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  Rinehart® 3D™ Jimmy Big Tine Archery Target GlenDel™ Buck Four-Sided 3-D Target Rinehart Woodland Buck 3-D Target Cabela's Flex Pull with FriXion Fighter Arrow Lube Rinehart Coyote Target Delta McKenzie 3-D Porcupine Target Cabela's Barricade High-Performance Target BlackOut™ Six-Sided Foam Archery Target
  Rinehart® 3D™ Jimmy Big Tine Archery Target GlenDel™ Buck Four-Sided 3-D Target Rinehart Woodland Buck 3-D Target Cabela's Flex Pull with FriXion Fighter Arrow Lube Rinehart Coyote Target Delta McKenzie 3-D Porcupine Target Cabela's Barricade High-Performance Target BlackOut™ Six-Sided Foam Archery Target
Brand Rinehart Cabela's Cabela's BlackOut Rinehart GlenDel Delta Rinehart
Wt 35 lb. - 17 lbs. 18 lbs. - - 10 lbs. -

Rinehart® 3D™ Jimmy Big Tine Archery Target

  • Durable and realistic 3D deer target for bowhunters
  • High-quality, weatherproof, self-healing FX foam construction
  • Works with compound bows and crossbows
  • Features a replaceable Solid Signature insert
  • Scoreable markings on the insert
  • Practice like you're on a real hunt with the realistic shape and size of the Rhinehart 3D Jimmy Big Tine Archery Target. Offering the same shot angles presented during the season, this durable decoy helps bowhunters perfect real shooting skills in the offseason. Made from high-quality, weatherproof, self-healing FX foam, the Jimmy Big Time deer target also features a replaceable Solid Signature insert to extend the target's life. Scoreable markings on the insert indicate proper arrow placement to help you perfect your aim and shot. Compound and crossbow compatible. Packed with real-life sculpted features to deliver a true-to-life look for more effective practice at the range.
    40"L x 48"H.
    Weight: 100 lbs.

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    GlenDel™ Buck Four-Sided 3-D Target

  • Oversized, four-sided open layered PolyFusion vital core
  • Shoot it with field points, broadheads or expandables
  • Stops arrows and bolts at speeds of more than 300 fps
  • Rotating head removes for easy storage
  • Get the shoot-it-every-day durability of an encapsulated, open-layered foam target and the true-to-life experience of a buck-shaped target. Its oversized, four-sided, 11"H x 11"W x 11"D PolyFusion™ vital core provides five times more surface area than the competition for high-volume target practice. Shoot it with field points or broadheads, including expandables – it relies on friction instead of force for stopping arrows and bolts at speeds of more than 300 fps. When one side of vital core is shot out, simply rotate a new side in for a fresh start. The buck is modeled after a 200-lb. whitetail standing 34" at the shoulder with a 150" Boone and Crockett rack. The rotating head removes for easy storage and transport.

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    Rinehart Woodland Buck 3-D Target

  • UV-resistant
  • Self-healing foam
  • Internal locking insert tubes
  • Rugged "uni-body" assembly
  • The elite choice of 3-D shooters for their field-proven longevity and competition-tested integrity. The target remains 100% shootable after being exposed to direct sunlight and inclement weather for more than 2,500 days. Instead of using just a painted exterior that can chip or flake away, these targets have UV-resistant colored foam throughout to look like new after years of heavy use. Self-healing foam quickly stops even the fastest incoming carbon or aluminum arrows. Arrow holes seal up within 10 seconds. Internal locking insert tubes lock the target insert in place. Target allows you to practice both 45° and broadside shot placements. Stand Alone accessory allows set up in 45 seconds. Rugged "uni-body" assembly. Rated for broadheads and field points.
    29"L x 30"H.

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    What's up everybody today I'm going to give. You a review and break down the Rhine hart woodland buck 3d target right out of the box. This thing looked impressive. Ishoot a lot of targets. Iblow through a lot of targets. And my buddies we shoot often so. We rip a lot of targets out right out of the box. This thing looked great on. You had the head the body the vital inserts the vital insert pegs which hold the vital in place. It came with two solid stakes to hold the deer up which not. All targets come with which. Iwas really impressed with. That a lot of times. Ihave to use rebar fabricate my own. One came with you can see here in the video. This thing up in less. Then a minute and I'm ready to start shooting at. Now it's time to get down to the meat. And potatoes of this target to start shooting it first.

    Few shots into vitals sounded real good dead solid the target just stopped the arrows with minimum penetration. Everything looked great. Idid shoot a few into the body as well just to kind of test. And see the difference between the vitals. And the body work and here's the conclusion is. You should be shooting the vitals. You shouldn't be shooting the body of. Any 3d target you should be shooting the vitals are a self-healing foam which makes arrow pulled out very easy. And not only you blow out the vitals. You can replace and you're not going to replace the body. Unless you're buying a whole new target so. Ican tell you pulling the arrows out of the body is much tougher. It is a tough thick plastic type material versus the self-healing. That the vitals are so but again. That was all for extensive testing purposes again I'm very pleased with the way the vitals are the vitals are very detailed as.

    You can see it has the heart the pump station built into. This particular deer the deer itself is not. That large I would say it's the size of a small doe maybe. Even a large fawn the antlers look great on. Everything about this target for me. It was worth every bit of money. Ihave spent the only flaw really. Ican see with this particular target is the antlers are real flimsy as. You can see here they just kind of hold in every time. This target the antlers sometimes fall out but a little bit of silicone. That solved my issues but. Igot the antlers to stay in place with a little bit of silicone other. That target a one overall it's a great target. Ihighly recommend it I'm still shooting this target today probably already put over five hundred arrows into.

    This target still going on the first vital have not ordered a replacement. Yet in conclusion the Rhine hart target handles well. It performs well it's well detailed it's well-built. Iwould highly recommend the Reinhardt target the only flaw is the antlers. And that's easily fixable for me. It was anyway so a little bit of silicone boom you're good to go as always. This video helped if you're looking on the market for a 3d target hit. That thumbs up button. It helped that subscribe button so. You have easy access to. All of our new videos which we've been pumping out a lot of. And follow us on Facebook. And Twitter for also to give-aways promotions. Everything else that we're thanks for watching have a good.

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    Cabela's Flex Pull with FriXion Fighter Arrow Lube

  • Easily pulls arrows from targets
  • Includes arrow puller and lube
  • Stylish black arrow puller
  • Grab the perfect must-have for 3-D and target archery – our Flex Pull with FriXion Fighter Combo Pack. The pack comes equipped with a Flex Pull Arrow Puller and our premium FriXion Fighter 2.0 Arrow Lube, everything you need to easily remove arrows from targets.
    Puller color: Black.

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    Rinehart Coyote Target

  • Competition series target
  • Self-healing foam
  • IBO scoring rings
  • Replaceable core
  • Rinehart's competition series Coyote Target features IBO scoring rings, solid, self-healing foam and a replaceable core.
    22”H x 23”W.
    Wt: 35 lb.

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    Delta McKenzie 3-D Porcupine Target

  • Hone your shot-making skills on a life-size 3-D target
  • High-density, self-healing Duraflex foam
  • ASA/IBO universal scoring rings
  • Rated for use with bows and crossbows
  • Hone your shot-making skills and gain hunt-ready confidence with the life-size Delta McKenzie 3-D Porcupine Target in your range. High-density, self-healing Duraflex™ foam absorbs shot after shot with maximum arrow-stopping power and has a replaceable core and midsection. ASA/IBO universal scoring rings make the target ideal for competitive use. Rated for both bows and crossbows using field point mechanical broadheads and fixed-blade broadheads. Realistic anatomic details complete the life-like effect.
    26"L x 14"H. Made in USA.
    Wt: 10 lbs.

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    Cabela's Barricade High-Performance Target

  • Made with Welded Core Technology
  • Dramatically extends target life
  • Eliminates pass-through shots
  • Extremely easy arrow removal
  • If you need a target that stands up to high-powered crossbow or compound-bow shots and stops bolts and arrows in their tracks, check out our Barricade High-Performance Target. Constructed using Welded Core Technology, an advancement that dramatically extends target life, eliminates pass-through shots and makes arrow removal quick and easy. Specifically made for field points and broadheads. Rated for crossbows and compound bows that shoot up to 400 fps. To extend the life of your target, the use of field points on the sides is highly recommended.
    18"H x 18"W x 14"D.
    Wt: 17 lbs.

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    This is the Cabala's barricade XD target welded core technology extends target life helps eliminate pass-throughs. And makes arrow removal easy stops arrows flying up to 300 feet per second target spots on. All four sides increased target life. And allow you to shoot broad heads on the front. And back few points on. All four sides this is Cabala's barricade XD.

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    BlackOut™ Six-Sided Foam Archery Target

  • Durable and versatile archery target
  • Shoot at all six sides – longer life, maximum shooting surface area
  • Durable, long-lasting polyurethane-foam construction
  • Stops all field points, fixed-blade and expandable broadheads
  • Optimize your archery practice leading up to bow season this year with the BlackOut Six-Sided Foam Archery Target. This big polyurethane-foam target is built to take shot after shot on all six sides and stops all field points, fixed-blade broadheads and expandable broadheads so you can practice just as you hunt. The six-sided shooting ability lets you spread out impacts between the different target images to maximize the target's life and add variety to your shooting practice. This big target also features integrated cutout handles for easy carry.
    18"H x 18"W x 16"D.
    Wt: 18 lbs.

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