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  Pflueger® President® XT Casting Reel Abu Garcia® Revo® Toro Beast Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels Shimano® Metanium MGL Casting Reels Cabela's® Fish Eagle® Baitcasting Reel Shimano® Curado® K Casting Reel Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur® C4 Round Casting Reels Daiwa Lexa Type-WN Casting Reel Abu Garcia® Morrum® ZX Round Casting Reel
  Pflueger® President® XT Casting Reel Abu Garcia® Revo® Toro Beast Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels Shimano® Metanium MGL Casting Reels Cabela's® Fish Eagle® Baitcasting Reel Shimano® Curado® K Casting Reel Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur® C4 Round Casting Reels Daiwa Lexa Type-WN Casting Reel Abu Garcia® Morrum® ZX Round Casting Reel
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ - - - - -
Bearings 11 7+1 / 7+1 6+1 5 / 5 10+1 / 10+1 / 10+1 6+1 / 6+1 / 6+1 6+1 / 6+1 / 6+1 8 / 8 / 8 / 8
Braid Capacity (yds/ lb test) 135/30 150/30 / 150/30 - 235/30 / 310/30 - - 300/55 / 240/40 / 240/40 235/30 / 235/30 / 285/30 / 285/30
Brand Abu Garcia - Pfleuger Abu Garcia Shimano Shimano Daiwa Abu Garcia
Gear Ratio 6.3:1 6.4:1 / 7.1:1 7.3:1 6.3:1 / 6.3:1 7.4:1 / 8.5:1 / 7.4:1 6.2:1 / 6.2:1 / 8.5:1 5.1:1 / 7.1:1 / 7.1:1 4.9:1 / 6.2:1 / 6.2:1 / 6.2:1
Hand Right Right / Right Right Right / Right Left / Right / Right Right / Left / Left Right / Left / Right Right / Left / Right / Left
Line Recovery 28 in/turn 28 in./turn / 31 in./turn - 30 in/turn / 30 in/turn - 26 in/turn / 26 in/turn / 36 in/turn 27.1 in/turn / 25.1 in/turn / 32.4 in/turn 24 in/turn / 31 in/turn / 34 in/turn / 34 in/turn
Max Drag 12 pounds 10 lbs. / 10 lbs. - 15 pounds / 15 pounds - 11 pounds / 11 pounds / 11 pounds 25 pounds / 22 pounds / 22 pounds 25 pounds / 25 pounds / 25 pounds / 25 pounds
Mono Capacity (yds/ lb test) 135/12 120/12 / 120/12 145/12 240/12 / 320/12 110/12 / 110/12 / 110/12 155/10 / 155/10 / 155/10 245/17 / 240/12 / 240/12 210/14 / 210/14 / 250/14 / 250/14
Reel Weight 7.3 ounces 6.7 oz. / 6.7 oz. 7.7 ounces 10 ounces / 10.9 ounces 6.2 ounces / 6.2 ounces / 6.2 ounces 7.6 ounces / 7.6 ounces / 7.8 ounces 16.2 ounces / 10.5 ounces / 10.5 ounces 13.58 ounces / 13.58 ounces / 13.83 ounces / 13.83 ounces

Pflueger® President® XT Casting Reel

  • Smooth-turning nine-bearing system
  • Lightweight, durable C30 carbon sideplate for lightweight durability
  • Externally adjustable magnetic braking system
  • Anglers who fish Pflueger know value when they see it. Pflueger's President XT Casting Reel proves this with a full complement of features like a smooth-turning nine-bearing system. The C30 carbon sideplate uses 30% carbon for lightweight durability. Use the externally adjustable magnetic braking system to easily control spool rotation and backlash. Durable aluminum handle with rubber cork knob material ensures exceptional grip in all conditions.

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    Abu Garcia® Revo® Toro Beast Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

  • Brute strength and unrelenting performance to take on big fish
  • Duragear heavy-duty system provides a more efficient gear system
  • X-Craftic alloy frame and titanium-coated sideplates for corrosion resistance
  • Seven stainless steel HPCR bearings plus one roller bearing
  • InfiniMax Brake System allows almost limitless adjustability
  • The Revo Toro Beast Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels deliver brute strength and unrelenting performance to take hard-pulling fish. Extended bent handle and large EVA knobs give you a more secure grip for increased cranking power. Duragear™ heavy-duty system provides a more efficient gear system while improving durability under the toughest conditions. X-Craftic™ alloy frame and titanium-coated sideplates for increased corrosion and scratch resistance. Power Stack Carbon Matrix® drag system produces smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range while the active response drag mechanism allows for easy drag adjustment. Seven stainless steel HPCR™ bearings plus one roller bearing provide increased corrosion protection. InfiniMax Brake System™ allows almost limitless adjustability for any application. Aircraft-grade aluminum spool is extremely lightweight for great casting performance. Titanium-coated line guide reduces friction and improves durability. Includes Power Handle and Casting Power Handle.
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    Hey it's Josh over J. And H today we're taking a look at. One of my current favorite reels. This is the Abu Garcia Revo Toro nacl 60. This is actually the high speed version. They come in two models 54 to 1 gear ratio. And then the 64 to 1 gear ratio. This is the higher of the two Abu was following the trend. Or sort of you know. They shouldn't say following, but they're part of the trend of saltwater anglers switching over to really lightweight low-profile bait casting reels. That are extremely powerful so. You take this reel. And it's only weighs only 11 ounces but. It puts out 22 pounds of drag so. You can do a tremendous amount of stuff with. This with a small reel it's also a little bit wider. You can see its gonna hold. More line you're going to get close to 300 yards of 40 pound braid on here which is uh usually. Then enough for most intro fishermen.

    Some near shore stuff for. That can handle a lot of pressure. You could you know it's great for casting and to get the built in centrifugal actually a sealed centrifugal brake which. You can adjust by just undoing this little screw right here. And taking the side off you'll see the breaks in here. And it's great for bottom fishing so. You can fish with up to. You know six maybe even eight ounces with. This so it's extremely versatile it's really comfortable nice evie a double handles. It also comes with a power handle the box which is nice and comfortable too. You can see it's just a nice big round power a little knob it's got two different settings depending on where you're going you can use. You know just take the nut off here. And replace it very simple to use it's got the nice level. One system you can see right there.

    This reel is going to hold up well over time it's. All aluminum they call. It your Abra calls at x-craft Accor x-craft ik — but basically it's an it's an all-metal body. And side plates and stuff. And really corrosion resistant don't have. Any problems with everything on here is uh is blue in the game that's salt water. You know NaCl is solved. And it's just a great overall real. You know so it's extremely versatile again only 11 ounces sells nice and light seven ball bearings it's really smooth. You know effortless turning of the handle see. How smooth that is easy push button there which is always nice. How wide it is its a nice wide push button so it's very easy to use.

    And again this is the fast version six point four to. They do make it in a five point four to. You wanted to something a little bit slower. That great for casting great for bottom fishing just a great overall reel. And throw it on a lightweight rod travel the rod. Something similar to. And you'll be able to do. Anything and everything inch. Or saltwater just you know give it a nice rinse with warm water. Me fresh water soap soapy water fresh water. Or soapy water after you're done. This thing should last. You a very long time. They retail for just under $300 but. It is a really nice reel. And it's one of those reels.

    That again you can fish with almost every time. You go out because it's going to cover such a wide range of species again. This is the Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl 60. This is the high speed. They call it NaCl 60 — HS. They are in stock and available at JH com.

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    Shimano® Metanium MGL Casting Reels

  • Small teeth create a smooth, efficient retrieve
  • Innovative SVS Infinity brake system provides spool control
  • X-Ship maximizes gear durability, especially under heavy loads
  • Hagane body ensures a rigid foundation for efficient lure control
  • MGL Spool improves casting distance by up to 20%
  • Shimano offers the Metanium MGL Casting Reels in three gear ratios that optimize retrieval speed for fishing jigs, worms, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and more, plus they also offer XG models for flipping or punching. Micro Module Gear System uses small teeth to create a smooth, efficient retrieve. Innovative SVS Infinity brake system provides easy-to-manage, consistent spool control and brake force for precision casting. X-Ship maximizes gear durability, especially under heavy loads. Hagane body ensures the X-Ship gears have a rigid foundation for efficient control. Magnumlite Spool creates a very low-moment of inertia, improving casting distance by 20% while enhancing the light smooth feel of turning the handle.
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    What's up guys Tim little welcome back to tactical bass. And today I got a special video for you guys asked for it. You guys requested it down in the comments section. You guys wanted a review on the new Bantam reel by Shimano so. Iordered it in the mail today spool. It up with some line. And brought it here to make. Some cast to show you guys my first impressions of. This new reel now right out of the box the my first impression of. This reel was it was very comfortable it's a really small size it's a 150 size. It fits really well in the palm second thing I noticed is just the way. It feels really what's the word. Iguess just strong right. One of the main selling features of. This reel is that it's a single piece frame it's a an aluminum frame they've completely redesigned the frame. And the side plate I'll show. You guys some close-ups of. That here shortly but.

    This thing is it just feels really good. You guys know last year. That review of their new at the time the crow narc MGL. Iabsolutely love that real. You know it's not the. Most expensive reel on the market but. It is buttery smooth. It does phenomenally well casting light baits. You know weightless worms light drop shots little tiny rip baits. Iwas hoping that Shimano would kind of work off of. That platform that was the first thing I tied on today. Icame out here I threw a bunch of baits the first thing I threw was just a weightless Sanko. Iwanted to see this reel through light baits. What I did I actually took off the side plate there's four breaks inside. Iturned I disengaged. One so three left on. This reel comes equipped with the infinite braking system on the side right here it's got a dial. That goes on two six-six being the max the.

    Most tension one being the least so. Iactually turned that up to four. Iadjusted the spool tension knob right here just to my jerk bait my worm would fall very slow. And made some cast. And guys I gotta say. It was phenomenal cast very easily buttery smooth. This reel is about an ounce heavier. Then the Crone Ark mg/l but. It doesn't really feel. That heavy like it feels really comfortable in the hand guys. Ithink it's gonna be a winner. You know I ordered. One I'm definitely gonna be ordering more. Ithrew a Riggs on I threw spinner baits. Ithrew square bills. Iwant to see it casted the light baits as well as the heavy baits. Iwanted to see what it felt like. What the handle felt like. Iwas fishing a bait with.

    More resistance in the water. It feels a little bit different. Than the Crone art kay. Imean in the corrode okay the karat okay. That has a little bit of a free-flowing free feeling handle. This is still smooth but. It feels almost like a high-end round reel. It just feels like strong right. Ifeel like you took. This handle it does come with a little smaller handle on. It I'm not sure the size but it's definitely smaller. Then the Crone arc and the Korat okay but. One of those handles on. This reel you could put a two ounce will punch weight on there. You could put a frog on here. You could flip pitch. And Jack some Giants. Some of the heaviest the gnarliest cover. And not have an issue. You know this single piece frame. They're raving about. How strong and there's no flex it's got the micro module gearing inside so bigger gearing with smaller teeth. More of them so you're in constant contact.

    It just feels like a winter guys. This technology from their higher-end reels is trickling down into the lower price point reels. You can feel I fished a weightless worm. All the way up to a heavy a rig. And had no issues the infinite system on the side. Icould adjust quickly to my casts. You know that really comes into play. When you're fishing in the wind. Or throwing light baits. You don't want to take the spool off. And the side plate off. And adjust the braking system inside. You can just use that wheel but again guys. This reel feels really solid. One thing I noticed too. And obviously more of these I'm sure Matt's gonna want to get. Now too the we start filming with. What will obviously have them in our newer videos but. It felt really sensitive. Idon't know if that's the little the lack of multiple parts.

    If it's just one solid frame let's. That let's that sentence sensitivity the feel kind of come through the rod into the reel better. Idon't know maybe it's just the Viacom boats. Ipaired up with an X fry. This is the 6/10 medium but. It just felt really sensitive on a little shake. Ithrew a shaky head as well. Icould feel every little rock pebble. Even the rip bait I was throwing it out here fairly shallow in the creek. Iwas hitting bottom. Ifelt a lot of that a lot of those ticks. And a lot of that sensitivity transit. You know coming through the reel into the palm of my hand. Idid catch a few fish on the bantam on the little jerk bait. And the drag seemed to be very smooth no issues whatsoever my landing technique. However was a disaster flip. One of the fish came unhooked jerk maiden up in the tree. It was no good this reel comes in right around seven point six ounces like. Isaid it's about an ounce heavier. Than the Crone arc couple ounces heavier.

    Then the Matane iam but. It doesn't feel like. It doesn't it doesn't do't feel heavy in the hand it's very well-balanced on the rods. It on today to throw the baits but. This guy's it is really a winner I'm excited to get. More of these I do want to play around put. Some power handles on. This thing and maybe turn. This into my new punch reel my new pitch. And real frog and real. Something like that's because throwing frogs they're not very heavy but. You need a strong reel. And by the looks in the fields first looks first feel of. This thing I think this reel. You know obviously it's only the couple of hours.

    That I've used it seems like it's gonna be a super versatile reel. It can do everything from super light baits. All the way up to the highest of power fishing I think. This reel is a winner guys. Ireally do I'm looking forward to getting my hands on. More of them maybe playing around with. Some handles. Some bigger ones on there for more of the power techniques leaving the smaller ones on for the. More finesse ii techniques but for you guys. That are looking for a good all-around reel. It does everything hope. You guys enjoyed that video. You guys have any questions please leave them down below in the comment section. We will try to get to those as soon as possible.

    You guys like the video hit. That like button and please remember to subscribe to our channel. You guys haven't already those of. You guys that are subscribed make sure. You turn on notifications. You know YouTube's doing this thing now they're not sending up notifications for videos so hit. That little bell next to the subscribe button guys. We appreciate and we'll talk to. You soon you you.

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    Cabela's® Fish Eagle® Baitcasting Reel

  • Durable, lightweight carbon frame and side-covers
  • Quality 7+1 bearing system
  • Powerlock instant anti-reverse
  • Magnetic braking system
  • Up to 10 lbs. of drag power
  • Our full-featured Cabela's Fish Eagle Baitcasting Reel offers dependable pro-level strength and durability, plus easy casting and retrieving, at an extremely wallet-friendly price. With its tough carbon frame and side-covers, lightweight anodized aluminum spool and quality eight-bearing system that includes Powerlock instant anti-reverse, the Fish Eagle baitcaster delivers smooth operation at every turn. Easy-to-use magnetic braking system; smooth, consistent drag with up to 10 lbs. of drag power. Recurve handle and drag star; comfortable PVC handle knobs.
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    Shimano® Curado® K Casting Reel

  • MicroModule gear delivers super-smooth power transitions
  • SVS Infinity braking system delivers a wide range of settings
  • Lighter CI4+ sideplate enhances the ergonomic body design
  • X-Ship large-diameter drive gear with improved bearing support
  • Stable Spool Design reduces spool vibration for a smooth feel
  • Building on its legacy of being the "go to" baitcasting reel for serious anglers, Shimano's Curado K Casting Reel comes equipped with Shimano's leading-edge technology. The updated MicroModule gear is larger and it has more teeth but they're smaller for super-smooth power transitions. The improved SVS Infinity braking system delivers a wider range of brake settings. The new side plate is now made of lighter, stronger CI4+ material and enhances the more ergonomic, compact body design. X-Ship large-diameter drive gear plus improved bearing support. Shimano's Stable Spool Design (S3D) features a balanced and uniform thin-wall-aluminum construction throughout the spool, reducing spool vibration and delivering a smooth feel when casting and retrieving. Super Free® pinion gear system offers ball-bearing support that ensures spool shaft and pinion gear are in perfect alignment. Hagane body is constructed of ultrastrong, durable aluminum. Reliable Super Stopper® anti-reverse with no backplay, even in cold or wet weather. The Curado enlists cross carbon drag washers for a smooth, consistent and sturdy drag system.
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    What's up guys welcome back to. Another episode of Texas tight lines. And today we're gonna be reviewing one of the top reels on the market the Corrado 200 high gear uh my dad recently picked. This up for him at academy. And we've been going through a lot of reels looking for him. We were trying to see which. One is the right one for him. He can throw better. Than others one we're just gonna check. It out sees it is for him later but right. Now I'm gonna get the brakes set on. And attach it to the rod. And we're gonna go to the pond right here. And go through it works first things first. It out of the box and a touchstone to the rod we're gonna be doing the top water. Because there's a lot of hydrillas in the pond. Anything that so here's the first look at. It just a little walk around nice lookin real see right here. We got the brake system. You can do where the flipper pitch. Ihave to in and to our right. One hand free sorry right here's the cast control knob. We already have a set so. Idon't wanna move that got the brake system right here. They call these the their power drip knobs. These felt really good my other ones are. These are for my hard plastic. These are high quality. That I'm gonna be jealous. When he's throwing this out on water.

    And then right here. It's a 74 pretty quick. This is micro module nice. You made Malaysia good to know good to know give it. Some casts it shouldn't bird's nest. II've been pitching it a little bit I'm gonna flip. It a little bit I'd do. It lightly earlier so here's just a serie. Ican go nylon mono. And it's at least eight ounces yeah okay oh. That seven for gear ratio is gonna get. That lure in real quick. We don't have any bass in. This pond we stocked. We got a bunch of bluegills so I'm thought about making a video with bluegill. And a fish tank and going I'm seeing how big. Ican get them so we decided to come inside. And close this video out cuz. It was getting dark outside. And the mosquitoes were getting bad but. Ithought that y'all know. That knowing fifteen pound fluorocarbon on.

    This reel oh just a kiss y'all want to spool up yourself. You got a good example of what you can throw on. And yeah my dad in the dark my dad ended up throwing it. He can throw it farther. Any other real he's used in the past, so he's gonna go ahead. And stick with we won't be returning any reels the Academy anytime soon yeah that's good. He likes he can stick with. It that's I have to say it's going to conclude. This video guys thanks for watching drop a like. You want and keep in mind tight lines.

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    Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur® C4 Round Casting Reels

  • 6.3:1 gear ratio
  • Duragear two-gear system
  • Carbon Matrix drag system
  • Six-pin centrifugal brake
  • Chemical nickel-coated levelwind system
  • The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 Round Casting Reels have a super-smooth, high-speed retrieve with a blazing 6.3:1 gear ratio. Duragear™ two-gear system provides increased gear strength for all fishing situations. It has four stainless-steel ball bearings plus an instant anti-reverse roller bearing that allows for hard sets to hook with confidence. This Abu Garcia C4 Round Baitcasting Reel features the one-of-a-kind Carbon Matrix™ drag system for extremely ultrasmooth drag and consistent drag pressure. Synchronized level wind system improves line lay and castability.
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    Hey it's Josh over J. And H today we're taking a look at the brand-new Abu Garcia ambassador c4 — 5601 left-handed round bait casting reels Abu refresh the service for this year. And if you're a left-handed angler you're in luck. Because they make these in lefties. And they have for a. While and they're just a great reel. If you it you know. Any left-handed angler should have. One of these in their arsenal. Whether it's a c4 c3. These things are just great. Imean they hold up well. You know you can fish with. These things forever as long as. You keep them clean they'll they'll keep working very easy to service nice real powerful direct system just great. You know accurately made out of aluminum. You can see the aluminum bodies. Or aluminum side plates aluminum spool it's got the really comfortable push button right there just push. That down to engage. It turns the handle takes. It out thumbs rests very comfortable. You know fish with these. All day you're not going to get tired. You just gonna have a lot of fun. You can top water fish with the bottom fish with. It go freshwater fishing saltwater fishing anything I mean it's really versatile really great it's got a 63 to 1 gear ratio it's got. That carbon matrix track system which. Itold you about it's really powerful puts out 15 pounds of drag at max they've they've average bent the. You can see right here. They bent the handle. They developed bent the star drag down. What this does is it brings.

    Everything closer to the real makes. It more compact and ergonomic. You have less fatigue on your hand weighs in at just 10 ounces. You know super light. What you'd expect to around bait casting reel it's got five total bearings four stainless steel. And then one roller bearing like. Isaid six point three to. One gear ratio holds 240 yards to twelve pound test mono which translates to 230 yards a thirty pound test braid it's got the nice synchronized level wand system right here. And the level wines hold up well. You know they really do they're sort of these reels really our workhorse reels. Imean I can't say enough about them. Ireally like them been fishing with in my whole life 440 bucks you're getting a fantastic reel.

    This year's model also features um. He is der gear to gear system which is very similar in. What it does to Shimano's ex ship which is its just trying to make the gears. More efficient so when the gears are. More efficient in terms of the gears. And the alignment with the ball bearings. It gives you more power with an effortless turn the handle. You know so it's a much smoother real. Than last year's model just a great buy. Ithink you know if your lefty. And you're looking for a around bait casting reel. You know if you don't choose. This one or you don't choose a c3 you're making a mistake. They really are great so check. It put it's the Abu Garcia ambassador c4 5601 round bait casts rails left-handed real. They are in stock and available at J.

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    Daiwa Lexa Type-WN Casting Reel

  • Carbon Ultimate Tournament Drag
  • Seven-ball-bearing drive system
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse with Dual Stopper
  • Delivering all of the power and performance that anglers have come to expect, the Daiwa Lexa Type-WN 300 and 400 Casting Reels offer even more comfort and control with the addition of custom Winn® Grip handle knobs. Built to handle just about anything, they utilize Daiwa's Carbon Ultimate Tournament Drag that outputs up to 22 lbs. of max drag, giving anglers true stopping power. The smooth seven-ball-bearing drive system uses two corrosion-resistant bearings, four bearings and infinite anti-reverse with Dual Stopper. Swept handle design has weight-reducing cutouts and aluminum frame and sideplate on the gearside keep weight low. Extra line capacity for larger game fish. Magforce cast control reduces backlashes.

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    Abu Garcia® Morrum® ZX Round Casting Reel

  • 10+1 stainless steel HPCR bearings 
  • Carbon Matrix drag system
  • IVCB-IV brake system
  • Infini II spool
  • Titanium-coated line guide
  • Renowned for their precision engineering, Abu Garcia rolls out the Mörrum ZX Round Casting Reel eliminating the heavy and coarse feeling of the round-reel stereotype. Velvety-smooth 10+1 stainless steel HPCR bearings resist corrosion and let you feel every inch of line lay on the spool. Machined-aluminum frame and side plates provide rigidity while reducing weight. Carbon Matrix™ drag system helps keep fish on the line. Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake (IVCB-IV™) for dialing-in the absolute perfect braking pressure so you can throw an array of lures. Infini II™ spool improves line-lay for extended castability and power-fishing heavy loads. Bent carbon handle is ergonomically shaped with EVA knobs for fishing all day fatigue-free. Titanium-coated line guide virtually eliminates line abrasion and reduces friction. Recessed reel foot sits on the rod lower for easier palming and cranking power.
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    Hi my name is endre wheeler I'm the product manager for Abu Garcia we're here at ICAST 2013 with the tackle warehouse team. And I'd like to introduce the new moms at axe 3600. This is the best way to describe. This reel it's a low profile. And around real package it's extremely lightweight in the hand at just a little over seven ounces making it very comfortable to fish with. All day also features a lot of the features. We have in our low profile reels features our IVC before braking systems same braking system. We use in our MDX reels. And our mgx dream rails very easy to adjust has 28 positions of adjustment it's a centrifugal brake. And allows you to cast weights below an eighth of an ounce. All the way up to you want heavy. You want to cast it's a fully machined aluminum frame. And aluminum side plates again making it very lightweight.

    And very strong also features a bent carbon handle. This is an extended carbon handle just allows. You to get more cranking power also features a V a knobs just for comfort. It also has our carbon matrix drag system. This drag system allows very smooth drag performance with low startup inertia so. If you're looking for the ultimate in round wheels check out the new. More emetics a tackle warehouse available.

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