a quick video on the Nikon P tactical super dot so. This is a really compact red dot sight takes a 2032 cr2032 flat style battery. And I'm really bright dot. And looks pretty durable to. Me, so I have shot it just a little bit on. This 16 inch arrow precision. You guys know I do quite a bit of testing with. Iput most of my scopes. And red dots and stuff on. This gun and I did do a little bit of shooting with. It in the configuration. That it's in but you guys can probably already tell especially looking at these backup iron sights. That it's just a little too low on the AR with. That with a low mount. That it comes with so right here in the box. You guys can see it comes with a couple of different size spacers as well as like the tools. And their screws and stuff, so I'm gonna go ahead. And swap in this little bit bigger spacer which.

    Ithink is gonna be just the ticket to get it's the height. We want on the ar-15 alright. Igive you guys a little bit of a look here at the spacer installed show. You the dot there in the middle a little bit like. Isaid super bright. One thing to note the four screws. That were in the Pirating mount. That used to be here keep those with the body of the red dot before. They give you to mount. This thing on are too long for. That so the four that were in the body stay in the body with the spacer. And then the four new ones hold. This to the spacer you guys can see on the bottom there's just four. You know flat socket head cap screws but um very light looks really good. And you like the styling like two little dots.

    And everything on the front there. And um I think it's gonna be good let's get. It on the gun and do. Some shooting so we got a. Few rounds loaded up but. Ican tell you even before shooting it. That height is perfect. Any lower and I feel like I'd be scratching my face down into the gun a little bit. And any higher and. Ifeel like I'd be picking up. And I'm not getting a very good cheek weld so That is a nice of fuel let's just be the stock felt like. It was just a little bit loose maybe might not be able to hear. This hit I think only the middle. One hit but uh that's a relatively small skill target. It looks like it's got to come down just a little bit but uh we'll try. This little guy over here. Imay not bring it down. Any I may back it up a little bit. And do a little bit. More shooting maybe back. It down maybe back up a little bit. And do just a little bit. More shooting to make sure. That I really do want to move. It because you have a slight offset affects.

    It up close sweet little red. All right guys well the P tactical super dot is good to go as far as. Ican tell like I said I'm gonna save the adjustments for later but just a couple. More details that I didn't mention already. You got the push button plus. And minus on the top to turn the brightness up. And down that's pretty similar to a lot of other. These micro red dots. That are on the market. You know hold both to turn. It off you got your little caps there for the adjustment. And you can see the little flat blade on the top of them which. You can flip those around to make the actual adjustment.

    You guys can see right there on the side 1 click 1 MOA adjustment got a 2 MOA dot so yeah like. Isaid very crisp um very nice not it's got a little bit of. That starburst just a little bit of. That balloon kind of effect to. It but it is not bad at. All there we go and I've got. It cranked all the way up it's kind of overcast today, so I've got the brightness cranked up but man for quick target acquisition. And you know just a nice looking small red dot. This fits right in there with. Everything else. That Nikon makes you know a good quality good warranty good glass. And nothing really to complain about I'll see. How the battery life goes. And kind of report that.

    One back maybe I'll pin a comment on. That subject didn't mention but. It does have a little bikini cover cap thing so those are always nice to keep crap off of. It when you're not using it but um. If there's any other questions. You know go ahead and let. Me know you know just drop those in the comment I'll try. And answer all of them I'll put a link down there to Nikon's website. Iappreciate you guys watching the Moon Channel I'll catch.

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    SIG Sauer® SIERRA3BDX™ Riflescope and KILO BDX™ Rangefinder Kit

  • BDX-capable KILO rangefinder and riflescope combo
  • Riflescope produces an illuminated auto-holdover dot on your target
  • Ballistic Data Xchange shares data between rangefinder and riflescope
  • LevelPlex Anti-Cant System with integrated digital level
  • Rangefinder ranges to 1,600 yds. on reflective targets – deer to 750 yds.
  • Take the guesswork out of long-range shooting. This ground-breaking kit pairs the BDX-capable SIG Sauer SIERRA3BDX Riflescope and KILO BDX Rangefinder together to make everything from ranging to calculating holdover easier. Paired with the KILO BDX rangefinder, the SIG Sauer SIERRA3BDX Riflescope produces an illuminated auto-holdover dot on your target. Simply range a target, put the holdover dot on target and you're ready to shoot. The SIERRA3 calculating for ballistics and environmental conditions using Integrated BDX Ballistic Data Xchange accessed via Bluetooth®. The OLED-illuminated ballistic holdover dot automatically scales with zoom to subtend on targets at any magnification level. LevelPlex Anti-Cant System boasts an integrated digital level accurate to +/- 0.5°.  The blue LED on the SIERRA3BDX power selector flashes when it receives new ballistic holdover data from a KILO BDX rangefinder. Motion Activated Illumination (MOTAC™) powers up when it senses motion and powers down when it doesn't, conserving battery life. SpectraCoat™ highly efficient, ultrawide broadband, antireflection lens coatings reduce surface reflections to extremely low levels across the entire visible spectrum promoting superior light transmission. SIG SAUER's innovative KinETHIC kinetic energy transfer indicator alerts you when energy on target drops below a predetermined threshold that can be set using the SIG BDX app. Auto LevelPlex automatically increases digital level sensitivity on longer shots. Dependable waterproof and fogproof performance (IPX7 rated for complete immersion up to one meter). Covered by SIG SAUER's INFINITE Guarantee™ and electronics limited warranty.

    Ideal for hunting in any terrain from open country to heavy timber, the KILO1400BDX Rangefinder ranges deer up to 750 yds. and reflective targets up to 1,600 yds. Revolutionary LightWave DSP™ technology delivers fast and long-distance range finding at an affordable price. HyperScan™ technology produces four range updates per second in scan mode. RangeLock™ reports the last range result when ranging distant targets. Low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 creates up to 25 custom ballistic profiles in the free SIG BDX app and syncs with your rangefinder at Embedded Applied Ballistics Ultralite engine with bullet database and support for G1/G7 curves simplifies shotmaking. The 6x20mm monocular with SpectraCoat™ antireflection coatings and High-Transmittance LCD delivers superior light transmission and optical clarity. LCD uses a small, extremely precise targeting circle with ballistic information including elevation and wind holds, angle of incline, target mode and Bluetooth connectivity status. Modes of operation include Line of Sight, Angle Modified Range and Applied Ballistics Ultralight with ballistic results in MIL or MOA. Compact, lightweight polymer housing with binocular-style eyecup and diopter adjustment. Covered by manufacturer's INFINITE Guarantee™ and electronics limited warranty.

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    Bushnell® Forge™ 30mm Riflescope

  • Ultra Wide Band Coating provides exceptional light transmission
  • Fully multicoated lenses ensure true-to-life color and brightness
  • Side parallax adjustment for long-range accuracy
  • EXO barrier ensures smudge-free clarity in difficult weather
  • Flip-up lens covers and a built-in sun shade
  • Bushnell's Forge 30mm Riflescope features Ultra Wide Band Coating that delivers incredible light transmission and true-to-life color, allowing you to put the crosshairs right where you want, even in difficult conditions. Fully multicoated lenses with an anti-reflective coating deliver exceptional brightness, while the EXO barrier on the exterior lenses repels water, oil, dust and debris, ensuring smudge-free clarity, even in difficult weather. Locking zero-stop turrets pair with multiple ballistic options to ensure quick, easy adjustments for shooting at various distances. Side parallax adjustment enhances accuracy at long range and is easy to adjust without taking your eye off the target. Butler Creek® flip-up scope cover keeps debris out, while an integrated 2.5" sun shade ensures intense sunlight doesn't ruin your oportunity at a buck of a lifetime. Manufacturer's lifetime Ironclad Warranty.

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    Athlon Talos BTR SFP Riflescope

  • Wide-band, fully multicoated lenses
  • Second-focal-plane reticle maintains size through magnification range
  • Durable aircraft-grade aluminum tube
  • Nitrogen-gas-purged for water- and fogproofness
  • Pick your target out of the twilight and fill your tag with Athlon's Talos BTR SFP Riflescope. Wide-band, fully multicoated lenses deliver top-tier light transmission, allowing you to squeeze more visible light out of early-morning and late-evening hours. Second-focal-plane reticle maintains the same size throughout the magnification range. Also features 4X magnification range. Generous 3.5”-6.25” eye relief. Durable aircraft-grade aluminum 30mm tube is nitrogen-gas-purged for water- and fogproof performance. Fixed parallax adjustment. Exposed turrets.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Hello guys again and welcome ethics rate YouTube channel today we'll be reviewing a flan argos VTR. Or by 24 first a little. Something about the Athlon company Athlon is located in USA. More precisely in Kansas. They are a quick and reliable growing company in the field of sport optics. One of Alan's major assets is certainly their second to. None customer and warranty services additionally price performance ratio of their products is its almost indisputable company is recognizable for manufacturing rifle scopes binoculars spotting scopes ran out sights rangefinders. And prism scopes and as well. Some other optical accessories. They follow an intriguing pattern of naming their products for example problems areas Argus Talos etc. These names are the. Most people perhaps known from the Greek mythology there are three different rifle scopes available in. This Argos BTR series which are 1 to 4 by 24 which is. This model we're reviewing today 6 to 24 by 50. And a 234 by 56 these scopes are available in mill. Or MOA configurations that's 1 centimeter on 100 on 100 meters. Or 7 millimeters on 100 meters clicks rifle scopes of.

    This series has adjustable parallax only. This model has fixed parallax at 100 meters. This rifle scope is designed with HS are 14 illuminated reticle rifle scope is of enterprise class which means. These rifle scopes features are designed in correspondence to. That rifle scope is approximately 240 millimeters long. And wanes about 580 grams it's designed as. We can see with made black collar. And 20 millimeter tube diameter which is also designed on other rifle scopes from f1 BTR series as. We mentioned in introduction of our review parallax is fixed at 100 meters. This is enough for a rifle scope with. This magnification range product is designed for hunting at close range with 4 times magnification physical build is generally nicely designed as.

    We can see rifle scope is made purely out of metal which add a certain measure of robustness to. This product especially. We like the smoothness of diopter ring and also of magnification adjustment ring and. They run very smoothly. And nicely as we can see magnification adjustment rink is quite big very big actually which is good. If you're using gloves. You still have a good grip on the ring next we'll name. Some of the most important. And recognizable features of. This recognizable optical features of. This rifle scope zoom range is as. We mentioned one to four times with four times a factor diameter of rifle scopes objective is 24 millimeters the field of view at the lowest magnification is nine years on 100 meters. While at the highest magnification the field of view is 38 meters on 100 meters which is very good actually.

    More prestigious rifle scopes are being left out. Irelief is decent with 88 millimeters it's also very nice to add the rifle scope has no tunnel effect present at. Any magnification setting overlay for entry price class rifle scopes such as. One optical quality is good sharp. Both at the edges and at the center of the image scope withstands 308 calibers maybe. More but in our opinion trait caliber is the maximum rhino scope is filled with nitrogen it's also waterproof. And for proof it's made in China with lifetime warranty biathlon zoom range of. This rifle scope could have been bigger higher perhaps six times. More would be a nice improvement next we're going to discuss. Some features about rifle scopes reticle is placed in the first focal plane a tactical reticle.

    It also has a illumination control system it's located here as. You can see on the left side of the rifle scope on. This turret for driven hunts illumination is too weak the same goes for tactical competitions. However during low light illumination is nicely usable as. We can see it has 11 brightness intensity levels it's a shame regretfully. They have no turn off function in-between which would be a really nice addition to. This rifle scopes illumination turret is very comfortably usable very nicely. And the installment. And removal battery is very simple. You simply remove this cap. And insert a CR 2 or 3 2 battery rifle scope has only central dot illuminated it's really a shame. That illumination is not too bright enough for daytime usage by considering the low price of. This rifle scope this is entirely expected rifle scope is designed to.

    It tactical turrets as. We can see with 150 mils of adjustment turrets are of multi turn type as. We can see turn indicator is located here. We can see it's designed with simple lines. And numbers drawn indicator total travel. Or wind age and elevation adjustment is 40 mil travel in single turn is 12 mil turrets are not resellable. And don't have a locking function as for mechanical features. We can hear that tyrant's our booth darts are very nicely. Although each click is a very crisp. And quite nicely defined. What police views we adopt ik straight are sure. These turrets are far too easily usable especially since. These are tactical turrets. Iuse very often you can easily miss a click. Or two but in general tarts are good in. This price class although. They could be a bit hard to use it's also positively. We can also positively mention there is no diversity between the turrets which is also very good so again.

    We are at the conclusion of our review so. What we like about this rifle scope the field of view which is very good 38 meters on 100 meters is as. We mentioned even better. More expensive rifle scopes physical look of. This rifle scope is very nice it's purely made of metal which really adds to the robustness of. This rifle scope and additionally magnification ring is very big. It can be used with gloves. And of course we can go through the to the head to the conclusion of. This review without mentioning a great feature of f1 warranty. We don't like about. This rifle scope what we would change illumination is not bright enough for day time hunting for driven hunts. And for tactical shooting so tactical competitions which is really a shame — easily usable turrets perhaps a bit better zoom range 6.

    Or 8 times would be far better. Then 4 but generally. Everything of we mentioned is expected from a rifle scope. This price glass in general. Someone who is looking for an enterprise-class rifle scope which offers nice physical look robustness good optical performance is looking at the right choice for himself. We are sure this is why my scope includes lens covers see our toll free to Bellamy user manual. And hex key so all for this review for today. You enjoyed watching this review please subscribe to our channel. Or leave a comment below take care until next time you.

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    Bushnell® Nitro Riflescope

  • EXO Barrier coatings bonded to the lens' surface
  • Waterproof, 30mm main-tube construction
  • Side parallax adjustment
  • Ultrawide band coatings allow optimum light transmission
  • Includes Butler Creek Flip-Up Scope Covers and a 2.5" sun shade
  • Bushnell offers scopes built with legendary construction, the Nitro is no exception. The EXO Barrier coating bonded to the lens' surface prevents smudges and debris from obstructing your view. Waterproof construction ensures performance in any weather and long life. Side parallax adjusting is simple to use and keeps you accurate at any distance. Ultrawide band coatings allow optimum light transmission, clarity and color everytime you look through it. 30mm main tube withstands the recoil from belted magnum rounds and stays accurate. Includes Butler Creek® Flip-Up Scope Covers to protect the lenses and a 2.5" sun shade for days when the sun is high and bright.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Hey guys Vic from Bushnell we're out here at the 2019 range day. What I've got here in my hand is out. One of our brand-new nitro rifle scopes. This particular model is the two. And a half to ten it features the multi X reticle there are other reticle configurations available for this the deploy MOA. And the loop deploy LR 600. This rifle scope right here features our brand-new EXO barrier to protect your scope for against the breeze. And water while you're out hunting for more information on. This product go to Bushnell comm.

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    Leupold® 34mm Mark 6 Riflescope

  • 6X zoom range and precise 1/10 Mil-click adjustments
  • 34mm tube creates 28 milliradians of elevation adjustment
  • Xtended Twilight lens system for edge-to-edge clarity
  • DiamondCoat2 lens coating increases light transmission
  • Locking fast-focus eyepiece for easy diopter adjustment
  • Two-turn zero stop with tactile revolution indicator elevation dial
  • Experience vastly superior optical quality  Learn More Button

    Packing everything competitive, military and law-enforcement shooters could want into an amazingly compact scope, Leupold's 34mm Mark 6 has your ranged shooting needs covered. Its powerful 6X zoom range gives shooters an exceptional field of view and rapid target acquisition at lower magnifications, while allowing you to pinpoint ranged targets at high magnifications. Experience crystal-clear, edge-to-edge clarity through the entire zoom range with Xtended Twilight® lens system. The DiamondCoat™2 lens coating greatly increases light transmission while protecting glass from scratches. The locking, fast-focus eyepiece allows easy diopter adjustment in the field. The 34mm tube creates over 28 milliradians of total elevation adjustment. Leupold's elevation dials have a two-turn zero stop with tactile revolution indicator that makes precise 1/10-MOA corrections easy while eliminating accidental adjustment and under or over rotating. Match the elevation ring to any ammuntition with a custom BDC ring. Second-generation krypton/argon waterproofing makes these scopes 100% waterproof and fog proof. Manufacturer's warranty. Made in USA.
    Available: 3-18x44 MD, 3-18x44 TMR, 1-6x20 Illuminated TMR.

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    UTG Tactical 30mm Riflescopes

  • Completely sealed, nitrogen filled
  • Shockproof, fogproof and rainproof
  • 30mm tube offers maximum light transmission
  • EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing system
  • Precise 1/4 MOA per click windage elevation adjustment
  • Emerald-coated lenses allow maximum light transmission and clarity
  • Leapers’ UTG's Tactical 30mm Riflescopes are constructed on a platform for sheer strength. Completely sealed and nitrogen filled, not to mention shockproof, fogproof and rainproof, these scopes shed light and clarity on your target regardless of weather conditions. The 30mm tube offers emerald-coated lenses for maximum light transmission and clarity. EZ-TAP® Illumination Enhancing (IE) system offers both a red/green dual-color mode and 36-color multicolor mode to accommodate various weather and light conditions. 1-Click High-Tech Illumination Memory Feature returns the user right back to the color-brightness setting last used. Etched glass mil-dot, or circle-dot reticle for quick action in the field and precise aiming. Premium Zero-Locking and Zero Resetting Turrets with a consistent and precise 1/4 MOA per click windage elevation adjustment. Parallax presetting at 100 yards for multirange and competition applications. Large, wide field of view with accommodating eye relief for optimum critical CQB missions. Practical TactEdge Angled Integral Sunshade. Flip-up lens covers and Max-Strength QD lever lock Picatinny/Weaver rings.

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    Athlon Cronus BTR FFP Riflescope

  • Fully multicoated lenses for bright images
  • First-focal-plane, illuminated reticle
  • Parallax adjustment from 25 yds. to infinity
  • Aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum construction
  • Argon-gas purged for water- and fogproof performance
  • Bull's-eye your target or prey at long range with ease using the Athlon Cronus BTR FFP Riflescope. Fully multicoated lenses deliver bright images, while the glass-etched, first-focal-plane, illuminated reticle allows you to easily pinpoint your target, even in low-light conditions. EHD extra-low-dispersion HD glass reduces chromatic aberration for true color reproduction. Improved parallax adjustment yard markings go from 25 yds. to infinity and feature markings at 300, 500, 800 and 1,600 yds. Aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum construction sports with a matte finish ensures long-lasting performance. Exposed direct-dial turrets with precision zero-stop system. Argon-gas purged for water- and fogproof performance. Athlon Gold Medal Lifetime Warranty.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Hello again to optics trade YouTube channel today. We will be reviewing a von Kronen PTR four-and-a-half 229 by 56 f1 company is located in USA. More precisely in Kansas company f1 is known for following the principle which goes only satisfied customer is a good customer. They offer unlimited lifetime warranty for all their products despite the defects of the product. You would compare f1 sorry. You would compare Athlon to. Some other manufacturers of. Some people renowned. You can easily spot a resemblance pattern in. Some aspects for example the previously mentioned customer service. And good price performance ratio coolness BTR are considered as the. Most high quality riflescopes which are produced by f1 company there are two rifle scopes available in. This series this particular model. And 1 to 6 by 24 which is a wide-angle rifle scope. This series presents probably the best lens coatings build quality. And mechanical features. Provided by upon our model three. And a half to 29 by 56 is designed with a PRS mill first focal plane radical. This rifle scope is of similar look. And design as vortex razor HD gen second generation. This rifle scope is 336 63 millimeters long it's very interesting. That it's not very long. It weights 1015 grams which is considerable but as except expected for rifle scope of. This build style and price class product features. You can see made black color with tube diameter of 30 34 millimeters which adds to the incredible robustness of.

    This rifle scope parallax is adjustable as. We can see from 25 yards. And up to infinity as. You for watching this review noticed. This is a tactical rifle scope designed for medium to long range. We can certainly point out impressive robust built of. This rifle scope it's true. That there are some rifle scope rifle scopes who are a bit. More bulky looking for example vortex razor HD generation 2 but it's also a bit. More expensive nonetheless in our opinion for an advanced price class rifle scope. This product meets all demands in terms of physical properties zoom range as. We mentioned is four. And a half by four and a half to twenty-nine wait six time zone factor rifle scope features fifty-six millimeter objective at the lowest magnification the field of view is eight point four meters on 100 meters.

    While at the highest magnification the field of view is 13 meters on 100 meters which is considered good image quality. We can say is not second to. None but without any sort of question it's extremely good. We mentioned vortex razor HD generation to. Several times during this review so far. And we'll mention yet again. We compare this to rifle scopes under maximum magnification which is 29. We adopted straight concluded from our test course. That vortex stands out a bit in. This department although only by a minimum margin. You should know this particular information should be of use only to highly professional. And skilled tactical shooters since deviations as mentioned are minimal.

    This rifle scope can withstand. And caliber really it's filled with argon fully waterproof. And shockproof rifle scope as. We can see is made in Japan for previously mentioned upon warranty in the continuation of. This review we're going to mention. Some vertical properties briefly riflescopes vertical is in first focal plane riflescope of course as. You mentioned is designed. And meant for tactical shooting at medium. And long ranges rifle scope is designed to it's illuminated as previously stated APR as mil first focal plane radical. We can say that reticle is pretty useful. Many 12 marks and lines in horizontal. And vertical directions. We concluded this rifle scope suit. This reticle suits all the needs. Or tactical shooting as. You can see illumination control system is located on the left side focus the first great feature of. This rifle scopes rifle scope. It elimination is certainly it's full daytime. And low light usability so rifle scope is fully daytime usable.

    And lower or should. Isay yes lower in the monition settings are very usable during low-light as. We can see the illumination has 11 brightness intensity levels. You can see this little white dots. This indicates the off function for. Each brightness intensity level illumination ring or knob is very nice usable. And adds to the appealing look of. This rifle scope is designed as. We can see with tactical turrets which have no locking function which is not good. And is highly and high angle on design on desired. Or scope of this price glass. And the overall quality turrets are not reasonable value of clicks zero. One middle radians with multi number of turns turn indicator as. We can see here it's poorly designed.

    And defined we can see three simple lines in horizontal direction with no numbers for current turn level. We think for an advanced price class riflescope turn indicator should be designed in accordance to. Some fine examples are. Some smitten bender tactical rifle scopes total travel is 32 million radians for elevation. And 18 million radians for wind age adjustment rifle scope features 10 min irradiances for travel per turn as for the tarts itself. We can hear they are. We can say appropriately yes appropriately audible so there is no space for improvement there feel is good crisp very clearly defined. They are not very easy to use but still a bit harder to use mechanism wouldn't be a bad idea as for the usage.

    And overall mechanics of these turrets. We can conclude they are good of course but of course space for improvement still remains as mentioned turn indicator. And no locking function are a lackluster z'. And turrets department so. Yet again we are at the conclusion of our review. We are going to name. Some good features about. This rifle scope which is of course full time f1 warranty build quality of. This rifle scope as. We can see rifle scope is very robust looking and very well was made illumination control system is very nicely designed. And highly usable sense of date time usability. We can also point out tunnel effect is not present at a different magnification which is very positive. Irelief is also very good as for the bad features of. This riflescope we can point out turrets itself are not so bad but the turn indicator which should be designed a bit better. And no locking functions as. We mentioned are lackluster in.

    This department generally. This rifle scope is a very high quality indeed in tactical rifle scope series with extremely tough built. And design rifle scope is suitable for basically. Any weather and terrain conditions. We had optics straight would recommend. This product to anyone who wishes a reliable warranty product but above. Most importantly excellent quality tactical rifle scope for any sort of use there's rifle scope includes user manual lens cleaning cloth hex key cr2032 battery. And also this additional cleaning cloth that's. All for this review for today. You enjoyed watching this review feel free to write a comment below. Or subscribe to our Channel take care until next time you.

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