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  IQ™ Micro Retina Lock Three-Pin Bow Sight Trophy Ridge® Fix 7 Seven-Pin Bow Sight Trophy Ridge® React® H5 Five-Pin Sight – Black Dead Ringer Bone Collector® The Wheel Bow Sight Garmin® Xero A1 Ranging Bow Sight Trophy Ridge® Volt Five-Pin Bow Sight TRUGLO® Carbon XS Xtreme Camo Five-Pin Sight Cabela's In-Line Peep Sight Cabela's Tru-Tube Peep Tubing Cabela's Tru-Turn Peep Sight TRUGLO® Carbon Hybrid Micro™ Five-Pin Bow Sight G5® Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Sight Cabela's Versa™ Peep by TRUGLO® HHA Optimizer 5510 One-Pin Bow Sight – .010" Apex Covert Lens Kit 2X R.A.D. Super Deuce 38 Peep Sight Burris Oracle® Rangefinding Bow Sight Cabela's Supreme Three-Pin Slider Sight TRUGLO® Five-Pin Carbon XS™ Xtreme Black Bow Sight
  IQ™ Micro Retina Lock Three-Pin Bow Sight Trophy Ridge® Fix 7 Seven-Pin Bow Sight Trophy Ridge® React® H5 Five-Pin Sight – Black Dead Ringer Bone Collector® The Wheel Bow Sight Garmin® Xero A1 Ranging Bow Sight Trophy Ridge® Volt Five-Pin Bow Sight TRUGLO® Carbon XS Xtreme Camo Five-Pin Sight Cabela's In-Line Peep Sight Cabela's Tru-Tube Peep Tubing Cabela's Tru-Turn Peep Sight TRUGLO® Carbon Hybrid Micro™ Five-Pin Bow Sight G5® Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Sight Cabela's Versa™ Peep by TRUGLO® HHA Optimizer 5510 One-Pin Bow Sight – .010" Apex Covert Lens Kit 2X R.A.D. Super Deuce 38 Peep Sight Burris Oracle® Rangefinding Bow Sight Cabela's Supreme Three-Pin Slider Sight TRUGLO® Five-Pin Carbon XS™ Xtreme Black Bow Sight
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IQ™ Micro Retina Lock Three-Pin Bow Sight

Increase your effective range and accuracy with this innovative IQ Bowsight Retina Lock, three-pin sight. Retina Lock technology eliminates torque and ensures a consistent anchor point. Microadjustment knobs provide quick, easy windage and elevation adjustments, while tool-less locking knobs keep your pins from moving. The dual-position mount lets you attach the sight to fit your shooting style. Fiber-optic pins are easy to see in low-light conditions. Includes bubble level for consistent, accurate shots. Right hand only.

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Trophy Ridge® Fix 7 Seven-Pin Bow Sight

  • Micro-adjustable, 7-pin bow sight for hardcore hunters
  • Strong and durable aluminum construction
  • Micro-adjustable pin design for top precision
  • Ultrabright, .019" horizontal fiber-optic pins
  • Built-in rheostat light – adjust to any lighting condition
  • Trophy Ridge helps you take your bow-shooting precision to the next level with its Fix Seven-Pin Bow Sight. Durable aluminum construction provides superior durability and strength, while its micro-adjustable pins deliver precision you can count on in the field. Sight features 7 ultrabright, .019" horizontal fiber-optic pins with a built-in rheostat light to help you match the pins' brightness to any shooting situation. Second-axis adjustment boosts accuracy on longer shots. Sight comes with onboard pin adjustment tool, mounting hardware, and rheostat light battery. For use with left- and right-hand bows.
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    Everyone how's it going today I'm gonna do a quick little bow-site review video for you. Idon't do a lot of review videos but. Iwas in the market for a bow site. This fall I settled on the Trophy Ridge six-five but there wasn't a ton of videos out there really maybe. It was just I had to do a lot of digging to find out. Some really basic information about. This site and hopefully. This video will help. If you're in the market for it to make a decision. You want to add it to your arsenal. And just a quick side note on. Whenever I started looking this fall for a bow site. Ihad the bow hunter gear issue so. Iwas like well looking there. What is on the market. What they're pushing this year. And out of the nine sites. They list in here only. One was under $200 that site was about 140. Ijust kind of feel like it's frustrating because. Ifeel like they're pricing the average everyday hunter who just wants. Something solid without a ton of bells. And whistles out of the market. That just I just started digging myself online. What I ended up with but I'll get a different angle here. And give you a close-up of the box. And we'll get into it here alright so.

    Ibought this site on Midway USA. It on clearance for $69. Ithink that's about 20. Or 25 under what they normally charge with him there was a little bit of damage here on the corner of the box. Ireceived it but doesn't look like. He got close to the actual bow site so. We should be fine there the packaging is strong as. You can see some corrugated cardboard there. And the front just says. What we got a 5 pen right-handed horizontal pins. They are point 0 1 9 diameter pins. Imean a lot of sites are coming with. That diameter now but my old set was a true glow. And I'm the pens were at least twice as big. And I've had one for about 14 years. It was just getting pretty rough so that's why I decided to go with a new sight.

    This year the back of the box here just says. What your adjustments are it's got. It's made out of aluminum which is. One of the things I couldn't see online hardly. Any of the sites listed. What it was made out of. And it's kind of big deal. When you're looking around. You want to know what your site is gonna be made of. It gets to your door it's got a rheostat light on. They just talk about. How bright the Pens are. One thing I we get into. This but this site has an onboard an adjustment tool so. They kind of like incorporated the tool for adjusting it into the site itself which is handy.

    If you're out in the woods. You have to make some quick adjustments but. One disappointing thing I saw. Ididn't even really look into. This just I thought its trophy Ridge. Ijust assumed it would be made in America but. That was my fault and it's made in China right here design tested. And proven in the USA but. Ijust it's always depressing whenever. You find everything being made in China. All right it out of the box. This is my first look at. This so there's no predetermined position. This is just my honest first take review looks like. We have four mounting positions here so that's convenient depending on how far. You like your site from your riser. Iwould say these are the quiver bracket holes on the end. One thing is curious to.

    This part here is seems like. We have two pieces here. This piece which should be fine. If it's tight and lined up right but. You kind of like one-piece construction. You can so we'll see. Ifeel about that with use down the road looking at the fiber optics. Everything is encased in plastic which is nice there's no loose ends. That can break off you can see in here. They got they run up to the site right here they're. All encased so that's my it's not gonna get a stick in there. Some grass whatever in. And yank out your fiber optics the front of the site here is got a rubberized coating on. Iwould imagine that would help with vibration since. Most of your vibration is gonna travel to the front of the bow. And your site is one of the things.

    That sticks out the farthest out the front of your bow so here's. This see this will focus. This is your tool right here. You can unscrew this part. Idid see online this was. One of the things they actually did talk about. And it's just a little allen key but that's nice I'm a don't know. How often you're gonna have to adjust in the field hopefully never but. Iguess it's good to have. It there another feature about. This site they did talk about a little bit online was. These pins or micro-adjustable which the top of the site has an Allen bolt for every single pin. What you do is that there's a thumb screw. One of the things they didn't talk about their's a thumb screw right here. You will loosen you can micro adjust. These pins from these allen bolts.

    You have them adjusted. You just tighten down. Iguess it's a flat screw. And you're good to go. This is kind of this site has bells. And whistles those are the two things about. Iwould say but it is nice hopefully. Istart adjusting it to be able to just move those pins. However little I want to. However much I want to. It seems like with those other sites. Whenever you have to move the individual pins it's hard to get them precise like. You can get them close but. It seems like no matter. How hard you try to hold. You need you tighten. That allen bolt up it's its off just a little bit so that'll be nice and it'll be interesting to see.

    That works I might post. Another video it on my bow but it's got a nice site ring on. It nice and bright looks like it's pretty durable might. Even be inlaid looking at. It but that's one of the problems with my other site the site ring was a sticker in. It just came off completely so. You got your light right here. And depending on what state. You hunted you have to check the game law. Idon't normally use the white. And the Pens seem really bright. Imean it's this was sitting in the dark a minute ago. And it's their really lit up so got your level overall. It seems like it's well-built no there's no loose parts I'll probably hit every little screw. And just make sure that they're they're tight. Ihave had new sights rattle loose before but here's your wait for it to focus those are your micro adjustments for. Each pin here one through five. And that's like basically your pens have wind age adjustments on them so that's pretty convenient. And I'm excited to see.

    That works and then. You just have your basic wind age adjustments like every other site except for there's. You know you loosen the allen key. You can adjust them with your thumb so but I've been looking at trophy Ridge sights for a. Few years now contemplating getting a sight but. It always threw I don't know why they do two green red. And two green like I really wish. They would do like a green yellow red yellow green. Something to that effect just. Whenever I was younger. Iwas always concerned. Iwould get my 20 whatever. They end up being confused. And then that would cost. Me a buck but I feel comfortable enough. Ibought this site.

    And I'm excited to see. It works this video helps. If you're trying to make a decision. Idon't normally do review videos so it's a little rough comment. And tell what I could change I'm always looking for suggestions. And like we are almost to a thousand subscribers so please subscribe. And hit the like button check out our partner Nevins hunting friends. We do a lot of the filming and editing for them so it's. All about youth hunting in the outdoors so check. That out I just thanks for watching this video. And we'll try to get a bunch. More out to this fall good luck.

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    Trophy Ridge® React® H5 Five-Pin Sight – Black

  • Auto-calibrating yardage pins for quick setup
  • Lightweight Ballistix CoPolymer System
  • Tool-less windage and elevation microadjustments
  • Soft-touch Ballistix coating reduces vibration and noise
  • Take the pain out of sighting in your bow with this innovative, time-saving Trophy Ridge React H5 Five-Pin Sight. Sight in your 20- and 30-yd. pins using tool-less microclick windage and elevation microadjustments. React Technology automatically sets the 40-, 50- and 60-yd. pins based on the difference between your 20- and 30-yd. pins. Also features second-axis adjustment. Exclusive Ballistix CoPolymer System® gives this sight the strength of aluminum, but is 25% lighter. Soft-touch Ballistix Coating reduces vibrations for extra-quiet performance. Included rheostat sight light provides even illumination across each of the .019"-dia. fiber-optic yardage pins. Includes: sight, mounting hardware and pre-charged rheostat light battery. Right hand and Left hand.
    Color: Black.

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    This is the this one's a doozy guys. This is the react profile pin by trophy ridge. This is an extremely high in site. This site has everything it has every Bell. And whistle you could ever think of. And then some literally. And then all the tolis. And micro dust features you're aware of but. They also have a little extra. And that's what they call the react technology. That here says it accurately predicts. Each pin gap will be based on the distance between your 20-yard pin. And in the other yardage. And I'm gonna be honest with. Ifirst heard whenever. Iunderstand the physics. And the idea behind. Ifirst heard that the site was going to implement. Ikind of called BS. Ididn't think it would really work but. They finally started hitting the market. We got to play with them. Iwas proved wrong I was kind of glad to. Because it's really cool but again high. And definitely you know. Istopped it's not for everybody with. All the bells and whistles. It does have but for the people. That are in the market for something like. All means check I mean down to the packaging look at. They just they spared no expense on. It details everything tells. What all the you know. All the dolls are for it's really well done.

    And the little things like. Something I just really appreciate. And we'll take a closer look talk about. This bathroom here dang wow. Imean just wow straight out of the packaging I mean. That is crazy I mean very high. Ican't stress that enough. Everything I mean just look at. It just cosmetically. Iusually go in a detail a little bit about. What I like I don't really need to specify. Imean just look at. It cosmetically this thing is sharp. Ido has one complaint about sites like. These higher end ones. They just by their design. They all kind of have to be a little heavier that's because. Imean they're packing a lot. Imean they've got a lot of going on so. They do weigh out what your average thought would.

    This one's like right around the 95 ounce area. It shows but with that said. This still yet with sites like. This is actually a latter. One of those sites so. These types of sites are heavy by nature but. One is still on the lighter ones of the bunch so keep. That in mind but it definitely weighs out avid at the same time. That gives it a strong sense of just thing is its dirty it's so well-built obviously the whole thing is good. And high-end machined aluminum very well machined aluminum. Imean the coating on is just gorgeous man plenty of just. Everything it looks fantastic, so I'll start with the pins.

    Imean they're extremely bright. These are 001 nuns they glow. And a lot of that has to do with. How they're fiber optics are wrapped. They are completely exposed to light sources they're not hidden behind. Anything they have. All kinds of different ways to gather a lot. And at the same time they're protected like crazy so. You get the benefit of exposed fiber optics but at the same time they're protected by about very clear hard shell plastic casing so. That's actually a really clever idea again little thing. That goes a long way let's check those out. It does have a shot light on. And it's optional another really cool thing about. This side a higher end feature is. Idon't know if you've ever really used satellites before but normally. You turn you don't glow like you'll see excess a lot just shining all over the place.

    That can be distracting it spooks a lot of people. That are afraid you know. It might scare off whatever they're hunting or. Something like that but. It actually has a lot on right. You honestly can't even tell except for the fact. That the Pens got a lot brighter there's no excess glowing or. Anything except for. That little dot right there which is. Nothing but check this out actually turn. This light off here crazy. Imean that's awesome so that's. That does so um as far as the overall features the micro adjust. And told another thing. That stands out and kind of makes. One clear that it's a little higher-end. And probably more expensive it's just. You go to actually play with. It a lot of micro adjust. And told us adjust. These features out there can be kind of hard to work with. Iran into some dolls.

    And wing nuts you really just got to put your entire weight into to turn on but. These are very smooth. You just put you know the necessary pressure behind. You don't have to fly with. It turns and the dolls are as smooth as. It gets every turn is a click. And every time you hear. That click you know it's making its adjustment in. This case wind age which is. You know anything that helps. That helps same with the elevation that's a quick turn of the wing nut. And twist now with my progestin tools features. You always got to remember to definitely loosen up. That nut and before. You go to adjust you can strip out the micro adjust feature on. It but really easy to remember. And usually you'll know. This pretty quick nothing will be happening when. You turn it so fantastic. He does have a second. And third axis adjustment on. That happens right here on the bracket. Now its good practice on.

    Anything in archery really just it's its basic maintenance but on your bow on your parts. You always want to check to make sure things are tight. That after a few sessions. Something you just want to take an Allen wrench. And bump everything and make sure it's good. And snug on sides to have adjustments like. These with these types of setups. If these come loose on. They can sort of undo. Some of your work so. You just want to occasionally make sure those say snug after. You work with them but again not really a grievance on. Ijust sort of you know. How things work but that's pretty well obvious stuff good clear level nice. This is a right-handed side here so let's get to the the react technology. Now explain that works then again.

    It does so what happens signing in the top pin is pretty normal. You probably ran into. This on the other side. You will be sounding in your top pin just like. Anything else the top pin is fixed to the housing of the side itself so. You go to adjust now we're going to call. It your top in twenty yards in. This case so you go to adjust your 20 yard pin find wherever you're shooting shoot say you're hitting high left you'll move your entire housing by making adjustments right here ooh. And to the left you know low riders. Wherever you need to go chase your arrow just like. You normally would and by moving your housing you'll be moving your pin with. You just take that pin. Wherever your arrows hitting until. It started in now next thing you do. You have the housing in the top panel just step back to your 30-yard mark in.

    This case we're gonna call the second pin 30 yards so. You have the top pin set at 20. And the housing set at 20 steps back to 30 shoots. This point you will just be signing in for your second pin down so basically taking care of the drop. That URL may have whatever may be happening between your 20. And 30 yard mark so. You would have already set your wind age. And your wind age for the housing and. Everything with your 20 yard pin so in. This case it should just be elevation so. Isay your arrow is hitting a little low. We need to do is move. That second pin we loosen up. This right here this is actually your master adjustment for your pins. And check you go to move.

    This your top pin don't move but the rest do so. Ineed to move that I'm going to move. All closer together so. You can get an idea so. Ineed to move my pin a little lower. Ijust do you look. All move so by moving. That pin lower all the rest of the pins fall in line. They put the necessary distances between them so at. This point if you're dialed in at 20. And 30 steps back to 47 to 50. You may need to make a small wind age adjustment just depending on how. You shoot but that works. It as far as setting your elevation. That takes care of it oh it's actually extremely cool just being able to turn. That down and watching the pins boot so. Imean just by dialing in so basically to recap side in your top pin. And housing for 20 yards step back to 30 side in your second pin for the 30 yard mark. And then that the rest of the pins will fall in line so extremely cool.

    It works so again very high. And not for everybody but for the ones. It is for any Wow it's excellent so. This is the kind of site you're in the market for I definitely know. These types of things can be complicated. They have a lot of going on hopefully. This video is that to shed. Some light on that for you but. If not feel free to. You know get in touch with. Us check out reviews online. Imean do everything you need to do to make sure. This site is right for you but. That is the trophy Ridge react Pro 5 insight. It is like I said a doozy so definitely check.

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    Dead Ringer Bone Collector® The Wheel Bow Sight

  • 4-pin bow sight with wide-ranging elevation adjustment
  • Designed by the Bone Collector team
  • 4 bright .019 pins
  • Bottom pin quickly adjusts from 40 yards to 100 yards
  • Calibrated sight tapes included
  • Cover a lot of ground with a 4-pin bow sight with the Bone Collector The Wheel Bow Sight from Dead Ringer. Designed by the Bone Collector hunting experts, this sight features four .019 pins for traditional sighting performance. Boosting your hunting capability, The Wheel's bottom pin adjusts from 40 yards to 100 yards with the simple turn of a side wheel to help you stay on top of any bowhunting opportunity. Sight comes with calibrated sight tapes to help you optimize your long-range sighting. This versatile sight features a glowing aperture for easy sight alignment in falling light and provides bright pin glow for sighting in low light conditions. Tool-free windage adjustments. Sight light included.
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    Garmin® Xero A1 Ranging Bow Sight

  • Integrated digital laser range finder reduces hassle in the field
  • Ranges animals out to 100 yards away, compensating for angle
  • Automatically produces an LED pin for the precise distance
  • Single-button design allows you to check distance at full draw
  • Pins automatically adjust their brightness to the conditions
  • From shooting pin gaps to range-finder carrying solutions, Garmin's Xero A1 Ranging Bow Sight puts many of the biggest problems archers face in the field and on the range in the past. Integrated digital laser range finder delivers exact yardage, even compensating for angles, to animals up to 100 yards away (it'll even read reflective object out to 300 yards). Once it finds the range, it'll produce an LED pin you can use to shoot that exact distance. Automatic brightness dependent on the lighting conditions means you can always see the pin, even in dense cover during the final minutes of shooting light. Single button can be mounted near your grip for simple range finding at full draw. Pins can easily be customized for single-pin or multipin configurations. Shot odometer lets you track how many shots you've taken per session and overall. Runs on two lithium AAA batteries (not included) that last up to one year.
    Available: Left hand, Right hand.

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    Today we're gonna talk about bow hunting and a site from Gamin called zero. And to help I got a visit from Klaus from Gamin welcome nice to meet Amedeo he's an avid bow hunter. Ihaven't done any bow hunting but I've been hunting with rifle. And the shotgun so class you'll tell. Everything about their bow hunting and the new site. They have so it about bows hunting and. Ibecome a bow hunter yeah so. Iwould say in a Danish context the very first thing you need to have is an ordinary Hunter's license which is in bow hunting context. This is the big chunk of work the big effort so. When you have your ordinary hundreds license. You need to take one additional training day. And pass a theoretical exam. And a shooting test. That is not very much. One day of course ask answer 20 questions. And shoot six hours okay. That is again a little effort compared to the ordinary yeah.

    Many errors are you allowed to have in the tests so for the shooting chest. You have to pass that you're shooting six errors. And distances between. Ibelieve five and twenty. Something meters okay. You are allowed to miss. One okay and the target is at the size of. You know the plate yeah so it's not horribly difficult. Than on a bow shooting perspective. And so the difference between rifle hunting and bow hunting I've seen bow Honda's going out. They have to be really close to the animal compared to the rifle yeah it's. Anything else that's that's. More different more difficult. Or easier yeah so. Iwill say we have to distinguish between traditional bows like the longbow. And the recurve bow. And then the I would say the modern bow which is a compound yeah the traditional pose.

    Iwould say that those are really difficult to shoot. It takes a lot of practice to be just reasonably shooting with those guys a modern compound bow with sights. Everything and stabilizers is. Iwould say as easy to shoot as a rifle okay. You're basically aiming at the target you've got a release. That so the difficult part about bow hunting is not shooting the bow as long as we're talking about compound bows the difficult part is exactly. What you are what you're getting at here it's getting close to the year through the years of the game that's what's difficult okay so can. You show how to operate the compound bow yeah so on the compound bow here see.

    We can get in front of the camera. You have a hand section away a place show. If your right-hand shooter. You have to place your left hand here then. You put a release on your right hand which gives. You a trigger like you will have an arrival. You attach that to the 2 D loop which is basically the string well first. You will of course have to put second arrow here. You put an arrow on the arrow rest like. And then as I said before. You put the release on yeah. You draw the bow and that's part of the training is to have a consistent hold the bow. And a consistent in a consistent way so. You have your right hand on your cheek.

    You look through the peep sight. You look through the sight here that's basically just like on a rifle. You just hold the pin. And the sight on the target. And let go a shot now I've been I've been shooting a couple of times with a compound bow. Iknow there are some of these pins in their yeah they're fixed. And on a fixed distance right yeah okay so. One of the one of the other main differences between shooting rifle. That for most distances. When you're shooting with a rifle. You don't have to care very much about the distance to the game. Imean the bullet is it's not gonna drop much for normal hunting distances that's not true for. Both the arrow is very slow compared to a bullet which means. You have to consider sort of the drop of the arrow yeah so which gives which brings. Us to the our say the traditional way of hunting the bow first. You need to measure. Or yeah to measure the distance to. What you're shooting at so that's typically in the range between.

    You know I would say five to maybe study meters. And then in the most popular sights. You have several pins as. You said each pin represents a distance so. You would maybe have. You know like 10 20 30. And so on okay so you measure the distance. And then you have to interpolate in between the pins so say. You have a 10 meter. And a 20 meter you measure 15 meters then you're basically holding the target in between the domain so that's the that's the ordinary way tanks so. That they'll make it a little bit. More difficult to hit the target correctly. If it's in between two pins yeah it's. You could use to it but that's kind of the process measure the distance figure out which pin. Or which pins to use that's that's the way. You normally do and there's a last drop. If the further you go out yes the job is really big yeah so.

    One thing there are actually. Several factors that can be a little bit surprising first of. All like just the drop of the arrow also because of its. Everything is so slow. You shoot from a stand from a tree stand so you're shooting basically not a horizontal but downwards sometimes you're really the the distance. You have to compensate for is only the horizontal component of the distance okay which is as well. Something you need to consider. Iwill end on that furthermore. If you're shooting on really close to targets like I've been shooting pheasants at. You know two meters then the distance between the arrow wrist. And the sight this distance here. All of a sudden becomes very significant so. If you're just basically aiming at the pin.

    You normally use your arrow will hit way below the target it's its. Another factor you need to keep track of in an ordinary setting so. How about went from sides. How will that affect the arrow so. Ihave not seen any solid science on. Ihave read but some tests a. While back, I had the exact same question sounds like. What is happening yeah so. Iwas shooting at closer to 100 meters in strong wind from like a nine o'clock. And the first problem. You realize is even before. You let go the arrow is its kind of difficult to hold the post table yeah like. When it's windy because it's a it's a pretty big construction right my experience is.

    This could be different from from other bows. And arrows but my hypothesis is. You think of the if the arrow flies. This way we have gone from. That direction then the wind would offset the arrow to the right okay but. What I found was I was actually continuing I did continue to hit the target. And my idea is that the wind of course affects the veins of the arrows the. Most which would actually create a correction against the wind yeah so my. This is just my answer my short version is. It doesn't really affect the shot so much but it's certainly gonna affect probably your ability to hold the bow steadily here okay. Iwould think again as. You said it will affect the feathers so. It will turn into the wind yeah but again.

    Idon't know how much. It would do that's because. Iwant to see the feathers are quite small yeah. We follow that line of thought of course different sizes of vanes. Or feathers would act differently so don't take. This answer as absolute science it's just my personal observation. Ihad the exact same party so could. You show how to shoot the bow yeah so. We should start by shooting like the ordinary situation so. Iwill turn on the the zero side here. And I'll just give you fixed pins so you'll see in the side in a second. You have five in here those touched for 15 25 35 45. And 55 meters we have a target which is only like 10 meters out so.

    Iwould say you can just use the avatar which is sort of the 15 yeah so. What you do is you hold the ball with your left hand. Iwill have to give. You a release maybe. One of the differences between a traditional bow. And a compound bow on traditional bows. You can shoot them basically without a release yeah but it's just. That possible on a compound okay so there is like a trigger here exactly so. What you do is you keep your index finger. And the back of the trigger. That like sort of if you're shooting a rifle. You keep your finger off the trigger until. You actually read justice so. You keep that on the back I'll put a an arrow here on the string and on the rest. And then what you do is. This in the D loop yeah. And then you basically pull the bow. And you'll feel that at a full draw it's going to be much lighter it's a bit off yeah. And then you aim at the target just take the shot okay oh yeah. That was really easy — yep — hold. It Wows perfect that was right in the bullseye yeah that's that's really easy to do.

    That yep especially with the dot inside Wow so as. Isaid before shooting a compound bow is much like shooting a rifle yeah like you're aiming at the target thus. You don't it's not like shooting a traditional bow. You have to it's more like instead in instinctive shooting yeah. This is like aims shooting yeah it's much like right yeah Wow so. How does this work the serie sighs yeah so let. This for a second and show. You so the big difference between a traditional sign like. We talked about and the suicide is. That the serial side has a built in laser rangefinder yeah so as. We discussed before the traditional way is. You have to like in complete traditional setup. You check your laser rangefinder measure the distance put your laser rangefinder back maybe that's.

    You know 20 20 meters for example then. You have to figure out which pin others. And then you shoot with. Whatever you decide between the pins. You still hope that there is out there yeah exactly it's a really good point I'll get back to. That in a second because there's a lot a process. That does movement at fixed time yes with. This side you don't have to. You can basically keep your eyes on the on the animal at. All times yeah you can draw the ball. And then there's a little trigger here on the hand yeah. What you do is you press the trigger. And hold that will activate the laser rangefinder. You will see a red dot in the side only. One red arc you hold a red dot on the target. And you'll see the distance in a display but then basically. When the red part is on the side. You release this little button. You will get a green dot. And the green dot there's only.

    And that's exactly where the arrow will be at. That particular distance okay so no. More fixed pins basically press hold the red dot on the target release shoot with the green. If you're up in the shooting stand yeah exactly it's a really good question. It compensates and of course. Ihad to try I was kind of hmm does. That really work yeah. It does okay so it will compensate for of course the drop of the arrow yeah. It will compensate for shooting upwards. Or downwards you can actually see the angle of the bow in the displayed not. You have to know it kind of kitchen. Ihave a laser in father. You can also see the angle yeah. And that's exactly and also which is kind of cool. If you're shooting super close range like a pheasant walking by. You know dressed out as a plant yeah. It will also compensate for super close range shots so yeah what's what's the range on. It yeah so well the lace. This kind of funny because the laser rangefinder can range.

    Ican't remember several hundred meters but it's really not an issue. Because the real limitation here is. You kind of look at the sight. You can imagine that the longer the shot the lower the pin will need to be yeah so the real limitation is the size of. This house yeah because the Duff can only go to the bottom okay. And for this bow it's about. Ibelieve about 70 meters then. And so the laser rangefinder can range an animal further out with no problems but. This cannot give me a solution for this shot so but. What would 70 meters be a realistic shooting distance to an animal no I'm Danish yeah. Iwould never do that no it's just. Imean the bow can still kill. It at distance it's just there's too much flight time there's risk since the arrow is subsonic that's a risk of the animal reacting to the shot before the arrows get. That yeah in Denmark. We say no than 25 meters okay.

    What you comfortable. Iwill say that which I'm which is always. What it sees in the classes. You should train longer distances of course. You make a shot it did not kill the animal but. You did hit you continue to kill as long as. You can so if it's out at 50 meters. You wounded you will continue to shoot. All the best you can same with the rifle exactly so train at longer distances. And not for the first shot but maybe as a follow-up so no matter. We keep ourself into. This safe distance at let's say 25 meters there're no problems at. All with the suicide no. You can shoot from like 2 meters to. It basically down to the bottom of your side. And a little note on. That depending on the bow. Imean bows are different in terms of how.

    Many pounds you have to draw. And arrow weights many other things. And efficiency of the cams. And there's a lot of stuff. That goes into your show. You basically the the faster the bow the longer the shot. You can actually take with the 0. You can imagine like I've got a very slow bow it's kind of drop up basically drop out of the side yeah let. Is short of this yes so that's the real limitation of how far. You can shoot so. How does it know the flight of the arrow is somewhere. It up first you can just go out. And shoot with it oh yeah so. What you do is that's a setup process. You need to do and the idea is not so tried to like gauge the weight of the error. Anything like that it's basically asking you're going through a process. You are shooting the bow. And you're basically learning the site the particular ballistics of your bow. You are oh yeah all right so there's a process.

    Ican like explain it really briefs first. You shoot and mechanically at 15 meters so that's a couple of rails here so. That would be like any other site. Any other weapon you're basically moving the site to. Where the shuttle is at 15 meters then. You adjust the laser rangefinder so. It sort of points in the direction. You expect it to do. And then you move back 25 meters 35 meters 45 meters as long as. You want sure and by doing. That it's it stores the particular ballistics of your bow. And arrow and by having. You can afterwards define fixed pins like. Ijust showed any distances. You want so that is sort of the overall idea. It can store one arrow yeah so there are two versions of the saga that's the a. One yes which cannot. It can store one arrow program. And then there's the a 1i which is. You had really I mean exactly the same it's basically electronics that's the difference the a.

    Ican can store up to ten different profiles okay. That has become really handy since. Now just as of this year. Or a larger hunt like bigger game. And then mark will the caveat. We have to shoot more heavy arrows okay. All of a sudden it became really relevant yeah so. How like different arrow ways. You don't know what you'll meet out there no so. Igo hunting and I know for sure I'm not gonna meet like right there yeah. Iwould typically show like. These my lightest arrows. If there's a chance of pika came. Iwould of course put on my heavy arrows. And I'll just have to select the relevant arrow wait is. That the only difference between the two sides that's a couple of other differences so. Iwould say that is probably to. Most important yeah. You have the ability in the March fancy. One to choose the colors of. That between red and green yeah so the cheap side. All darts are red yeah so. What I said before actually relies on.

    Is having the high models so. What I prefer it's just it's just a hard referred. Imeasure the distance. That to be red I shoot that's like my solution it's green so but. Ican also as you saw before on the fixed pins. Ican select the color of. Each then there's a couple. More features one is what's called laser locate so the idea is. You shoot the arrow. You can get a waypoint on your Carmen device. Where the game was standing at the time. You shot like on the Phoenix ya Gong Phoenix yes so the way. It works is this guy of course knows the distance. Because that's what we're sure. It also has a compass so. It knows like bearing and distance to the target.

    This guy communicates with the Phoenix watch which has a GPS so the watch knows your position combined will with heading and a distance. You can calculate where the target was at the time. And the other side the checks. You take this shot. Because an accelerometer so it'll automatically. It up to do so use what's called lease allocate so as soon as. You take the shot it will drop a waypoint on your watch showing you well. Where the animal was. You took the shot and the last. One is a bit and then in the note Department the. Imodel can also measure vibration in the bow after. You take the shot so. You can read out a number milliseconds along with other metrics. You can basically use the side to trim your bow okay.

    If it's a little bit out of sync that'll kind of come true in the vibration. When I do a long-range shooting with my rifle. Ican't my rifle I will not hit the target can. This measure the counting also yes yeah exactly. You can set up again it's configurable. You can set up like an alert. And the display to give. You an indication if the bow is not like vertical yeah. You can set a believe it's like. One three and five degrees. Or so it'll basically give. You an alert if you're not vertical. Iwill say from my own personal experience as long as we're hunting on like flat ground that's typically not an issue. Because optically you look through the bows. You kind of at least.

    Itend to keep the bow at a ninety degree angle towards terrain yeah but the problem is. If I'm shooting in a mountain. Something like I tend to tilt the bow towards say miles yeah so then. It becomes really yeah so. You just get an alert saying hey you're not is. That a audible or visual. You see it's its placing a couple of dots in the opposite end of the side compared to. Where your shutters so you'll immediately see. You are like so you're still totally silent absolutely so. How about you shoot the laser is there. Any noise that also totally silent. This committee I mean it's. This non-existent sound. Iwill say and that's probably. Iwould say the most important for me at least as a bow hunter the real difference in the real world in a hunting situation. What I felt was I came from a situation. Iwas like typically. Igo out in the forest. Isit down and then. Imeasure a couple of distances to no tree stop a stone. Something else so I kind of have an idea.

    That it's this is — yeah so. That is 30 meters this is 10 meters. And so on yeah but when the animal starts to approach. Me was just separately what's happening yeah then at. Some point I have to make the decision so grab my laser rangefinder pull. It up like super slow yeah range put. It back grab my bow put on the release draw the bow yeah. Some first of this creates movement. Though I'm trying to do. It slowly still creates movement. It takes time it takes a change. And so my eyes will be off the animal at certain times like I'm looking formerly so in China. And so on that has spooked for me. One animal away they kind of picked. And before I was rich the difference was.

    One which is really. What I like about this I'm typically sitting you know. If I'm sitting on my on my little chair. This on my neck I have the release arm. Inever watched the bow again. Ihave my eyes from the animal yeah. Isee the animal I make the decision. That it's its kind of promising at the right time. Ipull my bow yeah only then. Iactually see the animal in the side then. Ido the range I get the resolution so it's its. It doesn't it doesn't take my attention away to range there's no risk of the animal moving between a range. And a shoot and it's its just faster yes it's less movement less noise it's fine so that's to.

    Me the game change yeah so. Iwant to start doing shooting with the bow. What would the main reason for me be to buy the Sira site compared to just a normal size. It has to be a there has to be a difference in price. How about weights and so on yeah so weight wise it's its absolutely comparable actually my old site. Ihad before one was actually heavier yeah. Because I'm a bit of a shooting nerd so. Ihad like you know. Icould adjust with a little reel on. And so on so that a new formated steels. It was actually heavier okay. One is in the I would say relative expense event but. Iwill say you have to consider. It basically replaces. Both a laser rangefinder. And a proper sight yeah, so I'm not saying it is not. More expensive than its recent solution. It would typically be a bit. More expensive yeah but you'll have to add to. That at least that would be my guess my main argument as. Ijust said your chances on actual hunting is increased. Because you're getting so incredibly close to the animals yeah so.

    Anything you can take away in terms of movement. Or sound or have to spend time increases your chances of successful hunter okay so. You could say that the the biggest con mr price compared but of course. You save money you need to buy. This laser rangefinder. And the pro is of course. That you can always have your eyes on the animal yeah. You don't you don't waste. Any time of putting away. Or taking out your laser rangefinder. More prose and of course. Iknow the with the sticks. Or with the pins because they're fixed with. This the dot will just move ya to the correct position so there is no were thinking about. We said about 12 and 1/2 meters. Anything it's just like yeah so. Iwould say that in general terms. It reduces a lot of risk. Or potential mistakes. You could make both in terms of like the physical stuff like. You know spoons poking away there. Now yeah making noise. Or making movement but also in situation. Imean your hands are so.

    You know what I'm talking about. You can get like you get pretty excited yeah of course so that's. That are shaking yeah so. You can get pretty excited so. You just make mistakes yeah especially. When you're like excited then maybe. You took the wrong pin yeah. Something like that yeah those things cannot happen so. Iwould say in general terms it's its. It takes away a lot of distractions. And potential mistakes it's just easier. You your basic your aren't concerned about keeping your eyes on the animal. And it's really hard to do. It wrongs and you'll get an alert for children po yeah. You will get only the correct pin it's its just easier. Iwould say safer it's a safer kill yeah the risk is smaller okay yeah. And of course that's. One of the things we have to be aware of the whole time yes not not to wound the animal but to make a safe kill at a good distance.

    And of course the. It will also give you like. You think it's in the twenty-five meters. You know of course tell. You that's now it's twenty-seven meters yeah so. You can do sake I'll just have to wait a little bit. More so instead of doing it with the iPhone like. One yeah I had I'm not noted. Ihad a situation for practical hunting this last autumn why we were allowed to shoot. And right there so. Iwas sitting I've never been there before so. Iwas in a relatively high tree stand yeah. That night I saw the stove came by. It was like it's a bigger animal. That I'm used to shooting. Iwas not used to the terrain. Iwas up high, so I was like maybe that's good yeah so. Ipulled the ball measured the distance. And saw 36 meters yeah.

    It was just okay have a nice day yeah I'm not gonna kill yesterday but. You know it was just easy for me yeah so kind of last minute. You know okay yeah I was ready had. It been 25 meters yeah. Iwould have taken yeah but III had no panic so. Now speak before then. Iwas ready and then. Imade the decision okay. You can yell and there's no doubt no no. This yeah so that was. That was a practical. Something that's that's great yeah that's great yeah afterwards. When we're done here. Ireally want to try out the bow again. And also maybe pair. It with my watch yeah I'll be really cool so. Ijust got a last question. How does the Siro operate in the harsh environments like low temperatures rain. And so on I had the same concern. Ireceived it the first time. It was actually a reproduction model but anyways. Icouldn't I couldn't help myself. Ineeded to I need to figure. It out so I took the bow. Iwent out this was like Danish winter so typically raining yeah. Iwent out and held a bow like.

    Imade sure I got plenty of rain down in the site yeah. Iwas like I could see water down there it's got it's not gonna pass the glass. II tried to take a shot so. Ilift the bow up what I experienced was. That the water just falls off the sort of the head-up display yeah. Icould shoot without a problem the other thing which I've not been able to test because of our temperatures. And then like how does. It works in the cold so. Ican only relay the information. Igot from our us colleagues. They had kind of the same concern so. They brought it out so. Something like minus 20 degrees centigrade. It works perfectly yeah. Iwill say that is really key. You remember to put in lyceum batteries it's its a a batteries. Igot form factor okay so. You can't fit in alkaline batteries but it's not kind of working its cold. Because my client doesn't like cold. And also the life last time of the barrel is shoulder so make sure to spend the last a little bit of money aren't getting the correct batteries.

    How long a time is the lifespan of the batteries. Ithink the manual states about a year it's like thousands yeah measurement so. Iwould say you swap them. Once a year you should be fine cool Wow great yeah there was a little bit about boo hunting and especially becoming zero sight. Ireally like to thank. You Klaus it's nice meeting you. And also great you can share. All your experiences regarding aside. And also go hunting and. Something I want to pursue in the future go hunting I think it's maybe the ultimate type of hunting so. You can get really close to the animal. And especially using some of the gadgets. Ireally look forward to trying. That was this time about the bow hunting and the Gamin zero sights thank. You for watching have a nice day you.

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    Trophy Ridge® Volt Five-Pin Bow Sight

  • Ballistix copolymer coating reduces noise and vibration
  • Laser-etched windage and elevation adjustment marks
  • Precision bubble level
  • Reversible mount for left- and right-hand shooters
  • Includes sight light for low-light shooting
  • Rugged, simple and packed with accuracy-enhancing features. The Volt Five-Pin Bow Sight from Trophy Ridge sports rugged aluminum bracketry that's coated with an exclusive ballistix copolymer to reduce noise and vibration in the field. Ultrabright .019" fiber-optic pins wrap around the sight housing to maximize light absorption. Laser-etched windage and elevation marks make adjustments a breeze, and lock down securely for worry-free shooting. Green hood on sight housing promotes fast, consistent peep alignment. Precision bubble level ensures true arrow flight. Offset mounting holes for added versatility. Includes sight light for quick target acquisition in low-light conditions. Reversible sight mount for use with right- or left-hand bows.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    SATs are a tricky Beast to explain to people. And a lot of that has to do with simply there are so. Many ones out there there're tons. And tons of different variations. And different combinations of parts. And features it just it's kind of overwhelming honestly there's so much marketing telling you. You can't get away without having something like a total adjustment. Something fancy like a micro adjustment. You have to have you have to have. It but there's a lot of things like. That out there so it's easy to get caught up in. It but the truth is yes those features do come in handy. They can make life easier for some people those part those types of things are not necessarily for everybody actually there's a. You know though those are your can be helpful as those features there's a lot of people out there. That just don't prefer them. It actually makes their life a little. More complicated in their opinion. And that's what's kind of so cool about. It that's why there's so much room for all those different types of sites. Because there are so. Many types of shooters. And it's just kind of matter of finding what you're comfortable with. What you like so with. That said I wanted to mention. This is the trophy ridge vault 5-pin. It is actually pretty impressive site as. It doesn't have any of the fancy told. You know micro or just bells. And whistles anything like. That but it's that it's just a very solid extremely well-built very bright fiber-optic.

    Imean it's just it's just a good sight so. This is the type of site. That appeals to the people. That don't need all the fancy stuff yes. It makes more affordable but like I've said in the past just. Because a part doesn't cost as much. More affordable it doesn't have as. Many features it does not in. Any way make it like a beginner part. You know something. That is of less used to. Or won't last as long in a lot of cases it's the exact opposite so yes no. None of the fancy stuff but. Everything else is there is still a site. And at the end of the day. All sides no matter. What they've got on them. How expensive or cheap. They are all act as a reference point. All have the same primary job to do so with. That said I wanted to give. You guys a closer look at. This is a site if you're looking for something good. And see what's going on it's going to be. Most certainly consider like. Isaid straight out of the packaging it feels as solid as a briquette it's not super heavy which is heavy enough to just tell.

    You right away it is just solid very solid. It feels like you can take a hammer to. Even din another feature that's kind of nice is the housing of it's actually coated its kind of rubberized it's its hard to explain really until. You feel they did that to help cut down on vibrations. That may make it to the front of the site. And I've also explained. This in other videos. You fire a shot any energy. That arrow doesn't take. And carry away from the bow will scatter into the bow itself. It will travel to the front. Most parts of the bow so that's into your stabilizer in sight usually so. If vibrations are making it to your site in the front of your of the site housing they can rattle your pins loops.

    And things like that in time so having. That there anything extra to help prevent. That from happening is potentially saving you a big headache down the road. If your pins do loosen up. And move something like. That so it's one of those things. You don't really know is a good idea until. You get a chance to check. He has a good very good clear level on. This side is a right-hand. Or left-hand side as simple as just flipping it. Any time something about a product. Ican share though good. Ido but I will say. This side you can technically flip the level from the top to the bottom for lefties but. Iwouldn't recommend. If the glue they use is. Imean basically industrial grade cement. It is extremely good glue so getting. That level off will. Most likely break it so it's better just to leave. It being on tops really not a big deal honestly. Some people prefer it there. Imean honestly I would kind of prefer. It there's I think it's a better place for it that's up sorted out of the way.

    And a little easier to see in my opinion. It does come with an optional site light. You can take and off there's. Some states that don't allow electronics to be on your bow so. That is completely optional but earlier. Imentioned about how crazy brought the fiber optics are wanted to kind of give. You give you a little bit of a show-and-tell on. Iam under a lot source here for the video so. All pins the size I show off will glow a little bit but the side light is off. And those pins are they are just as bright as. Anything I've ever seen before so. Even compared to other sides. That I've held on the same light source those pins are way bright. Ican actually turn the satellite on as. You see it's off right. Icould tighten and turn the light on watch closely it's on. It doesn't really look like. Anything happened right so. They still look just extremely bright. Iwanted to show that's because thickness is still on so.

    It up here to the dark. They are still glowing just like. They were under the lot but. And then go dim again bring it back down. While it's off glowing I mean those are bright fiber optics guys so that's crazy. And the reason they glow so well is just. They got them completely protected as. They wrap, but they're exposed to, so they're just catching so much light it's almost it's literally like they're glowing I was thinking it's just crazy so. Even without the side light those things are about as bright as. They can get when Twilight comes. Or low light situations. You can always you know give it a boost by turning on the side off but. Something I just got to mention as a standout. That's kind of wild so definitely keep. That in mind but all very well done. Idon't really I've never heard of. Anything wrong with. Inever had any real complaints about them to share with. If you're in the market for just a good durable. You know site that doesn't really have.

    All the fancy stuff but doesn't really need. All the fancy stuff but. It doesn't have the fancy stuff it's. More affordable and then. Iwould definitely consider. It is the trophy ridge boat 5 pins. Nothing bad to say about. It's just a really good site. That won't break the bank check. If you're the market for a good site. And make sure it's right for you.

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    TRUGLO® Carbon XS Xtreme Camo Five-Pin Sight

  • Ultralightweight, carbon-composite construction
  • Tru-Touch technical coating dampens vibration
  • Tru-Flo extra-long fibers and Pro-Brite pins for improved brightness
  • Glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring enhances overall alignment
  • For use by left- or right-handed shooters
  • Built for archers who like to keep weight to a minimum, TRUGLO's Carbon XS Xtreme Camo Five-Pin Sight features an ultralightweight carbon-composite construction that weighs in under 4.2 oz., and boasts a Tru-Touch™ coating to aid in vibration dampening. The Tru-Flo™ fiber design, with extra-long fully protected fibers, gives you unreal pin brightness in low-light situations. Stainless steel pins with unique Pro-Brite™ design for even greater durability. Glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring comes aligned with the outer aperture ring for enhanced peep alignment shot after shot. Reversible bracket for more vertical adjustability. Standard markings for elevation, windage and pin adjustments. Removable push-button LED light. Fully assembled. Adjustable for right- or left-handed shooters.
    Camo pattern: Realtree XTRA®

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Cabela's In-Line Peep Sight

    Cabela's In-Line Peep Sight ensures proper position at full-draw. Constructed of lightweight, shock-resistant plastic. Includes sight, tubing and aligner clip. Made in USA.
    Sizes: 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Cabela's Tru-Tube Peep Tubing

    Prep your bow for target or hunting  by replacing cracked or broken peep tubing. Cabela's Tru-Tube Peep Tubing ensures proper peep alignment when you draw. Lightweight and long-lasting .17" latex tubing. Inside dia. .075". Includes two 2-ft. tubes.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Cabela's Tru-Turn Peep Sight

    Cabela's Tru-Turn Peep Sight ensures proper position at full draw for improved shot-after-shot consistency. Rubber tubing aligns the peep when you draw. Includes peep, tubing and aligner clip. Made in USA.
    Available: 3/32", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4".

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    TRUGLO® Carbon Hybrid Micro™ Five-Pin Bow Sight

  • Carbon composite and aluminum Tru-Fusion Hybrid Technology
  • Five tough .019"-dia. Pro-Brite metal pins are incredibly bright
  • Extra-long, reversible bracket increases sight radius and vertical adjustment
  • Tru-Touch soft-feel technical coating reduces vibration
  • TRUGLO's Carbon Hybrid Micro Five-Pin Bow Sight features Tru-Fusion™ Hybrid Technology. Hybrid carbon composite and lightweight aluminum construction transfer less energy, providing an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and unmatched durability. Five tough .019"-dia. Pro-Brite metal pins with extra-long fibers are incredibly bright. Glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring and removable push-button high-intensity blue LED light brighten pins in low light. Extra-long, reversible bracket increases sight radius and vertical adjustment range to match your shooting style. Tru-Touch™ soft-feel technical coating reduces vibration. Second- and third-axis adjustability. Tool-less microadjustable windage and elevation adjustments. For use with right- and left-hand bows.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    G5® Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Sight

  • High-performance, high-strength peep sight for archers
  • Aluminum construction with 3D milling on all exterior edges
  • Durable coating - less abrasion than anodized peeps
  • Easy to install - will not cut strings
  • Increases light transmission and maximizes field of view
  • Ensure a perfect circle to look through at full draw every time with the G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Sight. Machined from a solid piece of 7000 series aluminum, this new sight design features 3D milling on all exterior edges and a durable coating for less abrasion than anodized peeps. Easier to install than previous models, the Meta Pro also features a patented convex interior that increases light transmission and maximizes field of view. Sight offers a perfect circular view on every draw, regardless of draw length and ATA bows.
    Sizes:, 3/16", 1/4".
    Colors: Green, Purple, Red.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Cabela's Versa™ Peep by TRUGLO®

  • Customize peep aperture and color
  • Solid, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Design works well even on short axle-to-axle bows
  • Get a personalized sight window with our Versa Peep by TRUGLO. Customize your setup with interchangeable inserts of different colors and sizes. Lightweight, precision CNC-machined-aluminum construction withstands abuse from hard-core hunts. Angled design provides a perfectly clear view even with short axle-to-axle bows. Includes one 1/8”, 5/32” and 3/16” insert in each of Cabela's-exclusive colors: Yellow/Green/Black or Teal/Pink/Black. Peep aperture is 1/4" without an insert. Imported. Per 9.
    Colors: Yellow/Green/Black, Teal/Pink/Black.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    HHA Optimizer 5510 One-Pin Bow Sight – .010"

  • CNC-machined aluminum
  • Toolless microadjustable windage
  • Lens and light compatible
  • HHA's Optimizer 5510 One-Pin .010" Bow Sight is a CNC-machined-aluminum, single-pin sight that features the Armor pin in a 1-5/8" sight housing and 5 ft. of wrapped fiber optic. Tool-free microadjustable windage for easy sight adjustments and green sight ring for quick target acquisition. Mechanical rheostat allows for pin brightness adjustment for a clear sight picture in any lighting conditions. Accepts lens kit B and Blue Burst sight light. Right hand only. Made in USA.

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    Apex Covert Lens Kit 2X

  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Optical grade polymer
  • Abrasion- and scratch-resistant
  • Includes O-rings and cleaning cloth
  • Apex's Covert Lens Kit for Apex Covert sights features 2X lens made from optical grade polymer with an anti-reflective coating. Includes O-rings for installation and cleaning cloth.

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    R.A.D. Super Deuce 38 Peep Sight

  • Peep is served into the string at a 38º angle
  • Dual-radius slotting virtually eliminates string-cutting burrs
  • Anodized-aluminum construction
  • R.A.D.'s anodized-aluminum Super Deuce 38 Peep Sight is served into the string at a 38° angle, giving you a true round aperture hole at full draw. Dual Radius Slotting eliminates string-cutting burrs and sharp points. Grooved outside receives a safety serving to resist accidental shifts. The only horizontal peep sight recommended for bows exceeding 70-lb. peak draw weight.
    Sizes: 1/8", 7/32".

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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    Burris Oracle® Rangefinding Bow Sight

  • Based on Burris' proven rangefinding riflescope technology
  • Calculates range to target and displays the correct aiming point
  • Integrated rangefinder with built-in inclinometer – true distance at any angle
  • Sight stores 2 different trajectory curves for different arrows or draw weights
  • Adjusts up to 176 MOA for distance and arrow-type
  • Compatible with arrow speeds from 200-420 fps
  • Take the agonizing yardage guesswork out of sighting your bow in on game with the Burris Oracle Rangefinding Bow Sight. Built around an integrated rangefinder, this bow sight gives you the exact distance to your target while also calculating and displaying the correct aiming point. Built to account for distance and arrow-type (up to 176 MOA), this sight features a built-in inclinometer to keep your distance true on any shot angle. Made of lightweight aluminum, this tough sight features locking micro-adjustable windage and elevation for precise adjustment. Rear sight feature helps ensure proper sight alignment on every shot, helping eliminate the affect of bow grip torque. 2nd- and 3rd-axis adjustment further aid long-range accuracy. Display features a built-in 20-yd. fixed pin for a permanent reference point. Easy push-button activation. Sight stores 2 different trajectory curves for different arrows or draw weights. Compatible with arrow speeds from 200-420 fps. Note: Rangefinder accurate to 200 yds. Delivers aiming points for shots up to 80-110 yds. with most modern bow setups. For use with left- and right-hand bows.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    how are we doing everybody we're out here in the middle of a storm and Logan from Burris is gonna be taking us through some benefits of the Oracle it's an electronic range-finding beau-site

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    Cabela's Supreme Three-Pin Slider Sight

  • Three pins let you take quick, confident shots
  • Durable, aluminum construction
  • Multiposition mounting holes
  • Tool-free design makes for quick, on-the-fly adjustments
  • Adjustable for windage and elevation
  • When you're lining up a shot on that once-in-a-lifetime buck, don't let a cheap sight ruin the moment. Our Supreme Three-Pin Sight has extra pins so you can quickly and confidently take a shot, no matter how close or distant your target may be. Multiposition mounting holes and fully contained fibers along with durable, aluminum construction stands up to the roughest hunting environments. A user-friendly, tool-free design makes for easy on-the-fly adjustments while you're out in the field. Simple adjustments for windage and elevation. Right hand only.
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    TRUGLO® Five-Pin Carbon XS™ Xtreme Black Bow Sight

  • Ultralightweight, less-than-4.2-oz. carbon-composite construction
  • Tru-Touch technical coating dampens vibration
  • Tru-Flo extra-long fibers and Pro-Brite pins for improved brightness
  • Glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring enhances overall alignment
  • For use by left- or right-handed shooters
  • Built for archers who like to keep weight to a minimum, TRUGLO's Five-Pin Carbon XS Xtreme Black Bow Sight features an ultralightweight carbon-composite construction that weighs in under 4.2 oz., and boasts a Tru-Touch™ coating to aid in vibration dampening. The Tru-Flo™ fiber design, with extra-long fully protected fibers, gives you unreal pin brightness in low-light situations. Stainless steel pins with unique ProBrite™ design for even greater durability. Glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring comes alinged with the outer aperture ring for enhanced peep alignment shot after shot. Reversible bracket for more vertical adjustability. Standard markings for elevation, windage and pin adjustments. Removable push-button LED light. Fully assembled. Adjustable for right- or left-handed shooters.
    Color: Black.

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