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  Offshore Angler® Tightline™ II Spinning Reel Daiwa® Saltist® Back Bay LT Spinning Reel Penn® Slammer III Spinning Reel Shimano® Tekota™ A Levelwind Reel Van Staal Machined Boat Spinning Reel
  Offshore Angler® Tightline™ II Spinning Reel Daiwa® Saltist® Back Bay LT Spinning Reel Penn® Slammer III Spinning Reel Shimano® Tekota™ A Levelwind Reel Van Staal Machined Boat Spinning Reel
Rating ★★★☆☆ - - - -
Bearings 6 6+1 6+1 / 6+1 / 6+1 / 6+1 / 6+1 3+1 5+1
Braid Capacity (yds/ lb test) 350/30 - - 390/40 50/185
Brand Van Staal Daiwa PENN Shimano -
Gear Ratio 4.9:1 5.6:1 4.7:1 / 4.2:1 / 4.7:1 / 5.6:1 / 5.6:1 6.3:1 4.9:1
Hand Right Left / Right Reversible / Reversible / Reversible / Reversible / Reversible Right Left/Right
Line Recovery 33 in/turn 33.2" Per Turn - 38" Per Turn 36.5" Per Turn
Max Drag 30 pounds 15.4 lbs. - 24 lbs. 18 Lbs.
Mono Capacity (yds/ lb test) 285/12 140/10 310/30 / 300/40 / 330/20 / 345/15 / 330/12 140/12 20/145
Reel Model VM150 STTBB3000LT SLAIII8500 / SLAIII9500 / SLAIII7500 / SLAIII6500 / SLAIII5500 Tekota TEK500HGA -
Reel Weight 22.5 ounces 9.9 oz. 30.8 ounces / 40.9 ounces / 29.2 ounces / 24.3 ounces / 22.4 ounces 15.5 oz. 18.9

Offshore Angler® Tightline™ II Spinning Reel

  • All-aluminum spool, frame, and sideplates
  • Corrosion-resistant coated zinc alloy main gear
  • Brass alloy pinion gear
  • 6-bearing system with Powerlock instant anti-reverse
  • Carbon fiber/PTFE drag system
  • The Offshore Angler Tightline II Spinning Reel puts a saltwater warrior in your hands. It boasts a hard-fighting all-aluminum frame and sideplates, tough graphite or aluminum rotor with stainless steel bail wire, forged double-anodized-aluminum spool, stainless steel main shaft, brass alloy pinion gear, and a coated zinc alloy main gear that strongly resists corrosion. In other words, this reel is built to win! Its 6-bearing system uses double-shielded stainless steel bearings and includes Powerlock™ instant anti-reverse. Unlike some reels, the machined-aluminum handle goes through the body and main gear and is screwed to the other side, ensuring failproof leverage and winding strength. The braid-grip spool arbor anchors your line, while a carbon fiber and PTFE drag imparts smooth, consistent fish-fighting pressure. An incredibly tough fighter, the Tightline II gives you a powerful, rigid workhorse reel for targeting multiple species of saltwater game fish.
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    hi everybody Chuck Stevens here at Bass Pro Shops want to introduce you to our new combo called the tight lines it's from Bass Pro Shops and offshore angler

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    Daiwa® Saltist® Back Bay LT Spinning Reel

  • Magsealed construction repels salt and grime
  • Lightweight Air Rotor with stainless steel AirBail technology
  • Premium Digicut aluminum gears
  • Smooth 7-bearing (6+1) system with instant anti-reverse
  • Up to 15.4 lbs. of max drag
  • More than just sharing a name, the Daiwa Saltist Back Bay LT Spinning Reel brings the power and performance of Daiwa's famous saltwater reels to the light-tackle inshore enthusiast. This reel is made to stand up to the rigors of fishing in brine, with Magsealed® construction to protect the inner workings against salt, dirt, and debris, plus advanced lightweight construction and a beefy drag system. Key features include a tough, compact housing with Air Rotor and stainless steel AirBail® technology for reduced weight; premium Digicut aluminum gears; a supersmooth 7-bearing (6+1) system with instant anti-reverse for effortless casting and smooth retrieves; and impressive drag performance with up to 15.4 lbs. of max drag.

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    Penn® Slammer III Spinning Reel

  • Full-metal body, sideplate and rotor
  • Sealed Slammer drag system
  • Proprietary Dura-Drag washers eliminate hesitation
  • IPX6-rated sealed body and spool
  • Smooth 6+1 stainless steel bearing system
  • Back by popular demand, the Penn Slammer III Spinning Reel takes on heavy-duty fishing challenges with a full-metal body, sideplate and rotor. From boat or shore, you can rely on this trusted favorite of charter captains all over the world. Sealed Slammer® drag system now boasts proprietary Dura-Drag™ washers to eliminate hesitation even under extreme drag settings. IPX6-rated sealed body and spool protects internal parts against heavy seas and salt spray. The exacting tolerances of CNC Gear™ technology delivers durability, smoothness and precision by precisely cutting the drive, pinion and oscillation gears. 6500-10500 size reels incorporate a manual bail trip system to avoid the bail from accidentally closing while casting. The 6+1 stainless steel bearing system delivers smoothness to spare.
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    putting the left. Yet hit him go ahead oh. You just do it just do. It just do it there yes Wow hi Mike right 10 brand managers here to tell. You about two new models coming out in the slammer series so the slammer 3. We launched last year. This year we're adding to high speed so. We ride the 8500 and a 6500 so high speed. You can see the red trim on the rails to separate them from the regular Slammers the 6500 picks up 48 inches of line per crank the 8500 picks up 50 inches winder crank the 6500 gets 40 pounds of drag 8500 gives 50 pounds of drag buddy so a lot of drag a lot of line pickup. And the cool thing about. These drills they come standard with two hand alarm options so you've got your call. It your regular everyday lure cast. And live bait fishing type of reel handled up. And then you've got your specific jig knob so. This handle knob is the machined aluminum knob like. You see on the regular Slammers except. That it's filled with weight so it's very heavy so.

    When you're jigging all day. You can get the momentum going with the jig handle knob. It just saves a lot of energy let. All day let you keep the jig moving this is. Something that we've never done on pin in fact. We really haven't seen. It in the market period so specific jig knob. These handle arms fit. Both reels tell what just happened they're running on the beach. We look up we see a spool of Kobe right. We use up till we make a long cast. It has a high speed slamming through. Iwas able to crank back. And fish very quickly the fisherman's did a 180 ate the bait. And took off run it's amazing this thing's a team just do. It yes big all 40 pound could be look at the fat head on.

    That rascal these will be available fall 2017 check them out see local retailer.

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    Shimano® Tekota™ A Levelwind Reel

  • A favorite trolling reel, redesigned and improved
  • More seaworthy and easier to handle
  • S-compact body design for in-hand comfort
  • 20% smaller, with ergonomic fit and feel
  • Coreprotect technology keeps water and dirt out
  • A favorite trolling reel is now more impressive than ever. The Shimano Tekota A Levelwind Reel has been redesigned for more seaworthy performance and better handling. Shimano has reduced the Tekota A's overall footprint by a whopping 20%, incorporating its S-compact body design to ensure a comfortable, ergonomically-driven fit and feel in the hand, with no loss of power or performance. And this powerful reel now features advanced CoreProtect® water resistance technology to prevent contaminants from getting inside the reel, ensuring smooth operation and long-term corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, the Shimano Tekota A Levelwind Reel offers the same great features that have made it popular with charter captains: rigid, all-metal Hagane® Body for flex-free performance under heavy load; smooth 3+1 system with premium S-ARB shielded anti-rust ball bearings; powerful drag system with up to 24 lbs. of max drag; high gear ratio for quick fish landing and resets; and an extra-loud bait clicker that can easily be heard over the motor noise. The improved comfort, speed, power and durability of the Tekota A is sure to make every day on the water more productive.

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    Hey it's Josh over at J. And H we're taking a look at the Shimano Dakota Tek 500 level. One reel one of the. Most popular reels we sell in the store great for blue fish. And striped bass excellent bottom fishing reel it's its. Most known for the level whine system holds up really well. We sold thousands of these over the past. Several years and people keep coming back to get. More of them you know it's still an extremely popular reel it's got an all-aluminum body aluminum side plate it's nice and light weighs in at only fifteen point three ounces so. You can fish with you won't get tired it's got a really nice oversized handle. You can see they Shimano molded. This handle you can see the grooves in. And the cuts in it really feels really nice. You turn it won't kid. It gets wet or covered in bait. You know any of the Berkley Gulp stuff gets on. Or won't get it won't get slippery. It definitely sticks to your hand. You won't release it's got the nice oversized clutch on. You know the integral star direct system. Or notch system which is really nice.

    Ijust a great overall reel like. Isaid great for bottom fishing great for trolling for small stuff control the fresh water with. It's gonna hold you know 300 yards. Or thirty or forty pound power Pro in mono that's about. You know 325 yards a 15 pound test. Than enough line like. Isaid far before ball bearings make. It nice and smooth and it's got a four point two to. One gear ratio so if you're looking for a really nice level. One reel that puts out a lot of drag. One puts out 18 pounds of drag definitely take a look at the Shimano Takota Tek 500 level. One rail and it's available at JH com.

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    Van Staal Machined Boat Spinning Reel

  • 4.9:1 gear ratio balances speed and strength
  • Five carbon-fiber drag washers
  • 30 lbs. of drag power
  • Smooth, five-bearing drive
  • Durable 316 stainless steel helical face gear
  • Delivers the super-high-end performance that made Van Staal famous, in a more affordable reel that still tops everything else in its class. Its 4.9:1 gear ratio balances speed and strength, and burns in 33" of line per turn. A team of five carbon-fiber drag washers resist wear and heat buildup, and provide 30 lbs. of drag power. Smooth, five-bearing drive and a one-way anti-reverse clutch for solid hooksets. Precision-machined aluminum body, rotor and spool. Fully anodized for premium corrosion resistance. Durable 316 stainless steel helical face gear and pinion gear. Stainless steel bail wire with internal trip. Easy conversion for right- or left-hand retrieves.
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