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  White River Fly Shop® Dogwood Canyon® Fly Rod Sage Accel Fly Rod
  White River Fly Shop® Dogwood Canyon® Fly Rod Sage Accel Fly Rod
Handle A / B / A / A A
Line Weight 5 / 8 / 5 / 4 5
Rod Length 7'6" / 9' / 8'6" / 7' 9 ft 0 in
Rod Model DGC765 / DGC908 / DGC865 / DGC704 590-4
Rod Pieces 2 / 2 / 2 / 2 4 Pieces

White River Fly Shop® Dogwood Canyon® Fly Rod

  • Designed for the introductory fly angler
  • Exceptionally forgiving during skills development
  • 2-piece graphite blank
  • Anodized aluminum reel seat
  • Includes protective rod sock
  • Designed specifically to help introductory fly anglers excel in the sport. You'll find the White River Fly Shop Dogwood Canyon Fly Rod to be exceptionally forgiving as your skills develop. Designed for high performance, this popular 2-piece graphite fly rod is fitted with an anodized aluminum reel seat for proper balance throughout the learning cycle. The 4- through 6-wt. rods feature a Western-style grip, while the 7- and 8-wt. models come standard with a full wells grip and removable fighting butt. Protective rod sock included.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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    Sage Accel Fly Rod

  • Ultraresponsive Generation 5 technology
  • Medium-fast action
  • Snub-nose, half-wells cork handle
  • Anti-corrosive Fuji ceramic stripper guides
  • Within the medium-fast-action Sage Accel Fly Rod is ultraresponsive Generation 5 technology with its improved carbon-fiber alignment and resin application that delivers impressive loading and recovery qualities. Snub-nose, half-Wells cork handle has been formed to match the exact taper of the rod for a snug fit that helps communicate casting feedback and improve accuracy. Anti-corrosive Fuji® ceramic stripper guides, hard-chrome snake guides and tip top stand up to years of saltwater use. The Freshwater models feature a rosewood insert with stealth-black aluminum reel seat while the Saltwater models have a stealth-black anodized-aluminum up-locking reel seat. Includes ballistic-nylon rod tube with divided liner and a black rod sleeve. Made in USA.

    Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Ibeen here from Trident fly-fishing bringing you. Another great gear review today we're reviewing the sage Excel. Now the Excel is sages mid-priced medium fast action freshwater fly rod directed straight at the trout angler who doesn't like to cast as rod as fast as a sage. Or a sage method you know the rods. That sage is so famous for so let's start at the bottom. And show what this rod is. All about starting at the bottom we've got a single up locking reel seat with a nice wood insert of course we're pairing this today with our favorite setup which is sa GPX line. And the Lampson Lightspeed which is the winner of our 5 weight real shootout moving on up we've got a snub nose half wells grip. While that's a little complicated. What it really is a full wells grip without quite the same hump in the middle think of.

    It as a smooshed in reversed half Wells. Ireally like this grip a lot. Ithink sage makes some of the. Most comfortable grips out there. This is no exception it's really become standard on. Most of their rods moving on up you'll find the same great construction on the excel. You find on every Sage rod with nice tight wraps the excel also features. This great emerald green blank. We get to that first joint you'll notice what's missing the alignment dots. This isn't a big deal but. Ido find it saves you a lot of time. If they have them so sage. If you're listening let's get them on the next set of rods next you'll notice the stripping guide which is a lot smaller. Than the stripping guide on sage. This is a freshwater only rod as opposed to an. All water rod finally it's got the same Fuji hard chrome stripping guides as you'll find on every sage rod finally. Iwanted to talk a little bit about the construction of.

    This rod the sage excel is built with sages generation 5 technology which is a little bit older. Than sages kinetic technology generation 5 was used in great rods like the z axis. And the t CX but just isn't as accurate as the latest kinetic technology nevertheless. This rod is still really light comes in at two. And seven-eighths ounces which puts. It lighter some of the other great rods on the market today like. This hardy zenith now for the. Most important part we're going to take. This right out it casts so casting the excel at 30 feet it's really clear why sage built. This rod it gives me laser tight loops. And the rod loads really well I'm so much better. Then the sage and the sage method at. This particular distance which is a key distance for the average trout fisherman.

    Even big water trout anglers will make. This 30-foot cast all the time I'd give it a 9 out of 10 at 30 feet so bringing the excel back to 45 feet brings out. Some interesting features of. This rod the first thing. Inoticed right away is. How much been there is in. This rod compared to the faster rods. You see today you really get a ton of feel. More importantly you don't really have to double haul. It at 45 feet to get. It out there the other thing that's really apparent is it's really not the. Most accurate rod at. This distance so that I'm missing the target. Than I'm hitting it at 45 feet. Whereas at 30 feet it was almost always right on I'm gonna give. This about 7 out of 10 at 45 feet so. Iwas casting the excel at 45 feet. Ithought to myself I'm not. Even sure this rod can make. It out to 60 feet but. It turns out it actually does a pretty good job at 60. This is not the rod. That I'd want to take to Armstrongs. Ihad to make this cast land on a dime it's certainly not accurate at 60 feet.

    Iwould definitely not want to bring it into. Any headwind or a crosswind for. That matter but it does get there. You know particularly with the drive fly. That we've got on it's not too bad I'd say I'm gonna give. This six out of ten at 60 feet so after casting this sage Excel. Iwas really impressed with. It performed particularly at short distances. It did alright even at medium. And longer distances which surprised. Me quite a bit that really means is. This rod is gonna make a great rod for the average trout angler particularly the average eastcoastrod angler is not fishing. That bigger water well we've learned from our shootouts is. Most anglers prefer a moderate to fast action rod that's got high performance. This is a moderate to fast action rod with moderately high performance so it's not quite up there with the top rods.

    We see today in terms of Sage's line-up. This rod is gonna be a better trout rod for most anglers. Then the sage one is which is really saying a lot I'm also looking forward to seeing how the new 2016 mod which has the same type of action but it's built with kinetic technology. It should be a lot more accurate at those middle. And longer distances. One thing I found a little strange about the stage AFCEL is its price point well sages marketing department says they're building a rod for the action not for the price it's pretty clear. That with the upcoming mod that's not really the case. And furthermore the excel is priced at six hundred. And fifty dollars so it's not really an inexpensive rod. And it's really bordering on moderately priced after. All the Hardys Zenith was priced at about six hundred. And fifty dollars as well. It was a much higher performing all-around rod.

    This sage AFCEL finally. Iwanted to touch a little bit on line choice well cast. This rod with sa GP X which is a half size heavier. Than a standard line like a Rio gold. Or a Rio trout LT you wanted a little bit. More long-distance performance. Some of those lighter lines might be a little bit better for you overall. This is a great trout rod. And work great for a lot of anglers. Once again Sage Excel is priced six hundred. And fifty dollars is available with free second day air from Trident fly fishing comm. You have any questions about. This rod shoot us an email at support at Trident fly fishing comm. Is a call at eight eight four. One three five two one I'm Ben thanks for watching we'll see.

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