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  Okuma Raw II Center Pin Reel Okuma Aventa Center Pin Reels Shimano® Moocher Plus® GT Reel B'n'M Buck's Best Ultra-Light Reel Abu Garcia® Diplomat® Mooching Reel
  Okuma Raw II Center Pin Reel Okuma Aventa Center Pin Reels Shimano® Moocher Plus® GT Reel B'n'M Buck's Best Ultra-Light Reel Abu Garcia® Diplomat® Mooching Reel
Bearings 2 - 2 2 -
Brand Okuma Shimano ABU GARCIA Okuma B'n'M
Gear Ratio 1.0:1 1.0:1 1.0:1 1.0:1 -
Hand Reversible Right Right Reversible -
Mono Capacity (yds/ lb test) 275/8 520/14 350/30 275/8 -
Reel Model VT-1002 MCR4000GTPA DIPLOMAT Raw-II -
Reel Weight 8.23 ounces 17.2 ounces 17.6 ounces 8.23 ounces -

Okuma Raw II Center Pin Reel

  • Two premium stainless steel German ball bearings
  • Durable type-II anodizing for corrosion-resistance
  • Exposed rim on ported spool for control
  • Beginner and experienced center-pin anglers will appreciate the masterfully crafted Okuma Raw II reel. Two premium stainless steel German ball bearings and machine-cut stainless steel spool shaft ensure silky smooth performance. Precision 6061-T6 machined aluminum frame and spool with durable, type-II anodizing for corrosion-resistant protection. One-piece machined rigid frame construction increases overall strength. Use the on-and-off click ratchet to adjust spool tension. Exposed rim on the ported spool allows easy spool control with hand pressure. Includes Okuma's protective neoprene reel shield. Manufacturer's one-year warranty.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    This is John Brett's lucuma fishing tackle here to introduce to. You the raw to spinning reel range. This is a dedicated saltwater spinning reel series. And you'll see it comes in sizes from a thirty. And forty then a 55 65. And 80 the first thing you'll notice is. That there's two different handle configurations. This particular reel here is a 40 size. Both the 30 and 40 which are targeted for inshore saltwater. You have a carbon fiber handle design with an Icee be a flight handled grip. You get to the bigger game reels of 55 65. This nice heavy-duty stamped aluminum handle with a big oversized EBA ball not very comfortable also a great reel. If your vertical jigging the main thing. That sets the raw to spinning reel is part of the dedicated saltwater spinning reel is a t4 80 construction incorporating the body side plate. And rotor with proprietary aluminum t4 80 undergoes extensive saltwater testing it's exposed to 480 hours of extreme saltwater exposure showing no signs of corrosion on bare aluminum with no anodizing and no greasing before.

    This goes into mass production the t 480 gets a code of anodizing a baked enamel surface. And then on top of we use crc. Or corrosion x coating process to further enhance the corrosion fighting abilities of. This reel inside of. This reel it features eight precision stainless steel bearings. You have seven ball bearings for smoothness. And durability plus a stainless steel roller bearing. That gives it infinity. And reverse feature you've got a nice two-tone machined aluminum anodized school but housed in the spool. You got a nice carbon fiber drag system the top of the spool put in the bottom of the spool. We take advantage of DFD which is our dual force drag system but utilizes a wasted school in the bottom of the spool area with a big oversized carbon drag washer. That does is it gives pressure from the bottom of the school. And the top of the spool similar to car brake giving even pressure generates huge amounts of drag output in.

    These reels up to say 40 pounds depending on the size reel. That you're talking about. These reals because they're designed to be ultimate for power strength. And durability to be used with braided line. We equipped them all with standard gear ratios which gives. More torque more pulling power again the raw — spinning reels come in a full range from size 30. All the way through 80 sizes so. You have inshore applications. All the way through offshore applications so. You want to target redfish. You want to target sailfish the raw — has a real for you can find more information on the raw — spinning reels online at WWF in calm you.

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    Okuma Aventa Center Pin Reels

    Machined bar-stock aluminum construction is incredibly strong and lightweight. On/off non-adjustable click drag with oversized spool lip lets you palm the rim for added resistance when fish make a strong run. Precision balanced for smooth freespool. Twin handles add stable grip without the need to take your eyes off your line. VT-1002 incorporates two stainless steel ball bearings for fluid performance. 4-1/2" dia. spool.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Shimano® Moocher Plus® GT Reel

    By blending comfort features with strength and performance, Shimano has created a powerful platform that's a joy to fish with. Lightweight durability results from a graphite frame and spool. The waterproof Dartanium® drag teams with a metal palming ring to give you optimal control as you battle the big ones. A rubber handle grip enhances comfort and control in slick conditions. Rated for use with mono, fluorocarbon and PowerPro® lines, this reel is equally effective fishing in freshwater and saltwater.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    All right Junior welcome to the coast home of Lumberjacks. And grizzly bears even the squirrels here have got a mean streak. You ain't tough there's no way you're making it here out here the men are men. And the fish are bigger. Nobody here is going to be whooping and hollering about a dinky three pound bass on. This side of the country heck hear. If you're not careful. What was once your trophy could become. Somebody else's lunch out here. You better be ready. And just like any other fishery the coast is. Some heroes some zeros. When anglers hit this pond you're not hoping for a trophy. They expected to pull. One of the guys to count on to make. This happens is perfect heck. This guy's filled more photo albums in your old aunt Agnes after her yearly trip to Disney. He spent enough time staring into his eyes you'll actually start to develop gills in a strange urge to swim up a river you're going to lay your name on the line like Murph has over 30 years. You better have the skills guts. All the equipment to back. You want to test the truck. You put in the Baja 1000. You want to test a car. It out in the racetrack. You want to test a new reel. You send it to Murph. And that's exactly what Shimano did, but they're brand-new moves you're plus sure. This thing looks sexy in the showroom but can. It really takes the beating of Murph hands out on a daily basis peg I'm not sure.

    This is angular testing or real. Or worth testing Shimano. He wanted the real that was first of. All durable and comfortable. Because out here a three-minute flight is. Something you have with your girlfriend not with the fish those battles last a little longer with. Ican say is mission accomplished Shimano added the metal pommy ring giving the moocher plus incredible durability. And making it comfortable to hold no matter. How long the fight pull. One challenge down next up the drag. You fish for a living you can't hit the water with a jumpy drag. That has more hiccups. And Otis the drunk from The Andy Griffith Show. One little hiccup can end up being one giant muck up. Once again mission accomplished the new Shimano musher plus comes equipped with Shimano stayed the are tarkanian drag.

    This drag has conquered. Some of the biggest fish in the world. Whether it's Marlin tuna. Or sharks this drag is whooped them finally a mooching reel with a drag built for the coast at. This point the folks at Shimano are probably feeling pretty good about their new fancy chancy reel well let's see. What they can do with. This problem last but not the least out here a fish can rip your hand off I'm looking real quicker. That chubby kicking read. That last slice of pizza at your second grade birthday party. Even worse that is a scourge of. All moochers snip chronic knuckle Buster syndrome. And well that used to be a problem but those suits are a Shimano are pretty smart. They tricked this bad boy out with Shimano power grip handles. They actually get tacky. When wet allowing you to hold on no matter. What your fit info throws at. You well at the start of our little tale. Ifigured I was telling you a story about. One of the world's greatest anglers but.

    Iguess the way it works out. This tale is about two of the world's greatest anglers. That Murph's got the perfect mooching reel Shimano smoocher plus. Ihad to ask him what are. You go do let's fish sylia Netherworld there. We go boy if there's a big folia. Me well oh my god that's. What it's all about guys.

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    B'n'M Buck's Best Ultra-Light Reel

  • Ultralight design is ideal for jigging for slabs
  • Durable, crush-resistant ABS construction
  • Two ball bearings for silky smooth retrievals
  • B'n'M's Buck's Best Ultralight Reel lightens your rig, making all-day jigging a breeze. Crush-resistant ABS construction stands up to throw-and-go trips. Two ball bearings provide smooth operation, while allowing you to set the drag for optimal rod performance.
    Gear ratio: 1:1.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Hello my name is John Harrison I'm going to be an impro staff. And I've been a guide here on Grenada lake for ten years. And I've been fishing this Lake over 40 years. Anybody knows about a light bite it's. What I like to talk to. You about today is the books best ultralight by being them. This is the master of vertical jig fishing right here. It comes in lengths of 10 11. And again it is the master of a light bite. Ihelped design this pole by being him. And here are some of the great features. Ilike about this pole. Ihave the touch system right here with the blank goes. All the way through the pole also the line comes over your fingers. We have eight guides on. This pole plus the tip the ceramic guides perfect for your line to slide through a lot easier. It gets wet I use the West Point. Many reel here also by being them. This pole is well-balanced it's light. You can fish with it day in. And day out over and over. And over again you won't be worn out at the end of the day my preference is 11 foot BB ul. And days when pressure's high it's. You just seem like.

    You can't get a bite. This pole will make the difference in your fishing the sensitivity in. This 11-foot pole is great. You need that little extra reach out such as 11. Or 12 foot I use twelves in a lot of cases. Where fish stick ups vertical jigging fishing deep. When I'm fishing shallow out. Inormally use the ten foot. This 11-foot weighs approximately 4 ounces. Any pole you use always use a dip net no matter. What poies always use a dip net. These features I have talked to. You about today will help. You master the light bite. And catch more proper.

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    Abu Garcia® Diplomat® Mooching Reel

  • Fully machined frame and spool with a hard-anodized surface finish
  • Power Disk drag system supplies smooth braking
  • Make fast depth adjustments using the on/off anti-reverse switch
  • Two stainless steel HPCR bearings for effortless retrieves
  • The Abu Garcia Diplomat Mooching Reel proves smooth fishing performance can be as reliable as the changing of the seasons. A fully machined frame and spool with a hard-anodized surface finish offer rock-solid reel structure with corrosion resistance to take on harsh environments. Power Disk™ drag system supplies smooth braking without line creep. Two stainless steel HPCR™ bearings ensure effortless retrieves. Make on-the-fly depth adjustments using the on/off anti-reverse switch. Large-arbor spool increases line pickup with every crank. 

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